Where to rest banned entry Belarusian bureaucrats?

Latest Issue "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" examine the implications of the abolition of benefits in Belarus. Now instead of them operate in the country and targeted assistance. To give her, do local authorities. In some areas means vydadtkavanyya for the year ended in three months. Now the executive committees of the Ministry of money require additional funds.The newspaper also published an interview with a favorite group "Neyradyubel." Ban on broadcasting in television and radio, the campaign to musicians ideologue Presidential Administration Proleskovsky made a lot of noise. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" learns what he lives musician at the moment: who was the

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For a buck answer all

The recession was caused by non-payments crisis in the South American real estate market, but its effects will be felt in the midst of the poorest inhabitants of other post-Soviet states. According to experts of the Global Bank, particularly the poorest categories of the population will suffer from a global financial crisis. For this reason, the bank advises governments of Eastern European and Central Asian states to reallocate budget such makarom, To mitigate the impact of this crisis on the most vulnerable people. According to the vice-president of Global Bank Shigeo Katsu, the reforms in Eastern European and Central Asian

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Colours of patriotism

I can not be a patriot of the Republic of Belarus, because I live in this world there is this longer the official name of the country. For me, it sounds as absurd as to be a patriot Russian Federation, "the union of the country", or the European Union. I do not want to be a patriot of the country, because I can not keep up with the change of its official name, device control and ideology. I can not be a patriot of the country, which is the Belarusian except that only the names of which endlessly paklikaetstsa its

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Breathe in Kiev?

Results of the NATO summit, where Georgia and Ukraine refused the action plan on joining the alliance, promising in the abstract, that one day they will become members of NATO, recalled that lies at the base of the organization. NATO membership is a great testimony of democratic standards, and a symbol of joining the Euro-Atlantic civilization and many other beautiful and useful things, which, however, the Alliance shares with several other, more pochetaemyh organizations, for example, with the same European Union. But there is one crucial difference — only NATO, Article 5 of its status, forcing each of the participating

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End quote: 29.03. — 04.04.2008

"She tried to explain that she had come to the meeting with the media to make a purchase for the next day, but the funds have been placed in 100 thousand, which obviously shows that for the purposes for which they were intended."Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov — Natalia Yasevich on that March 25 went to the police together with the detainees at the demonstration offspring, having for myself about 8 million rubles to pay for silicate blocks for building a house."Today, those 30-40 people made a huge deal: we retook the square. Was fundamentally psychologically, when the power is practically

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Uruguay will purchase Russian armored cars Tiger

Uruguay decided to buy a batch of Russian armored multi-terrain "Tiger." On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the representative of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies" in Argentina Anatoly Zuev. According to Zuev, the contract signed on April 28, is political. "Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uruguay is counting on these machines to combat the growing drug trafficking," — said the representative of "Russian Technologies". However, he did not specify the amount of any transaction, or the number of machines that you plan to deliver. Uruguay became the first country in Latin America that decided to purchase a

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JAPAN warned China that would shoot down drones

September 17 Japanese broadcaster NHK said, citing the Ministry of Defense that the Defense Ministry Land of the Rising Sun for the first time confirmed that the Chinese would shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which «will appear in the country’s airspace or near it.» It is reported that on September 9, «an unidentified drone» appeared near the Diaoyu Islands (Japanese archipelago title — Senkaku) in the East China Sea to intercept fighters were raised. Then it was found that a Chinese drone. The station also said that the Defense Ministry is aware of the rising sun differences between manned

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Cyril Staselko. Lives BNR

Ι Levon always woke up very early in the morning and look adored announcements. Present day for him, as for all Belarusians had a special, solemn. Specifically today his country regained its independence.

He walked up to a TV set and turned on another channel. There have already started ringing anthem "We will leave dense rows." When the anthem ended, the display appeared, a beautiful young lady, who began to speak:

— Good morning, you are greeted by a public channel "Krivich." Now the whole country celebrating with a day or ninety years of the Belarusian People’s

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China urges global community to look at Japan’s military ambitions

July 27 PRC Ministry of Defence called world community to focus attention on the military plans Land of the Rising Sun after its government announced an «interim plan» with a call to strengthen the armed forces, reports agency Reuters. According to these plans, Japan can make the potential for attacks on «enemy military bases.»   This initiative coming from the Cabinet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe), was posted on July 26, and is a step away from the pacifist Constitution. The final plan for the modern military policy of the country of the rising sun to be submitted by

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Does Belarus Standards Council?

Official dealer of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov first emphasizes Belarus — one of the founding countries of the United Nations. And it imposes on her special responsibilities:"At the present stage of a lot of attention in the activities of the Belarusian consulate UN given implementation put forward by President of Belarus at the 2005 summit initiative to build a global partnership against slavery and human trafficking. Also, the development of cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund, the implementation of projects aimed at the education and health of babies in Belarus. A special place in

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