A.Starikevich: They are preparing for presidential elections

According Starikevich, as a result of innovation, the government can make it very difficult access to specific Internet publications."And the most dangerous thing that the rules in the bill, virtually absent. It will be governed by the Council of Ministers, a sub-legal act. And the greatest infamy made specifically through these regulations.’ll See, of course, as a draft resolution of the Council of Ministers under development. But I do not expect anything decent, even more so, has already been said about the Chinese experience, registration of online media. Because I think that it will move in that direction. In general,

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Night Siege — February 12

Now Alexander Lukashenko delivered a speech at the opening of the new building of the Faculty of Journalism of BSU. He stated Belarus seeks to cooperate with all countries, "and primarily with such giants as our homeland, China, Asia, Latin America and Africa. "On forums portal tut.by its expression comment followed properly. ly-net: "Iran is not now so tomorrow bomb, Hugo publicly chews coca leaves, proving the safety of these herbs in China for pennies people die in mass production. Great Friend."Rosenberg: "More than pleased that it all sounded in a new building of the Faculty of Journalism. Journalists need

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Christmas — is hope for change

Belarusian believers together with the whole Christian world are preparing to meet a one of the greatest spiritual prazdnichkom — Christmas. How is this training in Minsk residents?Reporter: "How do you prepare, what mood you prazdnichek Hrysova Christmas?"Lady "First and most importantly — it’s a church, confession. In our family, as follows: December 24 evening put the Christmas tree. The mother prepares the table, and the kids clean tree. Then — cachet, candle, bible, and the 12-hours go to Mass on pasterku. "Man: "Christmas — a meeting with Jesus Christ. This means that in our life there is something new.

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Mars rover Curiosity sent into hibernation for the passage of a solar flare


Experts NASA Mars rover Curiosity was transferred into sleep mode to save a unique research laboratory on board the consequences of powerful storms on the sun. "We have to proceed with caution," — said Wednesday the project manager Richard Cook (Richard Cook) of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

According to the space agency of the United States, on Tuesday at the Sun occurred powerful flash, accompanied by coronal mass ejection. This red-hot plasma, which is a stream of protons, electrons and heavy elements, rushed toward Mars at a speed of 3.2

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Culinary curiosity for Germans

In 1994, we with my friend and co-IJ Medvedeva first saw the "real overseas," by which then meant the European countries or the United States. So much was new to us and so firmly etched in memory. One of these episodes has been associated with the preparation of soup. And not because the soup was something extraordinary. Quite the contrary.

We lived in a very nice, upscale area of Hamburg, in a house whose owners had left to rest on the sea. He took us to their son, a student who, as befits a young man of that age,

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Scientists discovered in Antarctica, the largest subglacial flood

July 4, 2013. In Antarctica, scientists have been able to find signs of the enormous ice flooding that has accumulated about 6 billion tons of water close to the ocean. The cause of flooding could become over the banks of a giant lake Cook, located under the ice cap of the continent. Displacement in this location can be compared with a double volume of water contained in the River Thames.

According to data from the satellite, the lake is hidden under the 2.7-kilometer layer of ice, which sank in the place where the flood was formed. The peak of the

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A new exhibit of old samovars in Tula


The new exhibit will be at the museum today, "Tula samovars." It is extremely popular in the first half of the 19th century, samovar-kitchen. The name of this unit speaks for itself. Its design allowed to cook or reheat several dishes simultaneously by splitting the inner container into compartments.

In the past, samovar-kitchens were a fixture of restaurants and inns were indispensable travel companion. Such an exhibit in the museum’s collection came thanks to the masters of the Tula Cartridge Plant having produced it as a gift museum workers.

Museum of samovars filled with

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In Russia developed a new generation of naval missile

RF sea missiles developed the latest generation Company «Tactical Missiles» in 2012, completing the development of 10 types of high-precision systems managed aviation and marine instruments. This was stated by Director General Boris Obnosov holding, «Interfax». «This year we are preparing and completing a very huge series of our products in a different type, and immediately we must prepare for their mass production. Problem is not just difficult, but if we use the term Lenin — daunting, «- said Obnosov. He said that at the terminating stage of creation are more than 10 aviation and maritime missile last generation,

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In the gathering ice wine earthquake or global warming?

The earthquake in New Zealand, with the epicenter at 10 kilometers from the city of Christchurch, destroying many landmarks, buildings, bridges and roads. Part of Christchurch flooded. People died. In addition, the New Zealand earthquake has led to the collapse of the country's biggest glacier Tasman (Tasman Glacier) length of 27 kilometers, is located in the National Park of Mount Cook (Mount Cook). Broke off a piece of ice over 30 million tons and a length of 1.2 km, which hit the lake is under the glacier. At the height of this gigantic piece of reaching 300 meters and

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Gomel BCD is preparing a lawsuit against Belavtodor

Society Gomel activists of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy", which is already a month defending the green area in the center of the city, received a "unsubscribe" to the citizens and are preparing to submit materials to the court.

The bypass road, the construction of which began in Gomel, must pass through a unique park. Moreover, under the asphalt will "roll up" some valuable archeological monuments.

Community activists filed a complaint about the actions road workers to the city council, Executive Committee and the General Prosecutor's Office. From the first two institutions have come "unsubscribe" in which officials did not

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