End quote: 22.09.2007 — 27.09.2007

"What we as guilty before the control of, I do not know," Gazprom "earns here, as they say, great grandmother and profiting at our expense … some monopolists surpassed this greenish light eyes and they did not behold the not counting funds … "Gazprom" is now on the sale of gas to Belarus has the same yield as in Germany. This means the world leading gas trading with Germany. Naturally, the cost per cubic meter for Germany is higher than in Belarus. But we must also take into account the distance considering which of course, that "Gazprom" obviously profit from

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Liberty Poll: Is it possible to overcome corruption?

Cpadar: "I think it is unrealistic to overcome corruption. Therefore it must change the whole system, and it’s just unreal. "Woman: "Everything depends on the people themselves on their integrity, morality — whether a person will be able to rebuild something, turn inside yourself."Lady: "It is very difficult to overcome corruption. Corruption — this is a huge money due. "Man: "No. We took our generation takes, but young people are trained on us."Lady: "What are you, unreal! The further, the corruption increases. Honesty, integrity, people should be more. "Man: "Where there is power, there is corruption. I think the government

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Liberty Poll: Is it possible to overcome corruption?

Man: "Corruption is overcome? I think this is unrealistic. Since corruption — one of the forms of discrimination. It always exists where there is at least one leader and one slave. "Lady: "You can not beat it. Official corruption begins. And the government itself never goes away. "Man: "If it is corruption in the upper echelons of power, it can not win. If it somewhere inside, I think it can be. Sami people should not create a criterion for corruption."Dzyadok: "We can overcome. Everybody jointly undertake and overcome."Man: "You can not defeat corruption, as all the higher authorities, all power

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Corruption fight, and it blooms?

Continues to grow international corruption rating of Belarus. If in 2004 the international organization «Transparency International» determines Belarus takes the list of 74-th row, the outcome of this year — the 150th place among 180 countries in the world.Explain that the highest line in the list take a country where corruption recognized small.This year, less corrupt recognized Denmark, Finland and The latest Zealand. By the way, they were favorites and three years back. But Belarus is in the company of such countries as Kenya, Tajikistan, Zymbabve. Index of corruption in their 2.1 points — One of the most unsafe.Meanwhile, Belarusian

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Belarus — one of the most corrupt countries in the former Soviet Union

Transparency International in measuring the degree of perception of corruption into account the level of bribery, the role of municipal employees in the business, the presence or absence-independent courts and legislation in the fight with washing facilities, government transparency and accountability of its society. It should be noted that the ratings of Transparency International does not itself determine the level of corruption in the country, but how it takes people and business. Features range from zero to 10: 0 — large degree of corruption, 10 — less. In 2007 Belarus is 150 seats, equal to the number of points it

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Corruption will not — stop life

Cabbie"There is no corruption — life stops. Can you imagine if all the police will TENS, and what can we do then?"Prince"From kindergarten, schools, everywhere, constantly bear and bear, as without it you go nowhere."Mrs."Our village chairman, for example, takes a bribe for land … In the step of free clinics do not. To pay for everything … The horror. "Design engineer"Health care, law enforcement, educational institutions. Higher echelons of power. This issue of licenses, permits different … No control of power."Mrs."Belarus should take, I think, place 13 to corruption. Newspapers we do not write about it. Neither the newspaper

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Belarus corrupt

Countries with a high level of corruption named This year Somalia and Iraq. Corruption Perceptions Index 2008, now placed organization "Transparency International", emphasizes the fatal link between poverty, poor governance and graft. But the examples other states, which fell in the ranking of "Transparency International" in 2008, indicate, that control mechanisms Corruption also give failure andrichest countries.


Yuget Lyabel, chairman of "Transparency International". 

"Transparency International" defines its own Corruption Perceptions Index (Corruption Perceptions Index) for individual states based on surveys in the midst of various professionals and business representatives. The index ranges from zero (most corrupt) to 10 (country

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Mogilev — the most corrupt region in Belarus?

According to the study, corruption as an obstacle to economic growth christened 57 percent of respondents, and the bureaucracy — nearly 45 percent. The results also allow us to assert that the Mogilev region — the most corrupt region of Belarus. In the sociological center "Mirror-info" noted that did not put their own in order to find the degree of corruption in the regions:"We are in the country surveyed a half thousand people. Mogilev region got about 100 hundred eighty questionnaires. And the question was not about corruption in general. People can mark these moments, and may not be noted.

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Chairman Belneftehim accused of corruption

Senior bureaucrat suspected of corruption. With all of this in the KGB did not specify on which article brought criminal case. Also do not report who still exists in it.About the size of losses that struck Tipo Alexander Borovsky, nothing is clear.Recall chairman "Belneftekhim" was arrested in late May. Keep it in remand KGB "American."

KGB does not report the names of the detainees together with A.Borovskim

This was stated by head of the Center BelaPAN info and public relations KGB Valery Nadtochaev.About detention Borowski and several other people on suspicion of corruption sins — sins officers and abuse of possibilities — said today at a press conference Attorney General Peter Miklashevich.As it became clear from unofficial sources, the search in the chapter "Belneftekhim" was held on Tuesday evening. Detainees, according to P. Miklashevich, placed in remand KGB. Their confiscated large amounts of money, valuables, documents pertaining to the investigation of the crime. At this point in the case last urgent investigative actions, said P.Miklashevich.The Attorney General

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