How to choose bed linen

Interior designer Vera Villarosa tells us how to pick the right-sized bed sheets, thread counts, and bedding materials.

1. TAKE NOTE OF THE SIZE. “Make sure you know the size of the mattress before going out to buy bed sheets,” says Vera. If you’re not sure of the mattress size, use a tape measure to check before you head out to buy things. Also take note that when buying bed linen, English-branded linens have standards that are a bit different from American brands, as follows:


Single: 3ft x 6ft 3”, 90 x 190cm

Double: 4ft 6” x 6ft

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High-performance method of breaking down the site

The Tauride farm, Omsk region, laying the gardens over a large area. When planting in pits dug tractor drill, we have to restore the mark made at the breakdown area under the garden. To do this, usually put the pins, and then locking pegs on the landing board. This method allows you to restore the exact place of the stake after the landing pit digging, but very low efficiency. When it split the area costs about as much as is necessary to spend to make organic and mineral fertilizers, including the supply of humus and filling landing pits. Yes,

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Without Balamut — not parliament, and a gathering of sycophants

Participants of solidarity with the families of the missing, held in the evening on September 16 in Minsk, beat armed commandos. Students continue to open a discussion of Liberty this topic:Sovereign Zinoviev: "I believe that the riot police, military as a military tribunal to judge the Minsk garrison."Man: "I wish to express a suggestion: let the party members get a white-red-white flags and hang out at home. Indeed, in the center of town with our flags at the moment appear unsafe. My house flag hanging for two weeks and no one, not one policeman no niggles. "Expression commented Deputy Chairman

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Alessandro Cagliostro: a sorcerer in someone elses homeland


"This is an extraordinary man, a born liar, without any hesitation, as something self-evident, said he was 300 years old, he owns a panacea for all ills, that Nature has no secrets from him, that he is able to melt diamonds … "So Casanova said the Count Saint-Germain, a teacher of Count Cagliostro. The same word can be attributed to the student. Secrets have always attracted people. Including mystery stories. Although, if you think logically, from history can not be secrets (unless pseudohistory), and in secrecy can not be history if to tell

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In Adygea element ruined crops. Video


2.06.11.V Adygea element ruined harvest right on the vine. In late May, the republic flood literally washed away crops in an area of 11,000 hectares. Now farmers have to sow anew field with sunflower and corn.

In Adygea started to count losses that the country has brought floods. Floods destroyed more than 11,000 hectares of crops. Officials of the local administration every day check the condition of the field. Not the earth, and clay, they complain.

Dyshekov Qasim, deputy head of the district department of agriculture: — Upper topsoil washed over. No need to leave it have passaged

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Big jump. Early diagnosis watch online

People find themselves awake when their is no pain, but scientists believe that diagnose health merely the absence of pain — misleading. Millions of people have hidden signs of various diseases, but they do not even know it …

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

Count offers master's lottery

Society An original way to identify a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections offered Count Alexander Prushinskiy. The very flamboyant figure in 1994 tried unsuccessfully to register as a presidential candidate. The reason for refusal was the absence of his Belarusian citizenship. By the way, today, exactly two years as Prushinskiy became a citizen of the Republic of Belarus.

In a statement released by the Count Prushinskiy proposes to determine the procedure for election single candidate the democratic opposition by … Toss with the lottery. And adds: all politicians who have indicated their desire to participate in the elections,

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Are there vampires?

Even in ancient times, people were afraid of vampires. No one knows whether the vampires came up with the church or people, or they exist in reality, but, practically, all the people somewhere subconsciously afraid of them. But that's not the case, and quite different. There are age-old myth about how to kill a vampire:

We decided to get some rest over the weekend? Then, you can rent a cottage for a day in the Moscow suburbs. View offers rental cottages on the day you will be able to comment.

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Eternal youth — Myth or Reality?

Documented cases in different ages, in different places of the Earth, themselves or through some secret techniques, Taoist monks, Chinese, Indian hermits can live from one hundred to 400 years or more. One elderly Russians who applied at the beginning of the last century to the hospital in Tomsk, presented quite authentic documents showing that he had about two hundred years.

Want to rent a shop or an office in Moscow? Then, see what there is space available for rent in Moscow on the site you will be able

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USSR. Countdown (19 episodes) watch online

The films of the project "Countdown"Tell the audience about the little-known pages of our history. Together with the Belarusian researchers archivists, historians we reveal the facts and events, which in Russian is accepted to be silent.

USSR. Revolving count. K-19. As lowered degree. Happiness Soviet-style. Soviet-style hacienda, or sacred weave. Love Soviet-style. The test abroad. Reddish pencil censorship. Virgin soil. Bitter bread. Bialowieza Forest. Soviet-style kitchen. Olivier on-Soviet or test Happy New Year. Soviet-style game. Test of humor. Factor 'W'. Liquidation. Beauty of Soviet-style. The struggle for the atom. The half-life. Beware of the car, or chvatka

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