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In my view, the debate about life after death are baseless. Life goes on, but in other forms. This has already been so much different and convincing evidence that it is time to heed the mind. Tell us about your experience. Four years ago my best friend Ljuba poisoned. Unhappy love, depression, and her nerves could not stand. And in two or three weeks … It was at night, to come unto me. Not in a dream, but very real.

By type — normal people, dressed as usual in a sweater and skirt to the

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Four medieval buildings, located in the ancient city on the island Kneiphof had one address: Konigsberg 13. Nearly a century ago, there was one of the most mysterious laboratories in the world. What she was doing and what events preceded its creation?

Mystical European Capital

Since its inception to the present day Königsberg (now Kaliningrad), considered the city of mystical mysteries and amazing secrets. From the XIV century there, feeling completely safe, settled mages and warlocks, whose fame spread far beyond Germany. The island Kneiphof create entire occult schools who collected and studied magical knowledge and unexplained phenomena.

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The man does not sleep 32


"Time for me seems to stand still in the distant 1979. Since then takes one long, long day … "So says Jacob Tsiperovich — the man whom in the 80s and 90s a lot of the press wrote. On it was shot about 70 films, including foreign broadcasters. And all because after undergoing clinical death Tsiperovich lost the ability to sleep. Moreover, after a while he realized that he no longer … to get old. This year he will turn 58 years old, but apparently it is 26-year-old young man. In the late

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A female artist wants to replace the lost eye multifunction webcams.


In 2005, the American Tanya Vlach (Tanya Vlach) in a terrible car accident lost his left eye. Because she was a fairly well-known artist, loss of eyes could be for her career and she was very worried about this.

But, having overcome bouts of depression, Tanya realized that maybe this is for her unique chance to create something truly unique, for example instead of making prosthetic eye web cam. In terms of fiction, this idea was jammed into holes. Back in 1970 in the TV movie Six Million Dollar Man image was used

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In the jungles of Africa found dumping unusual creatures


In central Africa, near the city of Kigali, the scientists found burial, dating back about 500 years. Examining the remains, anthropologists have come to the conclusion that the graves belong to creatures, not like a man.

Some of the experts tend to believe that these graves could belong to aliens, but the cause of death can not call nobody.

At 40 "mass graves" there were the remains of about 200 bodies. All unusual creatures had a high growth (under 2 meters), and a disproportionately large head without eyes, mouth and nose.

Experts have

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Mystery of the ancient computer

In 1900, near the Greek island of Antikythera was found a unique find, which 100 years later, was to become a sensation. This is the so-called Antikythera mechanism. Portions of this, scientists believe the device was found near the wreck in 65 BC ancient ship, which according to some versions resulted from Rhodes to Rome. Amazing discovery — a few strange-looking parts — along with numerous amphoras and statues were placed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. It is possible that fragments of the device, covered in limestone, at first were considered as a piece of the statue. Anyway,

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In Kamchatka, found the car age 400 million years

In Russia, was discovered first mechanical device age 400 million years.

On the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, 150 miles from the village of Tigil, archaeologists at the University of St. Petersburg discovered strange fossils. The authenticity of the finds has been certified. According to archaeologist Yuri Golubev, discovery has astonished scientists. It was a machine.

This is not the first time in this region is found like this strange artifact. But, surprisingly, it seems at first glance, the car was "imprinted" in the remains of a volcano.

After the analysis, it became clear

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Why in the old days were buried in mounds?

As in the case of the other wonders of the world, a simple answer to the question as to why the graves were elected two-stage form of pyramids or created just large earthen mounds, impossible.

Izdrevne Russ believed that the path of the soul to the other world is long and dangerous.

It was believed that human souls, and the souls of animals and birds will get to the "other world."

Probably the first soul had to wander in the underworld, there wade through dark forests and grasslands, where the "riotous winds provevayut", "What's there not to stupistyh loshadushkah, there

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In Yakutia found unique preserved mammoth


About a sensational discovery made in the far north of the country, today told the Yakut paleontologists. In the area of the village of Ust-Yana Yukagir ulus in the grotto were formed by the melting of permafrost, scientists accidentally discovered the carcass of a baby mammoth.

According to Acting Head of the Mammoth Museum of the North-Eastern Federal University named after MK AMOSOVA Semyon Grigoriev, a unique finding could be lost forever. At any moment could be buried under a collapsing rock.

Mammoth, was a young female. It was named after the nearby

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What planet are waiting for the disaster in 2012


It is human nature to wait a fundamental, universal and dramatic events. End of the world were waiting for in 1000 and 2000, year of our Lord, in the year 7000 "from the creation of the World", and now something like waiting on the year 2012. What we are promised all kinds opment, and that can really happen if we approach the prediction of cold reason and the amount of proven expertise?

Most importantly, what they say everywhere — this is the expected end of the world in December 2012, allegedly predicted by

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