End quote: 24.05. — 30.05.2008

"It’s practically a breakthrough Belarusian Christians in international politics. Belarusian Christian churches have become a political force."Paul Seviarynets, creator of the Christian Democratic Party — about his visit to the European Parliament, during which the petition was assigned to MEPs and 50 thousand signatures collected in support of freedom of conscience in Belarus"The Belarusian opposition, apparently because of the uncertainty in their own abilities is born the idea to play the Russian card, start the game with Russia. Consider such games are very unsafe for our country. Because European Coalition, ensuring that European integration platform" single list "on these elections

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Belarus wants investments to 80 billion

Sergei Sidorsky in his speech promised to liberalize the economy, backed the creation of suitable criterion for the development of small and medium business, banking system, improvement of tax and customs legislation: "In the current five-year Government planned increment investment in fixed assets in the calculation of the nominal over fourfold. In the economy of the country planned to invest more than 80 billion dollars! Against 20 billion that have been mastered over the past five years.

In prezyidyyume S.Sidorsky and BorodinNow vkladyvatelnoy attractiveness rating countries in the world Belarus ranks 110. Task outlined by the head of government, the

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We remind the tree with a hollow-vygnilay sartsavinay ….

Last week, the regular courts of so-called "case of 14." Another three participants in January and February of mass protests businessmen, like their predecessors, are punished by restriction of freedom.I’ll start from the letter of the current conversation on this topic, from Aleksandr Ivanovich from Minsk. Speaking about the results trials activists and entrepreneurs’ movement, the listener writes:"Curiously goes: for the same offense punished some angry and others — do not touch. Remember, factory workers" Motovelo "were also dissatisfied with wages and labor criteria. And they also took to the streets and blocked the Partisan Avenue. So what? Mode did

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Fuel crisis and protests in Europe

"The world is experiencing the third largest fuel shock over the past decade," — said the head of the British government in an interview with Guardian., He proposed that the theme of rapid price growth energoelementy became the main summit "Big Eight", which will take place in the Land of the Rising Sun July first . According to Gordon Brown without international cooperation hard to resist this shock. British women Prime Minister believes that the form of the answer to be given to the challenge of global fuel prices, find the character of our era. This comment Gordon Brown

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Gasoline can not be cheaper oil

Spokesman of "Lukoil" said"At this point in all statesah Europe is an increase in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. And strike. And in the UK, and in Bulgaria, Indonesia 35% raised the price of motor fuel, although the oil-producing countries. It first due to the growth of global oil prices. But there are countries that are struggling with this somehow. In Venezuela, very deshevenky petrol and all there is tremendous ride on American cars. And in Iran is very a cheap gasoline prices. Closed country. "The question why in Belarus prices do not change, the spokesman said that gasoline

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In Russia for America

A 6 pm at the site about the structure of the State Library has gathered almost four hundredths students. They all had one goal — to visit the embassy United States America in Moscow. In dealing with them, it became clear that students expect to get a visa, so during the summer holidays in the United States to work in bars, restaurants, on construction sites — where everyone settled. A few weeks the U.S. Embassy in Minsk does not issue visas Belarusian citizens. Students who put their trust in student project get to visit America, are obliged to find diplomatic

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Country lost and not seen

Staging is dedicated to 200th anniversary a day or birthday founder of the Belarusian drama. Visited a performance theater critic Vyacheslav Rakytskyy — he shares with us his impressions.And This time, As usual, when the prime minister Nikolai Pinigin indicates, in the hall of Kupala theater notwhere he wasdrive on the nose. Again — forgotten by the Russian classics. Again — a stunning success, the secret of which has long Pinigin opened not far removed from the traditional text and scenic state tradition, to find another vital idea in ancient works, keep it to the end, where to put the

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Belarus to display on suicides

According to the highest standards is considered an indicator of 20 cases per 100 thousand population. Belarus recorded version 41.5 per 100 thousand people, reports Consulate Office in Belarus. What prerequisites suicides that drives people to such a move?In the first three months this year 635 Belarusians committed suicide. Once a day went out of life an average of seven people. Compared to last year, the number of suicides rose almost 9%.Welfare of the country has no effect on the number of suicidesAbout 80% of suicide attempts are made by people who was ill on depression, says psychiatrist Igor Sorokin.

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Are independent and need to be right to have no boundaries …

Man: "Truly speaking, I can not even imagine what it might be useful for the Belarusians. About it I do not hear anything, and it feels like it does not exist. European Union If there is, then we’ll see that country each other help, respect, support. And here … can not see anything, did not counting the fact that they are fighting together, cues in the wheel pose. No utility is not … " Woman: "Totally no. To Belarus was really be independent, the utility would be greater. And people’s lives as adore display the averages of the number, it

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