For the honor of their overhead

If you ask any of the residents mines the way to the Cossack cadet corps named JP Baklanov, almost certainly hear a detailed and accurate response. On the housing there are well aware, is a local landmark and a source of pride. Especially since the school was located in a specially restored building from afar Noteworthy tidiness and neatness. And seeing from whitewashed checkpoint tightened teenagers in Cadet neat form, you know that he was in a serious institution.

However, the new home school celebrated just about a year ago. Since its inception in 2007, it worked on the

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BENZINOVODYANOE fuel for «The Cossacks»

«Zaporozhets 968» Engineer Tsono Petkov from the Bulgarian town of Ruse, one of a kind. It works on a mixture of gasoline and water. Water flowing into the cylinders of the engine, improves mikrodetanatsionnye processes during combustion of fuel and reduces the thermal load of parts of the crankshaft that allows you to use lower grades of gasoline without reducing the power of the machine. In addition, in the exhaust gas is reduced content of harmful chemicals, particularly nitric oxide, which is important for environmental protection. Bench testing of a new engine showed that the water supply device and the

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Names of Liberty: Gregory Buckthorn 03/12/1907, d. Byazverhavichy (now Slutsky District) — 03.27.1979, Virginia, USA. Buried in the Belarusian cemetery in South River, NJ.

He became the first Belarusian writer, accepted as a member of the International PEN Club. To do this, Gregory Buckthorn (real name Cossack) is obliged to leave their homeland, to appear in the West, to get in a displaced persons camp, withstand the tremendous amount of testing of emigrant life. Naturally, all this he was not to obtain a certificate member of Penn …In November 1920, thirteen Rygorka with even the smallest brother Kolya scattered in the villages and towns leaflets calling for an uprising Slutsk Council. After 5 years, the GPU will decide closer look at the brothers in

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Honor more than life! ..

The people living ideal.

Are the embodiment of the ideal of saints and heroes.

If the Holy Church celebrates and honors, the heroes have to remember the people.

Matvei Platov, a prominent hero of World War II 1812-1814 yy Born in the village, the Pribylyanskoy Cherkassk August 17, 1753 and baptized in the local church of St. Peter and Paul. His father was an army sergeant Ivan deserved to pay. Like all the Cossacks of the time, Matvey joined the army early, 15-16 years, and 20 years have commanded a whole regiment, as

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Varakomshchyna: Cossacks and Adamczyk

Varakomshchyna — the village is very bright and quiet. Quiet so that unwittingly have doubts — and whether there inhabitants? Blackened old houses drowning in green scrublands narrow streets.

Reporter: "What are your feelings here?"Vladimir: "You know what? Previously there were no fences. Previously, I knew where the house key hanging. Did not lock anything. No fences were not. And the village is very very different. If no fences, you can go to the relaxed home at least some . Here at the moment so much pile up fences that even in your own home there is not suneshsya. "Our

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In Drozdave Drozdov and we have and that will peck …

Cosmo: "Drozdava will settlement for cottages. Near freeway dyzel. Rivers — Ditva and Neman. Facilities in the village for byastsenne acquire. Town in the prices grow without measure. Apartment in the town can pass here 5 years and live …"Meeting and getting to know the fascinating hobby of Victor Ivanovich — ahead. I also still talking to other drozdavtsami. Cossack: "Our neighbor at one point lost. More grandmother took the kids to the city — home escaped. Hundreds Share — going, some say. Library that was removed, sorry. For kids was a shelter. Come with guitars, there were activities

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Neighbors landscaped grave soldier

Local activists landscaped patriot grave, a former prisoner of the Kolyma camps, executed by the then USSR laws "anti-Soviet expressions and other offenses before the Russian authorities."Gorodok activist Leonid Gorovoj revealed that native Sharkovshchina Region Leonid Cossack in his Time was winner of athletic competition, and only in good health and physical conditioning have allowed him to endure the difficulties of imprisonment and hard labor in Kolyma year. After rehabilitation, he returned to his homeland, but not settled in his native Sharkovschina Luzhkov, and in the City.Love of sovereign Belarus Kazak carried through all his life. Met with his former

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Cossacks bestowed control Vitebsk police

Vitebsk Ataman Vasily Romanenko, a police colonel was awarded "for the perfect service in law enforcement, personal contribution to law enforcement and to mark the 70th anniversary of the Vitebsk region."Leonid Farmagei was appointed head of Vitebsk police in March last year. Previously, he worked in Minsk head of the public security police and Interior Ministry special purpose. During his time in one of the operations Vitebsk awarded the Order of Stalin became Colonel Farmageya acceleration bard festival "Orsha Battle 2007." By order of operations in Farmageya police were involved in the structure of 3 districts.Order of Stalin is not

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The village of Cossack settlers organized in Kurtamyshskom area of Kurgan region

Comrade chieftain of the Regional Public Association "Union of Cossack Steppe region," an army sergeant Sergey Sinitsyn presented letters of appreciation to employees FMS of Russia Kurgan region for their assistance in the resettlement of compatriots reportsFederal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.

The whole Cossack village is planning to appear in Kurtamyshskom area. Of the 72 villages that existed previously in the Kurtamyshskogo district, now there is only one-third (27 localities), 45 had died. Cossacks not only move to Kurtamyshsky area, but going to revive the ancient Cossack village Cherkasovo.


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Floating down the river Ermak

"Ataman Yermak — Prince Siberian", passing hundreds of miles of the waters of the Altai, has finally landed on the shores of Byisk. Meet the miracle ship built several Barnaul Cossacks without blueprints and plans, it’s a lot biychan. 

For the entrepreneur of Barnaul, Altai Cossack Cossack society Sergei Christmas this ship — the business of life. Eight years ago, decided to contribute to the unification of local Cossacks and the revival of its best traditions, Sergey had the idea to build a ship on which he intended to go down to the Teles lake, go

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