Or interfere Kalinouski Russian Orthodox Church?

I turned on the clarification of the Minsk diocese. Protagerey Nicholas Korzhich first said that the initiative to give the title bezymenay street made themselves Orthodox Christians: "Yes, there is a street Vsyasvyatskaya, and it just connected with Usyasvyatskim temple. This is really brand new street, which you mentioned. She appeared specifically at the request of the community -" In honor of all the saints, "that this very temple-monument."Reporter: "I understand, it helps to build the temple and Metropolitan Patriarchate?"

The street is named so why? Just because we have the same nothing happens

"Well, we did too, if read,

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Matskevich: Lukashenko himself cornered

Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharihin has no hesitation that the gas price for Belarus in 2008 year willt rise: "Trends energoelementov price increases take place not only in Belarus, and in Russia, in globally. And electricity — is, in fact, materialized gas, or coal, or oil, or uranium in the end. Because you need to negotiate prices, about the loan. In past times as agreed. But global trends cancel unreal. Pay attention, the application of the sovereign Lukashenko made the same day, when the price of a barrel of oil broke the bar at 100

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UVZ — 190 tank cars per month

By the end of the workshop, the 360 managed to reach a production of 190 tank cars per month. Such a record high in the team division until it was not.

— With the modernization of the equipment in the plans — to produce 220 units per month — said the deputy head for production preparation Alexander Gorbushin.

Under the re-equipment until the end of this year the 360th received two drilling machines and three welding machine. In the near future should also get additional hydraulic ring for assembly and welding of the boiler,

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The cost of gas — the cost of political loyalty

Tsigankov: "Salting of in Belarus Alexander Surikov said February 11 that the price on Russian gas for Belarus will increase from 1 April to 10 percent or more will not rise during this year. Recall. As long as Belarus buys Russian gas at a cost of 119 bucks. Can I is currently state that the Russian side is moving away from its own formula for determining the price of gas? What is more in this cost — policy or the economy? ""The cost of gas — the cost of political loyalty"

Manyanok: "I understand that indeed, without looking at the

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Surikov: Gas price will rise by less than 10%

"On April 1 2008, according to the formula gas prices, price may Strength from the current first year by 10%, not more, "- said Alexander Surikov. Since January 1, Belarus took Russian gas cost a thousand bucks for 119.5 cubic meters. So makarom, April 1, the cost will not exceed 132 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. Russian salting at this press conference made a number of other policy statements.By him, Russian company "ASE" expects tender for the supply of equipment and construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. "The Belarusian side all decisions are made: there is a presidential

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How to overclock the crocodiles

Here it should be recalled that the very idea of trade appeared in the midst of the Belarusian-Russian winter 2006-2007, the oil and gas "war. Pragmatics And that decision was entirely clear: Our homeland reduction preferences broke the Belarusian economy giant hole, it must be something close, and especially in the long term, a Europe — natural source of resources for this. For nearly a year courtship, in 1-x, determine the value below which one side of the well, I can not give in, and in-2 proved to be that the Belarusian is not ready to pay so much and.

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Belarusian hotels rose for Belarusians

Employee Limited Liability Company "Minotel" 1st of the founders of the hotel "Europe", the owner of Hotel "Sputnik" and "Belarus", explained to the legal ground for change:"Resolution of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services number 203/41 of 23 November 2007. The decision came into force on 1 January 2008. In accordance with her payment for hotel services rendered by foreign nationals is done according to international agreements. Since we signed an agreement with Russia that the rights in the territories our states our people are similar, then the payment for hotel services to be

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Petrol depreciating everywhere, not only in Belarus

In connection with the bankruptcy of a number of industrial giants and difficulties in lending in recent weeks, rapidly falling oil prices. In turn, virtually all regions of the world tended to depress prices on car fuel. Exception — Belarus, where no gasoline or diesel fuel is not cheaper — despite the fact that the price of oil in July decreased almost twice. Why is this happening? After the last trading on global markets the price of oil rose and overcame nekordinalno mental barrier of 80 dollars per barrel. But international analysts believe that short-term phenomenon: According to the professionals,

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Night siege January 22

Blogger zmagarka located in his diary list punished for his role in the rally and march held on January 21 in Minsk. This list is constantly updated. It’s thirty pamedalenne patrapitsa more readable based portal applications yandex.ruLiving in a society magazine by_politics user head_of_babulka writes about yesterday’s protest: "Overall, the meeting was held is usually successful: none of the goals have been achieved, a myriad of people for anything planted dictatorship once again was actually broken."fox_unexisted commented: "The difference between the fact that the" astronauts "now also shouting slogans. The next time they must come with their flags!"sai17: "Curious! Record

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Gas prices have increased by 10-30%

The document envisages a 10% increase in selling prices for liquefied gas for domestic use and 30% — for auto transport. Price increases justified significant growth in 2007 prices for raw materials, which are purchased in Russia for production of liquefied natural gas, as this production unprofitable. Because the Ministry of Economy of Belarus is forced to take such steps, says Deputy Economy Minister Andrei Tur: "Yes, the prices in the country, we argue, but gas prices Russian Federation sets. "Expert in energy issues Stanislav Husak surprised such fast dynamics of rising fuel prices — 10% for domestic use and

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