Ukroboronprom sent to Algeria batch of Mi-24 Refurbished

On the territory of the State Enterprise "Konotopskiy Aircraft Repair Plant" Aviacon ", which is part of the Civil Code" Ukroboronprom "held test flights of combat helicopters Mi-24 after a major overhaul.

 Party helicopters of the type mentioned are overhauled to "AVIAKON" under a contract with one of the countries in the African continent. According to the information portal "Ukraine Industrial" order to repair and modernize the armed forces helicopters placed Algeria.

"The results confirmed the high level of operations carried out by Ukrainian specialists works. Tests have shown that the technical characteristics of

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In Belarus, 81th position in the ranking of helplessness

Researchers assessed the situation in 141 country in the world 4 aspects. This condition in the economic, political, social, and security. The creators of dividing the country into five groups: "failing states" (eg, Afghanistan, Somalia and Congo), "the country’s critical feeble" (Iraq, North Korea, a number of African States), "feeble countries" (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) . Belarus, along with Russia, China, India, Egypt became the fourth group — "the country that need attention." The fifth group includes so called stable countries: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania. The very same stable state of the world Chile recognized.How should the rating of Belarus

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Excellent, I’m not a lady

If it so happened that I was born devchenkoy in China, it would be already well that I should have allowed to be born. There’s far more male descendant expected and preferred than the girl that in a situation of serious municipal birth control may be victim of murder or abortion after birth. Little better I’d lived in India, where the equality of ladies — the problem for the solution of which no one ever taken.God forbid general devchenkoy born in overpopulated Asia or Africa, where I could get to number 600 million illiterate women. In Islamic and tribal culture

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Minsk and Brussels will be read once a day

Special agreement to sign the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky commissioner in external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner. To this end, Valery Voronetsky yesterday flew to Brussels. Date March 7 as possible to sign a corresponding agreement on our website called a week back. And yesterday, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov officially confirmed this:"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the European Commission agreed on the date of signature of this document. Official ceremony held on March 7 this year in Brussels." Offer Belarusian authorities about opening

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Foreign investors scares Belarusian bureaucracy

In the first day of the Consultative Council on Foreign Investment in the Council of Ministers did not have enough even willing to fill the conference room of the State Library. Before the meeting for mass brought several buses with university students with the economic profile of learning. But the Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky convinced that the country vkladyvatelnye excellent prospects. In This year Government has to master more than 17 billion dollars, over the next five years this figure expected to exceed 80 billion Given that for the preceding five-year period the amount of foreign investment and

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Belarusians midst less satisfied with their health

But with all this gratification is not directly tied to indicators such as average life or death disease prevalence.According to research by Gallup, in countries with higher income people on average more satisfied with their health. With all this in richer countries gratification health in people age Incline not compounded as sharply as in the poorest.But a number of countries in Eastern Europe and the former Russian Union, in including Belarus, have very low health characteristics gratification — worse than in the countries with the lowest income and the rather short average duration of life. In the list of 130

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N.Halezin: Do not leave Belarus, because we’re here — free

He is 44 year. After the Army, he entered the Faculty of Economics of so-called "Narxoz", but changed his mind to study there, realized — not an accountant. Worked at the plant experienced a taste of the Co-operative life of the persecuted-independent publications in the "Name", "News", "our freedom." Nikolai Khalezin also stood at the origins of Alternative Theatre, opened an art gallery on the basis of which soon appeared Contemporary Art Center. And in 2005 with his wife Natalia Kolyada organized Free Theatre — independent team that does not have financing in Belarus, its stage and space for rehearsals.

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Youth — for European Belarus

Now representatives of unregistered civilian campaign "For Freedom", "Jeans for Freedom" organization "Young Front", as youth structures and BPF BSDP (Gromada) held a joint press conference in the office of the BPF. The campaign "European Belarus" held mass rallies and pickets. Activists are going to hang European and national flags, distributing leaflets about 12 proposals to Belarus from the EU. Says one of the favorites of "Young Front" Artur Finkevich:"Our first big event will be a day Freedom March 25 — 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the BNR. Prazdnichek This most fundamental for us in the year. It’s just

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Post-Soviet space: increase in tuberculosis

According to the report, in particular the severe situation in the countries of the former USSR. In Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries, the number of TB disease rose to a record high.

11 years ago, the Baltic countries were defined as a hot region in the growth of diseases not on medication for tuberculosis gatherers

Global Health Organization experts in particular are concerned that grows the number of diseases that can not be healed standard products, which have been used for decades. So, in Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, nearly a quarter of TB disease is classified as not

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Ukraine has begun construction of the largest overhead lines in Europe

In Ukraine, began construction on its unique technical characteristics of high-voltage power lines.

High-voltage electric lines with a voltage of 750 kV Rivne and Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant to the substation will connect Kiev generation nuclear power units in the west of the country with consumers in the center and east of Ukraine, which will soon provide a stable and reliable operation of the Unified Energy System of the country and save almost a billion hryvnia per year.

According to the deputy director of the NPC UkrEnergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk construction of 750 kV transmission line from Rivne

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