McCain has a website for Belarusians

And this website in Belorussian a biography of the candidate, explains why McCain best presidential candidate U.S. Belarusians who constantly live either are U.S. citizens and saving for Belarus"Senator McCain — against negotiations with the dictator, he — a staunch opponent of the despots of all stripes globally.It offers a strict policy of Russia, which is the sponsor of the Lukashenko regime.McCain knows what Belarus, system support democratic reforms in our country.Lukashenko fears McCain believes his personal enemy, because he did not let it in Belarus, when Senator wanted to visit it.

George Bush and John McCainSenator McCain — the

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Will the tough talk in Geneva with Belarus?

It is understood that on June 5 Standards Committee and ILO standards will open a discussion Belarusian issue.By the way, last year an official delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov and Deputy Manager of the presidential administration Natalya Pyatkevich. In This year delegation is headed by Vladimir Patupchyk labor, and in its composition — the representatives of the Ministry of Labor, the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus and representatives of employers. Head of external relations and partnership policies of the Ministry of Labour Igor Starovoytov elaborates:"It does not sound like" Belarusian issue ". It sounds like "Application

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China will destroy Western technology and expensive labor

On «Finmarket» referring to the agency «Bloomberg» was placed new forecast economist Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yuan Ganmina concerning the sad situation of the Chinese economy. Chinese forecaster believes that the decline in economic growth in his native country, most likely will be much longer than during the financial crisis of 2008. Declines in the midst of the circumstances referred to deterioration in demand for external markets (we would add: first, in the EU, where the raging crisis, including debt. EU — a large consumer of Chinese consumer goods and other products), and a limited amount of small

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BNR 90th anniversary will be celebrated in different countries

March 22 in front of the UN headquarters in New York to host a meeting devoted to the 90th anniversary of the BNR. He conducted the New York Department of BASE. Share before the mission is planned to continue Republic of Belarus at the UN.March 25 in Warsaw will host the demonstration of solidarity with Belarus. Member of the association "Free Belarus" Sergei Marchik said:"And 18 minutes together we’re going to college at the gates of Warsaw Institute. March and go to the building of the Diet, where the Polish deputiesthere will be assigned to the petition on the political

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Be able to make a positive style T.Bell Belarus?

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the famous Russian Center of Political Consulting "Niccolo M" Igor Mintusov, who spent 10’s PR-companies in Russia, Mongolia, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Poland, USA, said: "Of course, Lord Bell is not just hard, and very hard. PR — this is not a panacea and mysticism in politics, PR should stand for any political act. Situational decision this issue would be that, like Timothy Bell will be able to reinforce his ideas PR-real political action control of Belarus. " Belarusian political analyst Ira Bugrova expressed such a world:

Belarus made enough bad style, style such a

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Maybe kapets and the contribution lies in the bank

International monetary crisis — a topic that discussions are students of Liberty.Man: "Sprawled Alliance and its immutabilityGuaranteed tanks and guns.Maybe kapets and the contribution lies in the bank,Then millions priobretesh money only broth cube Galina Blanca.How to save a penny? Need to purchase real estate, house, 10 acres zemelku.Read listener, once the bank lost contribution. "Further expression in the address control of the country and the opposition:Man: "Lukashenko did 12 years Russian Alliance. He did not. Yesterday I looked and listened as he spoke, that it is necessary to go to Europe. Has long been necessary so to do with

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Once a year, Belarus takes about 10 thousand migrants

This figure is referred to deputy head of the outer labor movement, refugee shelters and the Interior Ministry of Belarus Alexander Tatura. He participates in the meeting of CIS professionals who prepare a draft convention on the legal status of migrant workers and their families of the Commonwealth. It ends today in Minsk. First draft of the Concept prepared back in the year 2000. But different finalization of the occupied more than 7 years. "For this time the laws of the Commonwealth have changed, because there are new suggestions and comments. And their discussions are specialists, "- explains Tatura.

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U.S. hopes that Belarus will not sever relations with them

But he Belarus, "as no matter what other country, free sformirovyvaetsya its diplomatic dealings with the United States, or at least some other state. " The spokesman noted that the United States is fundamentally and Belarus should be thrown in the highest level of diplomatic, consular and continue to press for the release of Alexander Kozulin also "work on other human rights issues."Tom Casey singled out the U.S. commitment to "keep the embassy in the Belarusian capital, headed by Ambassador decent."

Belarus laments the U.S. at the UN

It requests that as an official document of the General Assembly statement of the Ministry Foreign Affairs Belarus. This document concerns the introduction of the United States of additional measures against "Belneftekhim" concern.Consular officer of the United Nations in Belarus Viktor Radivinovski explains, has a similar right no matter what the country of those that belong to the UN:"This time From time to time there. Any country which may extend their offers or demands in the midst of delegates to the General Session. This — Techno, a common phenomenon when a country wishes to tell delegates that a deal took

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As in Minsk react to the departure of Karen Stewart?

Now in the afternoon at a meeting with representatives of the democratic community of Belarus Karen Stewart reported that the short-term is leaving and he does not change his status as the U.S. ambassador. Within weeks of salting plans to work in Washington. A participant of the meeting, the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus Lena Skrigan sends word heads the U.S. diplomatic mission in Belarus:"With her leaving nothing to U.S. policy towards Belarus is not changed. As before the main problem, which puts the United States remains the problem of political prisoners. Later question

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