Authorities Krymsk received storm warnings to emergency

Local authority areas Kuban received emergency storm warnings of impending bad weather for two days before the flood, and reported that all the measures taken, told RIA Novosti Head EMERCOM in the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Kazlikin.

"For two days, from July 5, we sent five urgent warnings. All the heads of the received them and reported to us that made all the necessary arrangements," — said Kazlikin.

He also said that the MOE send out a warning for bad weather sms through mobile operators.

"According to the report the head of administration of the Crimean region, he convened a

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Flooding in the Kuban region, killing more than 130 people. Chronology of events

District of Krasnodar region were zatoplennymv by heavy rain. Have suffered Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and the Crimean region. In the flooded regions introduced a state of emergency. According to the latest data, the rampant disaster killed 134 people and destroyed hundreds of homes, flooded roads and railways. According to the presidential envoy to the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov, the amount of damage could exceed one billion rubles.

In disaster areas staffed MOE, doctors, psychologists, representatives of Hydrometeorology, RTN, the Interior Ministry. All to work on flood relief brought about three thousand men and five hundred units.

The most affected villages

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Environmentalists have saved 10 U.S. emissions on the coast dolphins

Animal lovers were able to save 10 of 40 dolphins stranded in the Bay of Cape Cod on the north-eastern United States, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

"On Friday we (IFAW office in Cape Cod — Ed.) Got the message that 37-40 dolphins stranded on the beach of Cape Cod Bay. Many of them were already dead, to some just could not get there, but managed to find 13 live animals, 11 of which we have returned to the sea, "- said in a statement.

As detailed in the report, two dolphins found alive, could not

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UFO fell in the photo above the village Vaganovo (Kuzbass)



27-year-old electrical engineer Kemerovo Paul Flyers, coming on a business trip in the morning and Vaganovo spending at a gas station needed to get its energy certificate examination, made in passing, and take photographs for the report — has become an unexpected witness a UFO.

In the second photo below UFO descended and began to be seen much more clearly

— At 10.58 we are continuing to survey approached the tank

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In Novosibirsk, the earth shake


Residents complain of Novosibirsk on the Internet at jolts like an earthquake, from which rock the house. One of the residents said that on Tuesday morning he felt a little push which, as it seemed to stagger his house, located in the center of Novosibirsk.

"This morning, the house is slightly staggered. Long branches swaying ferns home," — said the woman, who lives on the top floor of a 10-storey building. According to her, on Monday she heard noise like explosions at a military training ground.

The patient of a hospital, also located

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On the beach in the UK issued a dead whale

On the sandy beach, located in a narrow strait between the cities Ramsgate and Sandwich in Kent, issued a fifteen-whale, reports This is Kent. The incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, March 3. According to witnesses the appearance of a whale in the sand, when the animal was on the beach, it is no sign of life.

Specialists, who left at the scene suggested that the beach threw sperm whale. Under any circumstances, he could have died, until set. According to preliminary information, a beached whale could attract herring.

In the near future the Coast Guard and representatives of

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Metal ax found 20 million years



Romania. 2 km from the town of Ayuda. In a sand quarry on the banks of the river Murushev at a depth of 10 m, workers found some strange items. Two findings identified bone fragments. Another object of a type and weight like a stone ax.


Staff of the Archaeological Museum determined that the bones — this is part of the

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Ghost stroked my stomach


While the priests, psychics and scientists have puzzled over how to defuse Krivoy Rog "Barabashka" that burns on the body of a young woman signs in the form of arrows and chicken legs and choking her at night, he attacked two more people. More than two years ago, information about the unknown creature leaves burns on the body of 22-year-old Ukrainian Alona Dorogova, became a sensation. The priests, psychics and readers have tried to solve that meant a guest visits from a parallel world and how to stop them.

After all, Allen was

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Invisible demons

September 10, 2012 16:02

In May 1876 in the streets of Nanjing in China came a terrible panic in the city freely roamed the invisible demons, cutting people traditional braids. Vainly citizens covered heads with their arms — all to no avail.

Panic spread to Shanghai, and then to other Chinese cities, where old fears and have added a new one — the fear of the unknown forces that are killing people in their sleep.

Mass hysteria going on for about three years, and all these years of "evil spirit, cutting hair" was elusive.

Since then, there have been

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Shark fisherman rescued


A resident of the Republic of Kiribati has stayed in the open ocean 15 weeks. He had to sleep next to her dead son in law and lose consciousness of impotence. Only a miracle in the form of sharks has led him to salvation, writes Policemen from Kiribati Toakai Teitoi stuck on his wooden boat in the ocean, as he ran out of fuel. More than 100 days, he drifted into this 5-meter boat, alone. "We ran out of fuel, but the food left there were many more.

The problem was only

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