Uganda returns Hinds.

UGANDA ANNOUNCED on March 15 that it is returning two Mi-24 attack helicopters -reportedly because they have not been overhauled as specified in the contract. The supplier, Consolidated Sales Corporation (CSC) has been given three weeks to meet its obligations or face the loss of the contract and a demand for a refund. However, CSC maintains that the deal has no termination clause but does allow for amicable settlement or arbitration.

The latest difficulty is finding a suitable overhaul location. The Ugandans estimate the overhaul cost to be $1.2 million, but CSC objects to that amount. It has come up

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The drive from Avignon station to Crillon Le Brave may take you past 6 HRS1 pretty villages and vineyards, but still nothing can prepare you for your arrival at this exquisite hilltop hotel. Over the past couple of decades, what was originally a single building has spread to become a mini-village of stone houses converted into spacious suites with terracotta-tiled floors and views to die for. If you can tear yourself away from the vista, visit the sprawling terrace for breakfast, and

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More On Polish C-130s

POLISH DEPUTY Defence Minister for Procurement, Janusz Zemke, announced on June 17 that five ex-Royal Air Force C-130K Hercules C.1/C.3 transport aircraft will be delivered to Poland by 2007. The aircraft are scheduled to arrive at their new home at Krakow-Balice Air Base in late 2005 and early 2006, where they will be operated by 13 ELTR (Eskadra Lotnictwa Transportowego — Airlift Squadron). Prior to delivery, they will be overhauled in the United States under a $75 million Foreign Military Fund programme, which will include some upgrade work. Additionally, around SI6.5 million from the Polish defence budget will be allocated

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Massive Cost Cutting To Hit UK Helicopter Force

AS A result of the massive overspend on the Astute submarine and Nimrod MRA.4 programmes, and with the costs of the war in Iraq, the Treasury has reportedly demanded major savings in the Defence Budget. This is placing the Ministry of Defence’s Equipment Plan (EP) in serious difficulties. In response, MoD teams, colloquially known as ‘work strands’, put forward a series of cost-cutting measures, which were intended to reduce the deficit.

AFM understands that work strand 13, led by Air Commodore Kevin Leeson, was tasked with reducing helicopter support costs and with taking CI billion out of the future rotorcraft

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Log-home: planning

Dream to Reality

Understanding what’s involved can clear the path to log-home ownership.

EVERYONE THAT NOW LIVES IN A LOG HOME has overcome two major obstacles:

(1) the log-home buying process itself and

(2) their budget. While the obstacles may seem obvious, methods of surmounting them may not.

If owning a log home were as easy as walking into a sales representative’s office with a floor plan and a checkbook, the hillsides and meadow’s of America would be blanketed with log homes. Unfortunately, obtaining a log home is more complicated than buying a conventional home.

Buying Reality

When conventional-home buyers

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I do not need Turkish coast

The Soviet people could afford to travel around the world … right from the comfort of home. Beauty France, Italy, Mexico, he saw the eyes of the master of the popular TV program «Club of travelers» Yuri Senkevich. Features himself to touch the masterpieces of the world for those who lived behind the «iron curtain», almost was not.

Several generations of Soviet people had not thought about free overseas voyages. Mere mortals disrupt even legal boundaries of the great and indestructible Union could only in exceptional cases and with the top of the party’s permission.

It is today, the

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For any vinilovoda range of the cartridge — it is always responsible and difficult process. Of course, if the budget allows anything in any quantity, then easier. But these are isolated cases. And all the rest have to think and calculate options.

Now I will discuss another very vital question: whether or not to be limited to the new heads or can be, and can, and should be submitted to the vintage and how to do it, what to pay attention. More precisely, not only in the vintage, but even whether to purchase heads bind to the secondary market.

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Astronomy kit reviews.

Must-have products for budding and experienced astronomers alike.

1. Binoculars: Imagic TGA WP 10×50. Cost: £179/$287 From:

This excellent pair of waterproof binoculars from Opticron is the perfect companion for the discerning astronomer. The Imagic TGA WP 10×50 porro prism binoculars look and feel fantastic, with some handy rubber moulds ensuring you’ll be able to observe in comfort while peering at the night sky. The views you’ll get through these binoculars are also superb; BAK4 prisms and fully multicoated optics make observations clean and clear. A long eye-relief and retractable eye-cup assembly only add to the style and comfort,

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Russia was the only European country for which the Japanese are prepared with the most powerful version of the 2.5-liter engine, 6-speed «automatic» and all-wheel drive. But is this good «Rafik», how it is presented to us?

Wow — a «Rafik» is the economy mode! But why do you need the fastest version? And who, by the most powerful engine, will be considered a drop of gasoline? And yet — it is worth trying …

I press the illuminated blue button ECO maloprimetnuyu on the center console to the right of the steering wheel, and almost immediately there is

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Why so rapidly grow food prices?

Tsigankov: "The Ministry of Agriculture has sent a proposal to increment prices for milk to all relevant ministries and agencies. Course, bureaucrats realized that another method the problem of the supply of milk in the auction can not be solved. How do you think the highest management agree more with such a proposal, and can rise as milk and dairy products? " Zaleski: "There are two nuances. 1st — this ratio is global, and our Russian milk prices. Belarus has always been pretty well behind in this regard. Because the conditions are under which profitably sell milk to the place

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