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N. Khalezin: We confuse the 1st person with all the people

Sunday sound transmission to the monarch ordered Khalezin theme: "What the community thinks about the ability of Belarusian emigration." Now Nikolai Khalezin summarizes the results of the week.— Approached the end of the week, and hunt to remember what did it happen?But I still do not know exactly what happened? Since not happen again crossroads things: once again did not match important social routes — people go to One way, and power in the other …For example, the government assures us that there is no crisis. And people say something else: it is not just knocking on the window, and

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MEPs have removed the words the last dictatorship in Europe

According to one of the developers of the draft resolution on Belarus, the representative of the People’s Party of Germany Bernd Poselta, debates were held in the three countries independently and parliamentarians were not associated these states among themselves. As for Belarus, according to the deputies, "human rights in this country as before massively violated."As necessary from the highest resolution on Belarus, European parliamentarians as before give great attention to the persecution of the opposition Belarusian authorities that are independent of the media, NGOs, the demonstrators. They demand the abolition of the death penalty in Minsk, free elections and the

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Ukraine in the top 30privlekatelnyh countries for the development of alternative energy

For three months, our country has moved from 30 th to 29 th position in the world ranking of the most attractive in terms of investment in renewable energy, which publishes a quarterly company Ernst &Young.

Ukraine, ranked first in the ranking in 2011, is now ahead of European countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Finland and other countries. In addition, our country is still the only representative of the CIS and the former Soviet Union in the rankings.

Moreover, the so-called solar index Ukraine is even higher 21-th place. This suggests that a particularly attractive

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N. Pyatkevich — the proposal A. Kazulin

By N. Pyatkevich, such statements should be regarded as "legal illiteracy or political speculation." In an interview to "Interfax" Presidential Administration Deputy Governor stressed that "under the law are likely only two ways of premature release from prison: exemption from punishment, then the person becomes free or substitution of punishment for a softer … Liberation forced direction in another country — this is complete nonsense. "N. Pyatkevich said that "the president really turned diplomatic representatives and municipal officials zabugornyh countries asking them to allow Kazulina accompany his wife abroad for medical treatment."According to the deputy head of the Presidential Administration,

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Shushkevich Milinkevich — on the anniversary of Polish independence

A day or celebration of Polish Independence usually began in Warsaw staged arrival in Warsaw Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, father of Polish independence. November 11, 1918 it was he who took over the military authority in occupied Warsaw Germans. Later throughout the country held prayers for their country. At the tomb of the unknown soldier solemnly laid flowers and wreaths. In the State Theater was a big concert of Polish music stars who sang patriotic songs. And in the evening in the building of the Polish State Opera began presidential ball, which brought together more than 800 large guests from different

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Look, who’s talking b …..

With the honor, but WITHOUT CONSCIENCE

There was an incident, wrote about him in the papers. At the stop trolley-bus driver did not see in the side view mirror of a girl exiting prematurely closed the door and drove off. Hearing the cries of the passengers, he immediately stopped the car and ran outside. The girl was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. The same day, the driver, the father of two young children, hanged himself.   He did not see the girl hesitated. But he laid the blame for the incident solely on themselves.

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Fidel Castro resigns

"I will not qualify for the position of chairman of the Municipal Council and the Supreme Commander and I will not accept it," — said in a statement Castro.Central Cuban newspaper "Granma" quoted manager Cuba that now his health does not allow to run the state.Politicians reaction to the resignation of Fidel Castro — later on our website and in the air.Fidel Castro came to power in 1959. Due to the deteriorating health of July 2007 state run by his brother Raul..

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Belarus makes visa masonry top

Consular fees changed first for the people of the USA and the European countries which last year signed the Schengen Agreement (including adjacent Lithuania, Latvia and Poland). The Foreign Ministry said that such measures are taken in response to the increase in fees for the people of Belarus from the U.S. and EU states. Experts believe that such measures will limit Belarus already small stream of foreigners into the country.The Foreign Ministry explained that the increase in tariffs occurred differentially — considering the price, which resulted in for Belarusian hand, those or other countries. For example, with respect to new

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Uganda has received the first batch of Russian Su-30 fighters

The first batch of Russian multi-role fighters Su-30 delivered to Uganda, said Wednesday the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO) with reference to the representative of the East African country's air force captain Tabari Kikonko.

Was held on the eve of the first test flight.

Uganda is preparing to develop oil fields in the Lake Albert and acquire military equipment to ensure safety in the border areas of the Congo. The British company Tullow Oil PLC, French Total SA and China's Cnooc Ltd. intend to implement projects in Uganda to develop oil fields,

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As Belarusian politicians are retired Fidel Castro?

That was the health, it is not moved to

"There’s a speech by Fidel Castro adopted significantly warmer than All other taken together. I was sitting next to the representative of Belgium. Simultaneous translation was beautiful. And I saw my neighbor clapped even jump started. And later, apparently senses that his country would not support the Cuban regime, and abstained from voting. And the logic of Castro speeches at the summit sunk into my mind to present a day or . "Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich 12th convocation believes that the basis for such decisions

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