My life — not just food

In our life, with its crazy rhythm, the best gift for women becomes a time. Happy owner of this value is more room for development, communication, recreation and entertainment. There are several ways to free up time. One of them, in a letter to our readers.

When I had my own family, I was faced with a shortage of time. The lion’s share of it, like most women, went on cooking. And before his culinary art, I could not boast of: the soup run away, the porridge will burn. My cooking was often tasteless and it was good enough,

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Cook Timer

After going through this you will start wondering what you have been doing without this. Yes, a simple kitchen timer with 14 possible settings—the minimum being 2.5 minutes and the maximum 45 minutes. What is more, the repeat accuracy is in direct proportion to your patience in setting a preset. In any case, an accuracy of two to three per cent is easily achievable, and for domestic needs even this is luxury.

To set a delay of 45 minutes, a timer in the monostable mode would have been sufficient- But the repeat accuracy would suffer due to the use of

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We are preparing for the «1C: Expert»

Become a «1C: Expert» — means learning to think in several other categories, to understand and «feel» of systemic mechanisms work platform 1C. What you need, we try to understand.


A properly configured workstation — 50% success rate. Using only printed (and electronic, of course) sources, you can prepare for the exam, «1C: Expert,» and even pass it, especially if you have access to the knowledge base on technology issues [2]. But it is in fact you do not have that expertise, which implies a given certificate.

Expert on technology issues — is primarily a man capable inside

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Pink salmon royally

We need

0. the middle of the pink salmon, 100 g peeled shrimp, 1 tomato, 50 g cheese, 50 g of mayonnaise, 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil (to grease the pan), salt and pepper to taste.

For filling:

100 g of peeled shrimp, 1 tomato 50gsyra, 50 g of mayonnaise.

Prepared as follows:

1. Prepare the filling: cut tomato slices, cheese — plates.

2. For fish remove the spine and bones, salt and pepper to taste, coat with mayonnaise. On one part of the ‘fish put the stuffing: shrimp, tomato and cheese, cover the second part of the

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Brest Institute teachers are forced out of the Free Trade Union?

Office of the Institute has conducted such conversations with 4 persons among them docents and candidates of sciences. They were called to the conversation first provost Mrs. Sender. Some of them write a letter of resignation from the union, so as not to lose their jobs, others negotiate, consult a lawyer and the Free Trade Union Branch Manager Valentine Lazarenkova.Lazarenkov: "Say, is not compatible to be in our union and engage in educational activities. Now here I am preparing an appeal to the minister of education, whether it is really so."The Emperor himself Lazarenkov a year earlier was dismissed from

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Businessmen getting ready for autumn protests

Now on the market in the village Loshnitsa Krupsk district was again massive verification inspection services that entrepreneurs called "raid". From disgruntled traders called Radio Liberty Tamara Trykilevich:Do not give work to anyone. They say "strangle""Do not give work to anyone. Said:" strangle! Do not give for you to work. We will inspect every day. "Because we do not have certificates. And it happens every day. We are afraid for the moment to trade, as you understand what the legal framework brought under the certificates."Ms. Trykilevich said that police, health service staff and the tax office tried skanfiskvats product businessmen

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Nice Belarusian singer Misha Zabeyda-Sumitsky prepares latest dovgagrayuchuyu plate

"Dawn of the West" in 1927 print resolution of the plenum of the Vitebsk district council of trade unions: "1. Issue 50 rubles Akrprafsavetu sums to build the aircraft, "Our response to Chamberlain." Second Expel adinachasna in designated fund friends plenum 1 works. payroll … Fourth Start immediately wide campaign befitting the middle of the broad masses of workers and employees for voluntary contributions and donations to the subscription lists, etc. assets in the fund, which is to raise questions at the regular meetings of companies and institutions. ""Star" in 1937 has placed the subsequent announcement: "Distance Learning Institute of

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Political prisoners are prepared for Congress alternative strategy

"Chemist" Paul Seviarynets came home on leave on May 16 and return to the village is small Sitna, where he is serving his sentence should on Sunday 20th. Paul says all four a day or at liberty to devote Congress united Democratic Forces, scheduled for May 26-27, and courts over activists "Young Front". "At the moment in front of me a list of several 10-s phones. Call in the principal "Young Front". Subsequent three o’clock abtelefanovvannem doing, and in the evening will prepare abstracts to speak at the Congress, which I was asked to cook. He will deal with business

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The campaign — second day

Candidates from the opposition still prepared to engage in this work. Immediately favorites united democratic forces are planning to take a joint decision about the likely election boycott.Member of the BPF, the candidate Valentine Svyatskaya states that the election has already started work:"As for the role in the campaign, I have already joined the campaign. For now the district commission has asked me to send passport details, because it is already preparing the ballot papers. Also I should be printed on whiteRussian language and send it to the district commission and post your own company where I work. "Candidate for

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V.Devyatovsky Oksana Menkova own demoralized opponents

At the same time in their own best attempt she sent hammer with a new Olympic record — 76.34 meters.Now in the consolation tournament for the third place bronze extracted merit in free anti Gaydarov Murad, who plays for Belarus.The main hope of another Olympic a day or were associated with the final stage in the hammer throw in the midst of the ladies. Belarus in the discipline represented by two athletes — Oksana Menkovai Daria Apiary. Until the end of the Olympic Menkova been a favorite of the world rankings, with the best result of the season. Apiary —

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