Up to the Beijing Olympics only three weeks

Not all of the Olympic teams atabaratstsa in China. Some countries, for fear of rumors about a very dirty Beijing air, hired their athletes apartment in South Korea or the land of the rising sun. Such countries settled their own athletes in China for a period of one combat sport, which will continue from the 8th to the 24th of August, or will be there to deliver them only on certain aircraft competition.For example, in Seoul in South Korea have already flown a baseball team in Cuba. By the time the Olympic competition will be friction Cubans playing matches with

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Montenegro on the next pass

Will the youngest member of NATO Slavic state?

Michael Karmazin 14.03.2013

Less than a month — April 7 — Montenegro, formally the youngest, by the way, the thirteenth Slavic state, proclaimed June 3, 2006, must pass the presidential election. Although the country's political system main power concentrated in the hands of the prime minister, the president, especially if it will be an independent figure in the development of its general course a lot depends …

The upcoming vote attracts much more attention than the previous ones, for two main reasons. The first is that

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To work abroad emigrated 1800000 Belarusians

By forecasts Global Bank, transfer of funds to developing countries This year still grow by 6.7 percent and reach 283 billion dollars. But the economic slowdown in the West, as in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine will reduce shipment means migrant workers. Global Bank experts are waiting on the results of a significant downturn of 2009-10.

In 10 of the states in which the most translated earned compatriots abroad means includes India, China, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Romania. In China for this year is expected to be transferred  30 billion dollars, Poland -11 billion

Sent abroad funds sometimes

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V.Orlov: No lady would not have today’s Belarus

On the days of the award named after he was handed Bykov "For the freedom of thought."He graduated from the History Faculty of BSU, worked as a teacher, journalist, editor of "Fiction", where in 1997 was fired "for the release of historical and second Baffling literature."Everyday debut collection "Hello, my briar" published in 1986, then left more 30 books of prose, essays and poetry, including "Undercover Polotsk History" and "From our family," "Order of the snow-white mice," "Time of Plague", "fancy man of her greatness," "Hannibal’s elephants," "Bite the head crow", "Fauna of Dreams," "Ferry across La English Channel. ""Undercover

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The cost of human life, is lower than in the adjacent countries

"If not for public resonance, if not manifestations of solidarity parts drivers of people, if not so much attention of society — at least this news in the information society field was even more fundamental than the actions on March 25 — that this case to court generally would not come.Then it turned out that this is not the first case, and the practice of our policemen. Question not about cops or other police and law enforcement in general about the system in the country. The cost of human life, this strap case for human life prices — even lower

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Belarus has been rather weak in the list of countries

According to researchers, dysfunctional government — a government that could bring down severe crisis. BACKGROUND insolvency — the loss of physical control over their own territory and state monopoly on the use of force, the authorities’ failure to ensure normal functioning of society, the inability to conduct cooperation with other countries as a real member of international society. This does not mean that the government has already collapsed, it’s not there, but it is — an indicator of its krohkastsi, though what datklivasts to severe internal shock. Specialists 2-American research centers analyzed the situation in 177 countries 12 indicators. 60

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Better listen to Putin than Medvedev

In-2, Our homeland holds very inadequate monetary and financial policies. Belarusians can hope that Russian management will respect them if Russian control their own economic policy indicates that do not respect their country. People tend to join the cute States and to unsightly, even loved ones, they do not wish to join. "

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Our homeland Belarus and hold the union contract

Meeting accomplished "one on one". Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus and Our homeland "will never live separately from each other." Recall that the Russian president arrived in Brest after official visits to Kazakhstan, China, Kazakhstan and Germany.According to the joint declaration Our homeland Belarus and advocate the development of economic relations on the principles of market economy. Dmitry Medvedev referred to relations between the countries’ strategic partnership based on the union contract. "The heads of state said they would adhere to existing agreements, filling them with a certain content. Alexander Lukashenko said Our homeland that Belarus "will never live separately

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World leader disbelieve

Research project entitled WorldPublicOpinion.org, which kaardynavavsya Maryland Institute in the U.S., was implemented in January-May and enveloped almost 20,000 people in 20 countries, in which lives about 60 percent of the population of our planet. Midst these states were China, India, USA, Indonesia, Our homeland, Mexico, England, France, Ukraine, Egipet, Thailand.Respondents rated their confidence in the way of world favorites to administer international affairs at chatyrohstupennay scale: "a lot of confidence," "little confidence", "not very much confidence," "no confidence." Answers "a lot of confidence" and "little confidence" klyasyfikavalisya as positive for the favorite, but "not much confidence" and "no confidence"

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Voice Bykov

From Finland and Germany to freedom Vasil banished his parable, and they sounded the air. Remember, then had to argue with some writers who (of course, in a very correct expressions) questioned sample Bykov foothold in a new genre for him. Maybe nastsyarorzhvala publitsystychnasts and relevance, which, according to the views of my opponents could not be sumyashchanaya with artistic price. I would answer that the "Divine Comedy" by Dante read in the time like a sharp polemical work, with real characters. Current Reissue parables — the best judge in those disputes. Indeed, in the "horror" will provide the reader

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