China is able to launch a nuclear strike across the U.S.

China goes to qualitatively new level in world politics. In late October the Chinese media, of course, with the filing of the authorities, spread information that Celestial has sufficient military power in order to launch a nuclear strike on the country specifically the United States. For ordinary Yankees this message became a sensation, his discussions are on television and on the pages of newspapers noble. But why China publicly announced their own opportunities to use nuclear weapon against the United States? After all, for U.S. intelligence is probably not a secret. And why did it Celestial indirectly, through their national

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Why the U.S. arming the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf?

The military doctrine of the Cooperation Council of the Arab countries of the Gulf (GCC), the only two countries on a number of possible aggressors today — Iran and Iraq. At the same time, Iraq, before its occupation, was in first place in terms of national security danger Arabian countries, first to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. At present the main danger for GCC is considered not Israel, as some collective enemy of Arab civilization, continue to detain Palestinian areas and Islamic shrines in Jerusalem, which has positioned itself patron Saudi ruler, and specifically the Islamic Republic of Iran, from which

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EU countries are trying to agree on energy security

The main theme of the summit — energy security. Yesterday, European Commission President Manuel Barroso said that he would file for consideration by 27 presidents and prime ministers of the Union alternately energy policy. According to Barroso, the main point of this strategy — unity."To adequately conduct business with other countries, we must be solidarity among themselves. We must have a single voice, we talk with our international partners. We must not allow the energy resources that come to us from the rest of the world, divide us. What we need — a global Europe, and Europe is not broken.

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Figure a day or: Belarus 21th on the number of ladies in parliament

This is more than in all statesah-neighbors in Poland only every fifth deputy of the Diet — lady in Lithuania ladies make up a quarter of all MPs in Russia — 10%, in Ukraine — 9%. By the middle lobe give parliamentarians ahead of Belarus United States, there Congressman constitute 16%, however, in the German Bundestag fraction give more than in the Belarusian House of Representatives — 31%. A first place in the world in the proportion of women legislators takes African country of Rwanda, where women make half of the deputies. The UN report, in which contains all the

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Japan completes the construction of helicopter

The shipyard Japan Marine United shipyard in Isogo (Yokohama) accomplished presentation of new light aircraft carrier (AVL) type Hyuga DDH-181, which received the title of «Izumo» (Izumo) and number DDH-183. This third type of AVL Hyuga, which is practically a helicopter built by the modified project and will be the largest warship in the composition of maritime self-defense force land of the rising sun. As told Japanese media, the role of the ceremony was Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Secretary General of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party Shigeru Ishiba. Length of the new helicopter is 248 meters, width of

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Alexander Wojtowicz: Everything can be done neatly

Recording video clips transmission (5,8 Mb). Response to electrical correspondence Eduard Konstantinovich Gomel: "For you hunt democracy. But you academician, not private, and should be aware that if a change of government will fall and let the poor, but the stability of the majority of the population, will rampant redistribution of property on sight alone will richer and the other converted into beggars jump crime, fierce showdown so many innocent die … It’s true, you will agree! Then — may need a third way? What specifically? "Wojtowicz: "That’s not true, this is you look at any individual country. Not in

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Riddles DST

Who was the first to realize that "time — it means"?Meaning transfer clock is very simple — very cooperate with working hours to daylight hours. One of the first translation of the idea of the clock to save energy expressed famous American scientist and council leader Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century. And although in the end Franklin got even bill 100 bucks, then to his suggestions were not heeded.For the first time in the world of daylight saving time occurred in England in 1908. U.S. clock began to move in 1917, during the First World War. Motive energy saving

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Estonia first in the world elected by the parliament through a web

Not people for the web, and the web for the peopleExtended by the stereotype, Estonians — people cool and reserved, as befits the real inhabitants of Northern Europe.But there is one area where all the passion and manifest character — Web.Most of the inhabitants of Estonia already and currently leads the Web their banking business, paying taxes and utility bills.Public access to the web — the ordinary case, not only in big cities, and in remote villages. Government has long been a meeting place without papers.Just another Internet serviceAll of this — part of a long government strategy, which aims

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The Library of Congress meet dissidents

The meeting will take place in a series of events to mark the 30th anniversary of the Czechoslovak "Charter 77" and will be held under the patronage of the former Czech president and activist "Charter" Vaclav Havel.Participate in a meeting of dissidents from various countries in the world — Burma, Cuba, China, North Korea, Iran. Belarus is a substituent Party chairman BPF Mikhalevich, who will report on rights violations rights in Belarus and democratic prospects and ability to change in the country.In discussing the problems raised by participants perceive the role political scientist Francis Fukuyama. During the meeting, the honorable

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Belarusian MPs have found friends in Sudan

Political scientist, chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society Igor Lyalkov recalls that democracies avoid maintain business with Sudan. And explain why this is so:Lyalkov: "This, of course, specific country, whose government asks more outside contacts, which the court had very limited. This is one of the states which can be attributed to rogue states. And because contacts with the Belarusian regime, which is also, unfortunately, belongs specifically to this category — natural zeal rogue to be closer to each other so as not to feel alone. "Past Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Sannikov characterizes as Sudan One of the

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