Volvo V40 Cross Country


Когда вы последний раз ехали на хэтчбеке гольф-класса 200 км/ч так, чтобы хотелось прибавить? Volvo V40, даже с антиасфальтовым званием Cross Country, и не такое умеет, хотя в его классе принято хвастать иными талантами. Вместительность, доступные цены — это все не про V40, который стоит в Украине в полтора раза дороже родоначальника сегмента, Шутят, что ли? Нет. Построенный на платформе предыдущего Ford Focus и формально выступающий в С-классе Volvo V40 субъективно играет в другой лиге: дизайн, отделка, длиннющий список оборудования, но важнее — ощущение езды на

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When Mariana Esterhuizen and her husband left the city, the dorp they moved to was a choice of the heart.

In 1983 my husband, Peter, and I decided 10 exchange our lifestyle from a city-bound existence for life in a country village. We spent many pleasant weekends visiting villages in search of the perfect place. We looked at the architecture and infrastructure of several dorpies, we compared the affordability of property in a number of them, we paid attention to how we could earn a living in a particular area, but it all became too confusing. In the end we


To save, you have to spend

The state program on energy conservation was adopted three years ago, and talk about saving energy in the country being particularly active in the last fifteen years. Relevance of the topic is clearly visible against the background of comparison to produce one dollar of GDP, in our country, spent half a kilogram of conventional fuel, while in the US — 260 gram, -170 in Sweden, and in comparable climate Canada — 300 grams. So Russia will definitely have something to strive for.


Foreign countries are thinking about the economy is not a good life, and after the first fuel

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Last-minute luxury

AS SUMMER HAS SIZZLED ON, with all the relaxing or working, you may have forgotten to take a diversionary detour. There is much of Texas that needs to be explored when it comes to finding fun, tranquility and romance. Simply spin the compass and seek out these locations.

If you enjoy the picturesque Texas Hill Country, visit the Marriott Horseshoe Bay Resort. This establishment is spectacularly placed overlooking Lake LBJ. The Bayside Spa is waiting to soothe and deliver decadent rejuvenation for those in need of pampering. If you desire your getaway to involve floating on or flying across tranquil

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LatAm Sukhoi Sales?

STATE-OWNED Russian arms export agency Rosoboronexport announced on September 28 that it plans to sell Russian-built fighters to Brazil and Mexico. Following Venezuela’s acquisition of 24 Su-30MK Flanker-C air superiority fighters for $1.5 billion, other Latin American nations are thought likely to follow suit. Contracts for deliveries of Sukhoi aircraft to Brazil and Mexico are anticipated to be signed shortly. In addition to unspecified fighters from the Su-27 family, modernised MiG-29 Fulcrum variants will also be offered to meet the future multi-role fighter requirements of the Brazilian and Mexican Air Forces.

As far as new fighters for Venezuela are concerned,

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Superheroes — GLORY!

Tsikogda understood national pride. Do not think wrong — I am a patriot, and even stayed in their homeland despite the 100,500 options out of here in a country where the sun warms the tender, the streets are always clean and natives smile at each other well-fed European smiles. I love my country, but I would not say that I am proud that I am Ukrainian. You can be proud of something, what I have achieved. But in the birth of a certain side of the border is not well at all — any of my merits — it’s like

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They save not a country but the whole earth

MICHAEL syringe SCREENPLAY ANIME «First Squad» and the TV series «mediator»

And «First Squad» and «House of wanderers» tell about the times of the USSR What is common in these scenarios, and how they differ? AT "First Squad" I was important was Soviet mythology and the Soviet vision of the world, particularly saturated unique ideology. The «mediator» also has its own myth. but it is another, all mankind. He is not tied to any particular ideology. Anyone can be in this situation before such a choice. And modern man as well. Vector from «First Squad» and «mediator» common enemies

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This scheme is ideal for hibernating in this season, so snuggle up and we’ll show you how to copy the look

How do I choose which colours?

The colour palette is essential in bringing the modern country look together Shades of moss green, rich reds and russets with claret or earthy tones will bring in the country element, or dip into more modern colour tones with greys, yellows and neutrals for a contemporary celebration. The grey tone is what will give the look a steely and industrial edge and move it away from country

Where do I start with wallpaper?

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Country escape.

Charles Spada has filled his rural Normandy bolt-hole with his favourite collections, from gilt frames and faience porcelain to leather-bound tomes.

France — and all things French — has always had a strong hold on Boston-based interior designer Charles Spada. He studied fashion design in Paris in his early twenties and eventually bought a small apartment in the city where he’d stay on his regular antique buying trips over the years. So when, 18 years ago, he decided it was time to have some peace and quiet in his life, France seemed like a natural choice. «I wanted a calm,

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The country is an abstraction. Lin Sampson believes that if you do the maths you can extract from it what you need.

We are in the country, yippee! The Aga is on (it has taken three people and most of the night to get it working), a Karoo lamb is gently roasting. The vegetables are beyond green. Outside, hens peck and in a nest of straw lies that most perfect of objects, a new-laid egg.

There’s a lot of rustic foregrounding, a vegetable «forest» and a canopy of trees. Everything is popping, even the farmers wife. Around here fecundity is

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