Covering letter

When considering work in Moscow you can find a variety of jobs, so the need for each vacancy be a separate resume and cover letter. The main purpose of the cover letter is to encourage a potential employer to appeal specifically focus on your writing resume. Prior to making a cover letter is required, as much as possible to collect data about the company, where it is planned to work. In a letter to show intrigued to get a job in this company, so you need to show knowledge of the scope of the company.

It is necessary

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Plant named after Zvereva (CMH) has resumed production of three lenses

Good news for lovers of photography.

Open Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva "(JSC CMH) has resumed production of lenses" MC Mir-20M "," Helios 40-2 "and" Telezenitar 2.8 / 135. "

"The decision to resume production of lenses due to increased demand for their customers, and this despite the fact that these lenses were produced for a long time and is only suitable for film cameras. In this regard, the lenses have been refined and have mounts for Canon and Nikon », — said Head of the Marketing Department CMH AM Akhmedov.

The lens "Helios 40-2" has a high

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Malyshev factory rejects parts of the CIS

"Plant named V.Malysheva implements policy of reducing dependence on external suppliers and the creation of a self-Kharkov tank production," — said General Director Vadim Fedosov.

"We're going to learn to plant the production of guns, rollers, tracks and other products. This will eliminate most dependent on imported components. We hope to do a tank electronics, thermal imaging equipment, software development tools, "- says V.Fedosov.


In his view, the maximum closure of the production itself will overcome the inefficiency and inertia even intra Inter-company cooperation.

"The goal is to maximize production

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Production of shale gas in Ukraine is fraught environmental problems

Project for shale gas in Ukraine is fraught environmental and social issues, if companies use dangerous technologies, the cost is not yet clear "blue fuel", the expert of the International Socio-Ecological Union, Alexei Grigoriev.

Against the background of protracted and fruitless negotiations with Russia to reduce the cost of imported gas Ukraine increases domestic production, placing hopes on the development of fields of the Black Sea as well as the extraction of unconventional shale gas. In May, Ukraine held a competition for an agreement on production sharing Yuzovsky Olesko and shale gas, the winners of which are recognized by Shell

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State tests completed propfan for the D-27

The propulsion system for military transport aircraft An-70 is ready for flight tests, certificates of completion of state engine test bench D-27 and CB-27 propfan signed in Moscow on Wednesday.

The basic specifications and performance propfan NE-27 meet the technical requirements. Propfan ready to conduct public flight tests as part of the An-70 — said the chairman of the military-technological support of the state commission of the Defense Ministry Colonel Vladislav Bruski at the final meeting in Moscow on Wednesday. 

In turn, the president of JSC Motor Sich, Vyacheslav Boguslaev said

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Livestock in the Kursk region on the rise

Beginning in 2006, built and put into operation 29 livestock farms — 18 pig farms and 11 dairy. In 2012, plans to build 11 complexes of beef and dairy 6 directions.

In the coming months of this year to complete the construction of the region 5 of livestock enterprises: Of "Agriculture Alliance" South ", JSC" Kursk Agricultural Holding ", LLC" Milk ", LLC" Luch ", LLC" Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk ".

"Agriculture Alliance" South " prepared for submission to the district Sudzhansky second stage of pork production system "Multi-Site" with separate seating areas with reproduction and rearing fattening with mixed feed shop.

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Smart mirror for cheaper solar power

Innovation in the way meet the challenges in the field of increasing the efficiency of certain processes can be divided into two categories. The first category of innovation, invention, the second — innovations-improvement. Innovations developed by startapovskoy Thermata, which specializes in the creation of "green" technologies of the new generation, but rather fall into the second category.

These innovations involve a significant reduction in the cost of producing solar energy with the use of digital technologies.

Heliostats concentrate sunlight onto a tower, producing steam, which drives a turbine. To date to determine the appropriate angle of the mirrors in the

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Active lifestyles and collectors

Lovers of outdoor activities today is difficult to choose the outfit. A huge number of specialized in the production of tourism products companies, with their own traditions and views on tourism can enter into a stupor novice traveler. Equipping young fisherman or hunter can fail at the most inopportune moment, if she chooses not to give enough time. There is another truth, not for all the obvious approach.

You can contact Army Store, located on the Internet. Military uniforms intended for use in all weather conditions. He was not afraid nor heat, nor cold, nor the humidity. Camouflage suits securely

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Gasoline prices unscrewed

Society June 9, again changed the price tags at the gas station. AI-80 petrol now costs 4,000 rubles, AI — 92 is 4200 rubles, AI — 95 is 4,500 rubles and 4,450 rubles worth diesel.

This is "Radio Liberty" reported the concern "Belneftekhim".

The same prices at the pump of the A-100.

At the pump "Slavneft" prices are not reduced. At the gas station reported that gasoline AI-80 is now worth 4950 rubles, AI — 92 is 5100 rubles, AI — 95 is 5,800 rubles and 5,100 rubles worth diesel. However, after lunch and swap rates are the same as

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Ten reasons to buy foreign cars instead of Lada Granta

Ten reasons to buy foreign cars instead of Lada Granta

The team, like most of his readers, could not be suspected of sympathizing with the domestic auto industry. However, our task — to be as objective as possible. And in the pursuit of the ideal we are under threat of torture forced one of the employees to explain why you need to buy a potential bestseller Russian car — Lada Granta. And that's what came out of it.

The first reason: low price

Of course, the main reason for buying Lada Granta — affordable price.

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