At the Kiev restored historic mural

Painting "Festivities in Kiev" at the station "Kiev" Arbat-line Intercession Muscovites have not seen for two years. In October of 2010, due to underground rivers mural collapsed and restorers had to actually create it anew. According to old photographs could understand what she looked like in 1953, when the station was opened.

Artists were surprised to find that before the collapse panels looked very different. Repair of recent decades has seriously changed her.

— The figures in the background glossed over — just easier — said the deputy head of the Metro one of

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Socio-economic miracle weapon of the USSR.

Socio-economic "miracle weapon" of the USSR.

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The idea was first proposed in 1982 by a Soviet expert on organizational technologies Vodianova VG and was used in the construction of the Kalinin nuclear power plant. Obtained outstanding results, and the team of builders turned into a kind of integral "we", showing a record-setting performance, not being available or affordable personal computers, no Internet and corporate informsetey, water VG using simple techniques. First, the so-called "business-squeeze" — the passport of each employee, where he writes that he does and

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In factories in Britain revealed massive radiation leak

Checking the official documents of the UK Department of Health has identified the massive leak of radioactive materials in the enterprises of the country. Potentially hazardous waste disappear in factories Rolls-Royce, factories, waste treatment and even on oil platforms in the North Sea.


"Leakage of radioactive material found in the factory marine equipment Rolls-Royce in the County of Derby, in the company for processing of nuclear waste at Sellafield in Cumbria County, as well as in the Royal Free Hospital in London" — The Guardian newspaper reported citing documents released by the Ministry

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A talented self-taught for the benefit of Russia

Russia for its long history has produced a lot of brilliant people. Rightful place among them is a self-taught inventor Ivan Kulibin.

He was born on April 21, 1735 to refurbish the village of Nizhny Novgorod district of Nizhny Novgorod in the family of small trader Peter Kulibina and soon began to be interested in "how things work within." In his room, he had a little shop, where he had gathered all available at that time for plumbing fixtures, lathes and other works. 

In addition, the father, to encourage this enthusiasm son, tried to bring

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Lights of evening Samara

I like to walk the streets of Samara, when the city lowered the twilight, when he transformed many lights lamps, traceable line the streets, with spreads on them a set car headlights. A dull gray boxes of faceless buildings are painted numerous fires windows. Night wears a town in festive attire, how to choose a costume hiding in the dark shortcomings, emphasizing in light of interesting details.


Gradually dissolves daily vanity, being replaced by the serenity and quiet of falling asleep streets.

I suggest you walk on the evening Samara with me.

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Serial production of the weather radar in Russia could begin in 2011

Serial production of the first domestic Doppler weather radar could begin in 2011, now completed its tests in Valdai, Novgorod region on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg, reports RosHydromet.

Doppler radar, unlike conventional, can provide information about the speed of air flow, which allows much more accurately determine the abrupt changes in the weather situation and more reliably warn of squalls and tornadoes.

Radar DMRL-C is designed for technical specifications Hydromet contract with Lianozovskoe Electromechanical Plant "Almaz-Antey".

RosHydromet plans in 2011-2015 to create a single meteoradiolokatsionnoe field over the territory of the Russian Federation,

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BZHRK: rebirth

Battle railway missile system (BZHRK) RT-23 UTTH "Good" Photo from 

Russian defense industry conducts development work on the reconstruction of combat rail missile system (BZHRK).

In December 2012 the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces said the adoption of the military-political decision on the establishment of the complex. In the case of the development of such a project is likely that deploy this complex will not. It will all depend on how Russia could agree with the other nuclear powers. The government has approved the creation of BZHRK. Development activities funded corresponding budgets. In the

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Novosibirsk set nonoceramic implant in the spine

Siberian surgeons performed an operation to install the first implant of a structured nanoceramics that has been completely designed and manufactured in Novosibirsk.

The driver Vitaly truck Haas aching hand. The pain was so strong that it even he could not move. The local doctor sent a man to NIITO. There’s a patient with a diagnosis of "disc herniation of the cervical spine" included in a clinical trial.

"My neck ached, and takes away the right arm — said Vitaly Haas. — It hurt so much that I could not do anything with that arm.

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Every sixth person in the EU can barely make ends meet

According to the report, the statistical agency Eurostat, the European Union 81 million inhabitants could not live a month on their own income and savings, if it were suddenly without social benefits.





Of these, more than 12 million lives in Germany, accounting for 15% of our population. At risk to be without means of subsistence are 11 million people in the UK and Italy. Most financially vulnerable in relation to the total population accounted for Latvia and Romania, where one in four could not survive

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Unique operation

To save the woman giving birth, doctors cooled her body to 19 degrees and … lowered the blood

Lviv in Ukraine for the first time surgeons had surgery to replace the aortic exfoliated pregnant woman. Introduced by Caesarean section baby miraculously survived and is under the supervision of doctors, and a happy mom recently discharged from hospital

Diagnose bundle wall of the aorta — the main artery in the human body — according to doctors, is almost impossible. Man feels fine, no matter what does not complain when suddenly, for no apparent reason he begins hypertension, shortness of breath

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