Sandy hurricane headed for the east coast of the U.S.

Heavy rains, strong winds and flooding were brought by a third U.S. East Coast hurricane that recently raged over on you, Jamaica and Cuba. Forecasters say that the main impact will the territory between Maryland and southern New England. The volume of rain and snow can reach 300 mm.

Interacting with Arctic air masses, Sandy has all the prerequisites to become a "supershtorm" which coast has ever seen. Wave height can reach 1.2-2.5 m of flood victims could not only the coast, but also the internal parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, where the projected formation of

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North Sulawesi hit by landslides

The current rainy season has repeatedly contributed to the landslides in different parts of Indonesia. At this time a natural disaster has occurred in the capital of the province of North Sulawesi. Along with landslides in the city collapsed and floods.

It is learned that over the weekend death toll to 13-man. Three of the victims from the province of Jambi on about. Sumatra, including 14-lenego teenager could not cope with the flow of gushing water while swimming and drowned. Similarly, another fisherman was killed in a small channel. Flooding occurred in this place after a strong raising

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On America could strike a giant tsunami

May 17. California and Hawaii threatened by giant waves, such as those that hit Japan last spring.

A study conducted recently in New Mexico, at the Institute of Mining, showed that the rift crust on the seabed in the south of the Aleutian Islands can generate an earthquake of 9 points.

Earthquake-prone zone — Aleutian subduction zone is in a place where the edge of the Pacific plate goes under the North American plate. In March 1964, the collision of the two plates has caused the most powerful earthquake of magnitude 9.2. Then disaster victims were 145 people.


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Japan: Fuji could collapse

Part of Mount Fuji in Japan, the national symbol and the main tourist attraction, could collapse under a mountain if you will re-open fault.

A three-year study has enabled seismologists under the mountain to find the unknown fault. It is possible that part of the mountain could collapse, said Yasuhiro Yoshida, director of the Investigation of the earthquake.

A team of researchers led by scientists from the University of Tokyo, a model of the aftereffect. It turned out that the fault can lead to a 7 magnitude earthquake.

Japan went on to povshennoy preparedness against possible earthquakes and other natural

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Earth's hum is caused by coastal waves

Earth's hum arises from the sea floor, and not during the turbulence in the atmosphere, says U.S. researcher, supports a new theory, which arose in 2004.

Hum — low by its sound and continuous rumble present in the soil, even without earthquakes, but detectable with highly sensitive seismometers. Its frequency is about 10 millihertz below that range, perceived by the human ear.

Earlier in 1998, Japanese researchers have suggested that this noise could be caused by a "clash" of turbulent flows to the ground.

Six years ago, a group of researchers led by Barbara R. University of California, Berkeley (USA),

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Fisherman caught a carnivorous piranha in the river in the Urals


Predatory fish swimming in a pond near Yekaterinburg

4.07.11.Amazonskaya predator caught on a hook in the water Sverdlovsk oblasti.Ekzoticheskaya guest bait fisherman caught in the reservoir Verkhnetagilskaya TPP. Fishery biologists fear that the pond could remain her relatives, dangerous for people.

Avid fisherman Igor Voronov normally fished on the reservoir. Rich pond carp, bream, perch, but this time on the hook for a 48-year resident of Upper Tagil caught fish, which he had never seen before.

— As usual, the float twitched and I felt that I got a big one, — said Igor pleased Ravens. — And

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Problems on servers Akamai shocked the whole network




Problems on the DNS-servers, Akamai's led to the temporary unavailability of such large resources such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and many other sites.

According to the Internet Storm Center, the problems started somewhere at 12:30 GMT (16:30 MSK), when people around the world suddenly could not get

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Spain: drought could leave the country without a crop


03.07.12. Some areas of Spain suffered from severe over the past 65 years of drought. In this regard, the country risks being without a crop.

In Catalonia, the last year and a half there was almost no rain. And as meteorologists predict in the near future precipitation can be expected. Farmers have lost much of their crop. "We are now very much needed rain showers and even thunderstorms. Only this will help prevent further drought, "- said the representative of the Regional Meteorological Agency of Spain Anthony Conesa. "The strong wind dried grain and vegetable crops. High

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Match report Terek — Rostov

Southern rivals came to this match to prove their worth after a diametrically different held the first round. The desire to fight for the victory prevailed in the minds of all the players, because the reasons are solid-irritants. Learn more — in the report ""

"Terek" — "growth" — 1:1 (1:0)

Goals: Asildarov 5 — 81 Akhmetovich

"Terek": Dikan, Utsiev, Omeljanchuk, Haimovich, Yatchenko, Mauricio (Sadaev 83), Georgiev, Kobenko, Lakhiyalov (Arce 54), Asildarov, Bracamonte (Jabrayilov 66).

"Rostov": Radic, Circassian, Gion, Okoronkwo, Andjelkovic, Gatskan, Lebedenco, Ivanov (Akhmetovich 60), Kalachev (Lutsenko 84), Pavlenko, Adam (Valikaev 90 +3).

Warning: Lebedenco 18 Yatchenko 22,

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Parents found the Solar System


According to some theories, the appearance of the solar system was triggered by a close supernova explosion or the impact of the AGB star. Although the question of the origin of our star and its planetary system is still far from a final decision, but a number of intriguing speculation suggests that not only the forces of gravity caused their birth.

Sudden onset of our star formation 4.59 billion years ago, implies the existence of an incentive, to act in such a way that matter is condensed and formed a new-born star — the

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