Flyers — parasites or firmware in our consciousness

April 5, 2012 7:39

Esotericism of the 20th century (and in particular, Kenneth Grant, the spiritual son of Aleister Crowley) argued that one of the British occult group discovers an ancient grimoire describing Mazes Set. What is this thing? This is a multi-dimensional conglomerate that allowed wizards to manipulate time. Labyrinth Seth had many "sealed" moves. They sealed the ancient initiates — for the good of mankind. But modern occultists perceived press as a violation of their right to know, and some of them broke. The result is contact with the outside borders. Many forces, sometimes very predatory, poured into

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Was the person a third eye?

January 30, 2013 7:21

According to one of the ancient legends that have come down to us, there is no time, people and animals have so-called "third eye." It was located either on the forehead, or somewhere in the back of his head and allegedly helped our ancestors to observe the world for miles around, and allows you to read other people's thoughts. The most amazing thing is that today there is evidence of such a body in the ancient world of the animal, to which the person belongs to the fullest.

Since vertebrates have the skull with a

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Ominous clouds abductions

April 1, 2012 18:33

Sometimes in the sky meets a mysterious cloud of strange shapes, not like the usual. How to assure the witnesses, sometimes they are different "reasonable" behavior and even show aggression toward humans. Scientists believe that this is a freak of nature, and ufologists associated with the UFO phenomenon. But no one can answer the question of what it is.

So, March 22, 2006 the crew of an English ship «Lady of the Lake» watch the clouds, is one area that is divided into four parts, and move across the sky to intercept the other clouds,

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Lightning near Penza moved items






Penzenets witnessed an unusual phenomenon. Explanations of him, he does not find any of the public on the laws of physics today.


Anatoliy Lipatov, an engineer living and electrician by profession, does not accept any fiction. However, what happened with his friend in the country, it seemed to him from the point of view of science unusual. Objects moving themselves

— It was the summer — says Anatoly Petrovich. — Suddenly, the day came running clouds, and the storm began. A friend and

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Wizards live near

March 8, 2012 17:56

Publisher "Veche" published a remarkable book — "100 Great phenomena." This is a collection of documentary stories about those who became famous thanks to the vagaries of fate unexpectedly endowed by their phenomenal talent. Here are a few pages of this collection.

Clairvoyants are not afraid of death

American Arthur Price Roberts childhood showed a unique ability to easily find all the missing items. Losing anything, the neighbors went to Roberts, asked Arthur to say where the missing, and there was no case that the boy was right.

Extraordinary talent Roberts revealed in full when near

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Mysterious hole

February 23, 2012 2:00

Recently in the media more often there is information about the "mysterious pits." Typically, this gap in the rock or soil cylindrical, less oval or rectangular. They are not natural formations as they appear suddenly and have an almost perfect shape, often near absence seizures breed. They usually occur at night, often in the fields.

Riddle of the Grand Coulee

The best known and studied anomalous pit is rightly considered, discovered the brothers Peter and Rick while grazing cows in 1984, near the small town of Grand Coulee (Washington, USA). The pit had

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Spontaneously combust furniture and letters on the wall: what we say unusual phenomenon?

February 20, 2012 18:34

Some have burn permits, others — dates from the third — the soul. The author of this once happened to be witnessed by themselves, for no apparent reason lit walls, sofa and …

Bad apartment

The fate of every man is an event that divides life into two parts: on the other hand, and on this one. The family Troshin, the six of us living in a three-kvartipe near Kiev station, once the fall, in late September, there was something shared all as "before the war" and "after." While older generations — grandparents, Eugene I. and

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By 2100, the world population could reach 11 billion people



According to the statistical analysis, the Earth's population could reach 11 billion by 2100. This is 800 million more than anticipated in 2011. Basically, it is because the birth rate in Africa has not fallen as quickly as planned. According to the UN, by October 2011 the world population reached 7 billion, which is a surprising amount, compared with 5 million in 8000g. BC and 1 billion in 1805.


By 2100, the world population could reach 11 billion people

Billionaire buys wonders


Hotel magnate Robert Bigelow has long been known as a fan of space exploration. A few years ago, he announced the award of $ 50 million, which will get the person or company who will be able to build a five-seat vehicle that can regularly run between the Earth and the Moon. Another eccentric moneybags project — a hotel in orbit. Hotel "Nautilus" must throw open its gates, doors in 2015. Bigelow collaborates with NASA, and the space has already sent a small copy of the hotel. Everyone recognizes that the ideas the millionaire, though ambitious, but

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Veche autocracy ancient Slavs

How our ancestors lived? How do they manage to live without fear that the prince will issue a decree or a robber escapes with tribal coffers to Khazars? Without fear that them come into the house, local robbers rogue and take away all their possessions, and all the neighbors gather around and laugh at failure neighbor? Why farmhand was not afraid that the owner will not give him a salary, but the owner — that farmhand propet its deposit and even run away, taking with him his grandfather's sword and prababkino necklace? Why did the magician knew Knyazhev squad will

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