Looked into the future




Among the historical documents often are those who drop out of the orthodox historian trembling, and he is trying to distance itself from them the only possible argument — a fake! So it was with many discoveries, is not relevant to its time, such as dinosaur tracks

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U.S. threatens sea-level rise

The lives of 5 million Americans are living at a height of a few meters above sea level, is really threatened by the consequences of global warming. Basically, it refers to coastal populations from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and the west coast, where the water levels in the ocean of the risk of flooding has doubled.

Only one South Florida is under attack taxable property value of 30 billion U.S. dollars. In California, because of the changing climate in the next two decades will be exposed to the danger of flooding areas that had previously not experienced this.

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Mystery ghost ship




The Bermuda Triangle has been a testing ground for a top-secret weapons of the United States? In the midst of a bloody war with Hitler in America gathered prominent scholars from all over Europe. Einstein, one of which was worth. All these great minds were running from a madman Hitler, they all hated it.

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Sea lion on the freeway in California

"We called the drivers and said something like," I swear I'm not drunk, but I just saw a sea lion on the road, "- says Laura Terada, a police officer of Burlingame. — It's good that it did not happen because of a single accident, and could have! " The sea lion appeared on the highway about 7:00 am. When the police and animal protection services arrived at the scene, reported by the drivers, who saw a lion, he was not on the road, and on the side of the road, where climbed on a tree stump and curiously

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Heavy rain and strong winds in Krasnodar

Afternoon in the rain and the wind increased.

After lunch at the West Substation accident. Been de-energized and the Slavic Festival neighborhoods.

The lights went out in almost all homes, and also turn off lights in several streets. In traffic rose hundreds of cars. In addition, with streams of water could not handle the storm water drain. Treatment plants in the second city hospital, the fifth hospital in the village of Krasnodar and Elizabeth could not stand the load. On the streets was a large puddle.

After half an hour of energy back out almost all the houses. The

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The story of the vision of the ghost




Hi! I want to tell a story about how I've seen a ghost. After the death of my great-grandfather passed about a month. We have a private house. I was sitting in a chair and watched TV. And suddenly, for some reason I thought that someone is watching me. I looked back and saw

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Oleg Protasov: The beginning was — could not be worse

[Img = http://ebpo.com.ua/images/articles/20091221103728115_1.jpg] After the game, the first round of Russian Championship "Rostov" — "Tom" (0:2), head coach Oleg Protasov Rostovites gave flash interview correspondent of NTV-Plus. [cut] What is the cause of defeat? The beginning was — could not be worse. We presented a very different picture. Maybe someone has blown. Some players seem to have been at all frightened. [I] [b] We understand [/ b] [/ i] — need to make serious conclusions and move forward. Any specific solutions have already taken? Too early to tell. In addition, we have players who could not participate in the match.

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Lights of evening Samara

I like to walk the streets of Samara, when the city lowered the twilight, when he transformed many lights lamps, traceable line the streets, with spreads on them a set car headlights. A dull gray boxes of faceless buildings are painted numerous fires windows. Night wears a town in festive attire, how to choose a costume hiding in the dark shortcomings, emphasizing in light of interesting details.



Gradually dissolves daily vanity, being replaced by the serenity and quiet of falling asleep streets.

I suggest you walk on the evening

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USA: Martian oceans had disappeared behind the Sun




The reason for the disappearance of water from the surface of Mars could be a strong solar storm. To such conclusion experts of NASA, who studied the effects of solar storms, which the Earth has experienced in the last year.

Astronomers believe that Mars once had a

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Disasters that could threaten Earth

Scientists have put forward different versions of technological and environmental disasters that pose a serious threat to our planet.

Civilization on Earth for about 120 years ago, may have been in the balance of destruction. In August 1883, a total of only a few hundred kilometers from Earth flying fragments of the comet, the impact of which on the planet would be equivalent to 3 thousands of Tunguska event, a group of Mexican astronomers wrote in an article posted in the digital library at Cornell University. Hector Manterola (Hector Manterola) from the Institute of Geophysics of the

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