US Navy and marine corps deployments

US Navy

From the moment the massive movement of US defensive forces commenced deployment to the Gulf, it was obvious that all four branches of the Department of Defense would be heavily committed. To ensure security of Saudi territory and other Gulf states, a host of US Air Force squadrons were hurriedly dispatched during early August to bolster local air defences. At the same time several aircraft carrier battle groups moved to waters around the Gulf and in the Red Sea to provide additional air power and help implement the blockade of shipping attempting to deliver supplies to Iraq itself

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Panzer Corps: Allied Corps

Выпустив римейк Panzer General, The Lords Game Studio напала на золотую жилу. С тех пор вышло уже бесчисленное множество мелких DLC и два больших дополнения. Второе из них, наконец-то, позволило воевать не за третий рейх, а против него. Увы, не на стороне красной армии.

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Перед нами редкий случай, когда от аддона к аддону студия только прогрессирует. Чем дальше, тем интереснее становятся миссии и богаче выбор юнитов. Даже первые «обучающие» карты подкинут немало интересного, а что

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Army Air Corps in Bosnia

AFTER COMPLETING a six-month tour of duty supporting Operation Resolute, the British contribution to NATO’s Implementation Force (IFOR)/Operation Joint Endeavour in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 9 Regiment Army Air Corps (AAC) handed over to 1 Regt AAC from Gutersloh during June. About 36 crews and 180 other personnel of the Regiment will continue to support the British, Canadian, Czech, Dutch and Malaysian mission throughout British-led Multi-National Division South-West (MND[SW]) and elsewhere in Bosnia if required by IFOR.

1 Regt aircrew will also continue to fly about 40 hours per month in the 14 Lynx AH.7s and four Gazelle AH.Is which were used by

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In Evenki village Vanavara opened a new hospital


The new hospital Vanavary — the pride of the whole village. Since the beginning of the year in operation launched 1st Corps, in it and clinic, and hospital. Here immediately bought new equipment, equipped with everything — from dressing to the dental office.

Irina Vetsel previously received treatment at the old hospital, which was built in the 1950s. The comfort level of the patients in these wards do not compare with the old conditions.

Irina VETSEL: "Heaven and earth, of course. Everything here is good — and a toilet nearby, and a shower. The

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The generals did not honor Done!


General Karbyshev — Death and Life

Karbyshev Dmitry Mikhailovich (1880 — 1945) — a military engineer, Lieutenant General Corps of Engineers, Professor, Doctor of Military Sciences, Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously. Member of the 1st World War and the Civil War, a professor of a number of military academies. His writings on military engineering and military history are still the gold fund of military science.

This man — the world-famous military engineer — I wanted to be an artist, but belongs to an ancient Cossack genus determined his choice.

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In the Armed Forces of Russia celebrates the Day of Engineering Corps

In Russia now has the 312 day in a row Corps of Engineers.


The first piece of legislation in the field of military engineering was the decree of Peter I on January 21, 1701 on the opening in Moscow of "School Pushkarsky order." In 1797 was formed the first engineering regiment composed of two minernyh, two demining companies and two companies of workmen.

Warriors Russian engineering troops took part in all the battles to defend the Fatherland: World War II in 1812, the defense of Sevastopol (1854-1855), during the Russian-Japanese War

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In Chelyabinsk, opened after the reconstruction of the 6th Corps major regional hospital

In Chelyabinsk, completed the reconstruction of the 6th Corps Regional Hospital. Repair work continued intermittently for about 10 years. In the renovated branch offices are 4 Regional Hospital: gynecology, pulmonology, purulent surgery and physiotherapy.

Sixth Corps Regional Hospital has recently been perhaps the most famous long-term construction of the Southern Urals. This is a 4-storey building erected German prisoners after World War II. Over time, dilapidated wooden beams, wiring longer meet safety standards. Therefore, operation of the building was banned, and doctors and patients transferred to nearby housing. Two years ago, the Government of the Chelyabinsk region allocated nearly 300

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Division feat Neverovskiy under reddish

Peter Hess. Quest for reddish. General Neverovskiy feat.

2 (14) August 1812 there was a battle of reddish. Since it began Smolensk battle. After the unification of the 1st and 2nd Russian Army near Smolensk in the central direction it's kind of a lull. French long-term government made a stop in Vitebsk to rest the troops, to solve problems of supply of the army. In addition, part of the French generals advocated for an end coming, and transfer it to 1813. French units were scattered over significant distances from each other. Vitebsk was Napoleon Guard and the division of

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Plans and the army of the Central Powers

Each majestic power that was involved in the First World War, had their military plans. These plans were formed on the basis of the ability of armies since: they are at the time, about 70% consisted of infantry, the rest is accounted for by artillery, cavalry, engineering units and other forces. Armored vehicles and aircraft have not yet become separate species of troops, able to make a radical change in the war.

Airplanes were used as the main means of communication and intelligence. First experiments in the bombing occurred during Tripoli and the Balkan wars. Until a strong

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The first global war. Prasnyshskaya operation

In connection with the transition to the Western Front to trench warfare and the lack of prospects for a frisky defeat of the enemy on this front, the German high command, after some internal struggle just elected the eastern front as the main theater of the war in 1915.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops in the middle of December 1914, on the eastern front has created about the subsequent position. Before the Germans fortified positions along the river. Angerapu and Mazury lakes braked 10th Russian army, which had 15 infantry. German divisions against 8. On the left bank

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