The European Parliament approved a new law on illegal migrants

Estimated professionals in 27 EU Member States may be about 8 million illegal immigrants. To This time the EU was not a common policy on illegal migrants. Thus, in France, according to the laws, illegal immigrants before they were deported, were kept in a day or 32 specialized agencies, in Hungary — one year in Latvia 20 months, a number of states did not have any restrictions. Procedure to combat illegals will look further way. First detained illegals offered to leave the EU in the area for 30 days. But with all this, it is possible that they may be

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Place shame number 132

Experts world-famous English weekly "The Economist", examined the situation in 167 countries, concluded that the global trend towards greater democracy, which has been observed in recent decades, braked.Now the weekly "The Economist" published its own "Democracy Index 2008", which is a typical democratic Rankings countries in the world.To compile this index, in which 10 represents the perfect democracy, and 0 — full autocracy, experts spotted for each country 60 characteristics, divided into five broad categories:

a) the electoral process and pluralism; b) freedom of civilians; c) the activities of the government; d) political activity: d) political culture.  


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The whole country is 800 square meters

Today in St. Petersburg, Russia opened a unique layout with reduced copies of all that we have: cities, forests, lakes, the cosmodrome and even people.

Then everyone feels Gulliver. Average growth of the people of this country — just over one and a half centimeters. All life on the layout less than the usual 90 times. In order not to miss anything, we have to literally stick your nose where it should be, but to strain the eyes and ears need not.

From the center of St. Petersburg of Peter and Paul Fortress — perfectly clear to Moscow —

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Polotsk: young activists — millions in fines

Last night detained yesterday Polotsk the Young spent in detention in temporary detention, and now referee Natalia Derevjanko found them guilty under Article 23.34 of Part 3 of the Code of Administrative Violations. Nikolai Demidenko, Ales Krutkin, Sergei Korolenka and Catherine Solovevoj sentenced fines of 30 basic units, or one million 50 thousand each.By Catherine Solovevoj, none of the defendants denied that yesterday they conducted public campaign to show their desire to live in a truly democratic country. To do this, they went to the building of the city of Polotsk banner "Stop — the dictatorship!" But after 5 minutes

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Where in the post-Soviet space scary read?

Institute of Sociology of the world’s leading interviewed approximately tysche people over 15 years in 14 countries, placing them a question: "In Your views, how many people in your country is afraid to openly express their political views? "So, here, the number of people who responded that "most" or "many" fears openly talk about the politics, decreased only in Kyrgyzstan. In Uzbekistan, a survey was conducted exclusively in 2007, so it is impossible was done any conclusion about the dynamics configuration. And in All other post-Soviet states has increased the level of fear.7 In post-Soviet countries — Tajikistan, Armenia, Moldova,

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Want to know what is waiting for Ukraine in the EU? Ride to Bulgaria

REX Agency published an interview with the leader of the Bulgarian social movement "Slavic Unity" Dimitar Zdravkova online edition of the "verb". Bulgaria — a country, which joined the European Union. How has the situation changed? Do you feel the Europeans? Yes, we joined the European Union, not just the European Union came into us. We still have the same corrupt government, the same corrupt officials coupled with stringent standards, rules, techniques Union. We were destroyed, crushed by the European Union.

Yes, they give us some tranches to development, but what happens to the money — no

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Problem authorities — return of migrant workers home

According to the current state of development programs from Belarus until 2010, with the beginning of the millennium of the country once a year according to official agreements and contracts leaving almost 1.5% of the working population. So makarom, number of legal migrant workers exceeded 80 thousand every year. "Illegal immigrants" state program developers calculated as a residual: they believe that about 50 thousand Belarusians go abroad without notifying the authorities. Most of the practitioners agree on the fact that these many times more. This information suggest the tax authorities. Tax beating anxiety: about a million Belarusians splachvayuts taxes. And

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The Knight ……… head.


We know that periodically appear in the press ratings of various institutions and funds, with a rating of any country settings.

A strange discovery you make if you compare the ratings of Russia in the years 1990-2000 and 2000-2010.

Education in the 90's was better The attractiveness of the business — above Democratic — unattainable now Freedom of speech and the press — the charm

By coincidence, we can compare for yourself because do not live on the moon. And easy to observe muhlezh "necessary funds and kommisii"

Simultaneously with the

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Or restrain the UN food prices?

It will accept the role of head over 40 State and Government and representatives of the food and agricultural programs from UN agencies. The purpose of the meeting — to find ways to address the rapid growth in global food prices.Since 2005, the prices of wheat and many other kinds of food have risen twice. For many months, economists warn that the crisis in food prices will have the most severe consequences. That’s who read in April, President of the Global Bank Rober Zoellick:"According to our estimates, the increase in food prices doubled in the last 3 years in poverty

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Get rich or Belarus in the world food decline?

The rapid growth in food prices more painfully poor countries that do not have the ability to make food and create your own efforts to organize imports.With all this the Belarusian authorities claim that the country’s food crisis is threatening. The government is convinced that the government can get in such a situation of great benefit, because the country peravytvorchasts certain types of food.According to the UN, the beginning of a significant increase in prices of food products was launched in 2002 — during the next 5 years, food has risen in price by 65%. In just 2007, food prices

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