Split the supercontinent called glaciation of the Earth




The cause of global glaciation of the Earth could be a collapse of the supercontinent, which occurred 750 million years ago. This decay, according to paleoclimatology could cause an increase in rainfall and increase erosion of rock. This, in turn, could cause the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and gaining more

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Drinking water in Togliatti became dull


15.11.11. -11 November Friday in Togliatti dispatch services inundated with calls from residents Avtozavodsky district.

City residents complained about the quality of tap water, noting that it smells like chlorine and Drug Administration and is turbid consistency.

The audits found that no accidents or in the city or in the upper reach of the Volga or in neighboring areas were not. But the Motor City residents still asked to tap water until the food is not consumed.

Employees Togliatti Rospotrebnadzor water samples, and 14 November, the Office informed of the results of the examination.

— Studies of microbiological and

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Two close contact in France




Spouses Leboeuf spent Sunday at his grandfather Mrs. Leboeuf in Chabeuil (Drôme). At noon on September 26, 1954, Mrs. Leboeuf the dog into the woods near the cemetery to collect mushrooms. At the cemetery, there were a few people.

Mr. Leboeuf was at a distance of about

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Chronicle of mass disappearances




History has accumulated quite a lot of unexplained facts of mass disappearances. Here are some of them.

In the late nineteenth century on a rocky island Flennan was the lighthouse Eileen Mor. December 15, 1900 the lighthouse ceased to function because now all three ranger. The investigation

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In krasnoturintsu flew home to a fireball. Photo


26.06.12.V night of 21 June, when the raging storm in one of the new houses on the street (town Mine. — Ed.) Flew into a fireball. Natural phenomenon destroying furniture and equipment. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

— I chump just now stopped hurting — says 53-year-old Igor about the consequences of the accident. — That night I was lying, then, on the couch near the window, saw lightning, wondering whether or not the TV. And then — bam! Curtain suddenly rose! Within a fraction of a second — a loud bang! Me, I do not know how, perhaps,

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The day when the fish surfaced


Photo: http://www.ramenskoye.ru

12.05.11.Posledstviya fish kills in Lake Pioneer literally stirred the local residents and the many fishing enthusiasts. Nor could it be otherwise, when after the disappearance of ice and warm water dismal picture is not harvested for the May supplement hundreds of banks have started to decompose dead carp, silver carp and other fish. Finished a dismal picture fetid smell.

Information about the incident spread so fast, especially on the Internet, which, as is often the case, began to become self-sufficient, and an event called an unexpected disaster. However, this did not happen. As quickly as possible

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Ball lightning burned house in the Moldovan village


Photo from: tv-pmr.com

16.05.12.V Friday night during a thunderstorm, lightning hit ball into one of the houses in the Moldovan village Nezavertaylovka.

The roof of dried reeds on fire instantly. Because of the strong winds in a matter of minutes the whole roof swept by fire. At this point, the house was empty, so the incident there were no casualties.

In a few minutes the scene of Dnestrovsk arrived just three fire brigades. The fire could not be put out more than seven hours. Only in the morning with the fire brigade managed.

Maria Kovalenko, the victim:

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Riddle neondertaltsev. Why is the whole of humanity has died out




Neanderthals were the sailor's soul


40,000 years ago the human race was represented by two biological species — Homo neandertalensis and Homo sapiens. Particular differences between them were not, though, judging by the analysis of DNA, they could not have common descendants. Neanderthals were a

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Landslide in China covered the house, where the working


Landslide destroyed the structure, which could be working career Photo: AP

9.05.11.Kitayskie rescuers searching for people who may be victims of a landslide in the village Lotszyan Quanzhou County in the southwest of the country.

According to China Central Television, mudslide came down on May 9 in the area of the existing quarry near the city of Guilin. Landslide has covered four of the structure, which could be of the order of 20 working career.

On the scene are the search and rescue operations, according to RIA Novosti.

Sasha Pyatnitskaya


U.S. discovered the animal had the courage to get out on the first land




In the U.S. state of Pennsylvania scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of the animal, which, apparently, was the first creature that lived in the sea and on land.

The animal is not received until the name is a cross between fish and amphibian present. He has

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