Increased cost of gas

Need to revise the price of natural gas for industrial consumers has emerged with the rise in price of the purchase price of natural gas in Russia, Interfax reported. During the second half of July, Belarus recognized the increase in the price of external gas supplies from $ 119.6 to $ 128 per thousand cubic meters 1, which has been undertaken by "Gazprom" in against Belarus from 1 April 2008, and surcharges accumulated difference in the calculation of the proportional growth rates after the transit of gas through the territory of the republic. The government of Belarus believes that the

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Swiss plane Intracom GM-17 Viper

Development of the company "Technoavia" led by Vyacheslav Petrovich Kondratieff Manufacturing — Smolensk Aircraft Plant

According to the company's employees for directional stability, manageability and gliding qualities of the competitors at the aircraft GM-17, no. The payload, which is more than 1,000 kg, two times higher than the nearest competitor aircraft — TVM «Socata», M-101 "Gzhel" and the American aircraft DXL. Of course, half the cost of transporting 1 kg of cargo for 1 km. For the same same amount of goods loaded on board our aircrafts, gliders quality is much better, making it more secure in

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Government taught people that prices grow

The rate of export duty on crude oil in Russia from August 1, 2008 increased to $ 495.9 per ton from the current $ 398.1 per ton.Decision on approval of new customs duties on oil and oil products signed July 21 2008 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.The export duty on light oil with 1 August 2008 will grow from $ 280.5 to $ 346.4 per ton, for black oil products — from $ 151.1 to $ 186.6 per ton.Does this increase in fees is in Belarus will increase prices of petroleum products? On this question responsible economist Yaroslav Romanchuk."Certainly, will rise.

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Who wins tribunal between Gazprom and Belarus?

Tsigankov: "July 16 was accomplished working meeting of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of" Gazprom "Alexander Ananenkov and CEO of" Beltransgaz "Vladimir Mayorov. After her Ananenkov said about the ability to draw Belarus to justice for late payment for Russian gas supplied. Why Belarusian side behaves as" cheeky " refusing to pay even this does not quite an expensive price. Belarusians What has reason for behaving as if there is some in this economic or political justification? " "Another Gas War begins in July"

Manyanok: "This is further evidence that these agreements, signed in late 2006, is not very

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If the cost of gas is more than $ 140 …

According to the Minister in the event of a sharp increase in the price energoelementy in "at risk" will be 29% of Belarusian companies, the profitability of which is from 0 to 5%. The Minister reiterated that the draft Economic Development subsequent year drawn up by the Government, on the basis of gas prices 140 bucks. According Zaychenko specifically predicted such value upon signing the contract between "Beltransgaz" and "Gazprom" in December 2006. Coupled with the fact Minister added that the cost of which will be on Actually — unclear because the negotiation process lasts. He declined to comment on

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The cost of gas for Europe — 410 bucks

According to Miller, "Gazprom" determines the budget and size of investment in 2008, based on the fact that the average export price will be 310 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. But few months, the price has been adjusted to $ 400. Miller said that by mid-year, the average price is now around 410 bucks for a thousand cubic meters, and "will continue to grow." Head of "Gazprom" stressed that the main thing for the European partners — it is not worth, and stability, "consumers is important to know that Russian gas will always have them." Alexei Miller said Europe

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Belarusian-Russian affairs Reloaded

Gas in 2009 — for 200 bucks?Is not the most significant statements of the Russian ambassador was a message that from next year Belarus will have to pay about $ 200 for a thousand cubic meters of Russian gas, and in 2011 — more than 400 bucks. With all this government comes in the forecast budget for the following year from the price of 140 dollars for a thousand cubic meters. Where did the $ 200 figure, as it is due?Apparently, based on long salting agreement signed by "Gazprom" and the Government of Belarus in the last day of 2006.

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The cost of gas will be announced Medvedev and Lukashenko

Tsigankov: "Salting Minister Alexander Surikov said that the price of Russian gas for Belarus in 2009 could reach $ 200 for a thousand cubic meters or" a bit higher this number, looking at how the situation develops. "But, as you know, the project cost for the Belarusian budget gas lies, according to various sources, 140-160 bucks .. How This contradiction can be resolved? " Manyanok: "Surikov not really said anything new. Forecast there Ministry of Economic Development, under which the value on Russian gas for Belarus based on the formula of price formation will be January 1, 203 bucks.’s Belarusian

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Kharkiv scientists have created a unique instrument for the detection of heart disease

Scientists Radiophysics Faculty KNU them. Karazina developed Magnetocardiography, which costs ten times less than their foreign counterparts.

The heart emits a small magnetic field in which scientists can determine predisposition to heart attacks and other heart diseases. An electrocardiogram can not detect a predisposition to disease. 

Told "City Watch" Dean said Sergei Shulga.

In the world there were several firms that create Magnetocardiography that operate at very low temperatures. The cost of such equipment is of the order of 1.5 million. During the year, for example, a German company sells such devices to

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Kharkov airmen have a new simulator of military aircraft L-39C Albatross (TCR-L39)

In Kharkiv in the 203rd Training aviation brigade enacted stationary integrated simulator pilot of the A-39C "Albatross" (TCR-L39). The new facility will improve the technical sessions on specific training of pilots, instructors and students, will raise the level of safety and to promote conservation of material resources of a military unit.

Simulator TKS-L39 is designed and built entirely in the Lviv region by OOO "Market-Mats". Under the terms of the contract with the manufacturer of the defense department was responsible for the delivery of the simulator in Chuguyiv, its assembly and training of military personnel in the

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