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I gave you for the rain! Land Quotations

"At stake is now delivered the most powerful collection of the country’s history. If we get a lot of grain, means we can get more meat and milk. We will be able to implement more food rich countries that sell us oil and gas""Cleaning should wear a nationwide character. Well, at least every citizen must shoulder to lean in some places to the farmer here in this difficult time." "I absolutely forbid all demonstrations, when the peasant in the field, when it works. All tolerated the winter.""Until a couple of people not put — do not understand""Everyone in the field,

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Lukashenko wants to capitalize on the global food doldrums

In This year sale of goods supply abroad must reach 2 billion dollars. In the criteria hungry riots in several regions of the world, in the words Lukashenko, God gave Belarusians chance, once oil companies — to capitalize on the rapid growth of food prices. As an example, Lukashenko referred to the United Nations statistics, according to which in the next year from hunger Worldwide may die 17 million people. Before leaving the Brest region of Belarus President focused on the fact that at the moment of the grain they say more than oil and gas, because, according to him,

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Belarus — in the midst of the worst media freedom

For many years, Belarus is not free countries — those where an estimated "Freedom House", free media or non-existent or are in de minimis quantities. On the situation of media freedom in Belarus and other statesah the post-Soviet space we discussed with the director of research "Freedom House" by Christopher Walker. Walker"In general, the data collected by" Freedom House "in the former Soviet Union, excluding the Baltic rather gloomy. Yet there are certain differences between countries in the region. At the end of the scale, a number of states among the worst on media freedom in the world. Talking about

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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on July 26 formally accused the Syrian authorities of favoring the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), reports «Al Arabiya». «The regime of Bashar Assad gave five northern provinces Kurds their own country, their terrorist organization (PKK),» — said Erdogan.   The question about what he was going to do with it, the Turkish prime minister said: «What they have done, are doing and will do in Iraq.» PKK bases in northern Iraq are often subjected to bombing and shelling by the Turkish government army. According to Erdogan, repeated bombing adjacent countries are

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What came to Minsk Hugo Chavez?

A one-day visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. How to influence the bilateral affairs adnatypnasts political regimes? What are the prospects for economic cooperation has a 2-states? How will the military-technical ties?Ideology or pragmatism?Valery Karbalevich"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is the third year in a row arrives in Belarus. Previous year and Lukashenko visited the answer. If you look at the expression 2-heads, is grounds for cooperation in the political, ideological plane.’s Chavez has once again declared about "the fall of the South American imperialism." Kinship, adnatypnasts political regimes and political leadership, anti-Americanism became the basis of friendship.Many professionals talk about

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CTZ party sent bulldozers to Turkmenistan

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, a subsidiary of the Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" began sending bulldozers to Turkmenistan 14 B-12, made by order of the Ministry of Public Utilities of the Republic.


The first batch shipped Ashgabat technique consists of six machines. The remaining units on railway platforms their journey to the end of July. Upon arrival to the country of their distributed to cities in Turkmenistan. They will work on landfills, leveling and compacting the municipal solid waste.

Delivery is made through the dealer's business — the company "Yarav", which CTZ working for more than

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A place that is given Venezuela dysprapartsyyna huge

Students ‘Freedom’ express representations about yesterday’s visit to Belarus, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:Prince"Bounced yesterday our Venezuelan friend who we like and not your friend. And I remembered the expression that" Bolivar can not stand two. "No such countries horses that could" pull "our Belarus. Neither Our homeland will not pull nor Venesuela will not pull. anybody we do not need. And all these gadgets, promises to anything great not lead. Want to say one thing, it’s all showy, and what this is all I really can not grasp. "Call the listener comment doctoral Euro Humanities Institute, political scientist Sergey Bogdan:"If

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«Russian companies have to accept THAT THEY ARE NOT ALREADY trendsetter»

Andrew Wachowski, director and general designer of the Belarusian company «Tetrahedron» specializing in the design and manufacture of promising electronic weapons systems, software and hardware used in control systems for radar and electronic systems, as the modernization of air defense missile systems, development and production of new SAM samples. He graduated from the Minsk Higher Engineering School of anti-aircraft missile and air defense forces of the Military Academy of Air Defense Radio Engineering Marshal LA Govorov. Academician of the Belarusian Academy of Engineering, Dr. Engineer, Dr. the International Academy of Information Technology.   — What is the «Tetrahedron»? What

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Gaddafi invited Lukashenko to Libya

Yesterday, he had several rounds of talks with Alexander Lukashenko. Gaddafi serving in Kiev.The visit took place in the benevolent atmosphere had a lot of statements of officials of friendship and partnership between Belarus and Libya, Alexander Lukashenko even called Gaddafi "Brother Muammar". But some results slightly. One of them — an invitation to visit Tripoli A. Lukashenko second time. He was there in 2000, when acted on Libya international sanctions as a country that supports international terrorism. At the moment, these sanctions are lifted. A. Lukashenko agreed to come to Tripoli, but as he said, with some fruits of

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Pressure on the opposition — it everyday in the country Lukashenko

"In the last dictatorship in Europe, young Belarusians to go to college, work, start in adulthood. Zapalohvayutstsa And incidentally, excluded from school, losing their jobs, thrown in jail …Pressure on the opposition — it everyday in the country, which manage municipal Alexander Lukashenko. Besides, who says a word against him, closing his mouth. Lukashenko — the last Teran Europe. The problem is that a significant part of Belarusians yet, Trust him. With addition time, he in power, people have moderate prosperity. For the last 14 years Lukashenko takes the presidency. Many people think that it was he — the guarantor

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