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Pushing Boundaries

MIT sets out to prove its unconventional airliner delivers the benefits promised

Aircraft all look the same these days because the traditional tube-and-wing shape works well, both technically and operationally. To convince manufacturers to change direction would take a compelling demonstration of the benefits of a different approach.

A team led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a stir in 2010 when it unveiled an unconventional «double-bubble» airliner concept, claiming it could reduce fuel burn by 49% relative to today’s Boeing 737-800 without resorting to any advanced technology, and by a whopping 70% if it incorporated all the exotic

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Project Eden. Четверка из Эдема

Новая игра от Core Design под названием Project Eden выделяется весьма заурядным визуальным рядом. Основные претензии, как не трудно догадаться, возникают к странной архитектуре и посредственным текстурам — главной болезни всей серии Tomb Raider. Что самое удивительное, модели персонажей тоже вызывают какое-то внутреннее отторжение — то ли своим внешним видом, то ли неестественными позами.

Но рвение Core абстрагироваться от своей силиконовой достопримечательности похвально, и похвально весьма. Да, все их попытки доказать, что они способны на большее, чем станочно-сиквельные работы, с треском провалились (из не-TR-игрушек похвалы достойна лишь Fighting Force, тогда как приставочные FF2 и Ninja подложили издающей их Eidos ба-а-альшую

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Looking beyond the core area.

The exploration of Mughal Gardens has largely focused on the gardens in the cities of Agra, Delhi, Lahore and Srinagar and additionally those that are found in their place of their origin in erstwhile Persia. The four cities mentioned were at the core of the Mughal Empire at the time, not only geographically, but culturally too and it is only natural that the best and most representative examples would be found here.

The Mughal garden falls within the greater Islamic tradition of Char Bagh garden building (Richards, 1992). This Islamic garden type of the char bagh is also to be

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Only the hard-core.

You have already met with desktop processors

Haswell. To be more precise, you’re met with notebook «stones» that give us for the desktop. I want to recall the relatively close times. Time, when Intel released its desktop solutions in favor of enthusiasts without any restrictions.

The Core 2 Duo E8600.

Rengun architecture processors are the first ICs Intel, made according to the 45-nanometer process technology. Concretely "Penrhyn"That appeared in the third quarter of 2008, we began to tick-processors, which run in with the help of new technologies and perform systematic preparation for the exit architecture Nehalem. However, as time has

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How big does a planet or moon have to be to have a molten core?

Alexander Banks

The structure of the core itself is an interesting topic as the majority of objects have both an inner and outer core. The inner core is generally solid, this is due to the immense pressure forcing the core together. The outer core tends to be molten, this molten core is what is responsible for an object’s magnetic field. Almost every planet or moon in our Solar System is thought to have some form of core. However, these cores vary in size depending on the object. Rocky objects, such as the smaller planets and moons, tend to have cores

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Core i5-4670K vs. Core i5-3570K vs. FX-8350

People like to read about the $1,000 high-end parts, but the vast majority of enthusiasts don’t buy at that price range. In fact, they don’t even buy the $320 chips. No, the sweet spot for many budget enthusiasts is around $220. To find out which chip is the fastest midrange part, we ran Intel’s new Haswell Core i5-4670K against the current-champ Core i5-3570K as well as AMD’s Vishera FX-8350.

THE TEST: For our test, we socketed the Core i5-4670K into an Asus Z87 Deluxe with 16GB of DDR3/1600, an OCZ Vertex 3, a GeForce GTX 580 card, and Windows 8.

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Tim Kirby of the U.S. electorate

As a foreigner in Russia, I am often asked serious questions about America, which is very difficult and time to respond. Expect short response that can not be given. For example: "And that's what Americans think about (please write in)? …". Why not short answer? Because, as people with Russian passports — and many are all different, and Americans — are also very different. But in general — I'll try to explain how Americans think about politics and how to understand their political views.

For starters, in order to understand the Americans need to understand why they have a two-party

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Earth's magnetic poles change

Earth's core is too deep for scientists to directly measure its magnetic field. But to draw conclusions about changes in it can be, and by observation of the earth's field at the surface of the planet and in kosmose.Soglasno results of a new analysis of data in the core areas is to undergo rapid change in magnetic characteristics. According to the Geophysics Institute of Geophysics of Paris (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) Kull Arnaud (Arnaud Chulliat), the area may be responsible for the removal of the magnetic poles of the northern part of Canada.


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The study of the earth's core with X-ray equipment

The study of the earth's core with X-ray equipment Facts

The new X-ray ID24 will be used to identify the properties of metals and other substances placed under high pressure and temperature. Such experiments are necessary to understand the processes occurring in the Earth's core.

Located 3,000 kilometers under the water, the scientists themselves never fail to reach the Earth's core, although many attempts to drill the outer layer continues. It is assumed that a laboratory experiment will answer the questions of how a magnetic field of the Earth, why it is changing, as the shock waves of earthquakes pass

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Moscow will be flooded


Moscow will be flooded


08.10.03, the


In the next 5-10 years And along with it — the whole central Russia, most of Europe. Only Paris alone will stick out of the water, and walking past the Arc de Triomphe ocean liners are moored in Eyfelefoy tower. This will happen very soon. In the next 5-10 years. So, anyway, says a Gordon Scallion.

It has become a tradition to meet the beginning of each century to eschatological mood. If anyone has

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