Map Pole: pragmatic patriotism

Our uptight society where media and humanistic sphere manapalizavalisya state and non-state, and have not reached a qualitatively high level marginalizavalisya, in imminent prymityvizatsyya. Our brain politicized phenomena and facts of daily life, we often treat all ready at stereotypes, formed under the influence of time is irrelevant knowledge and uncritically accepted by the experience of others.Reviews on the Web, and interviews with the Belarusians on the streets about the introduction of the Government of Poland for the Polish card ethnic Poles abroad, our Foreign Ministry statement, which relies on "satisfaction" as much through the Venetian tribunal indicate that this

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F.Vyachorka going to submit to the court at BSU

The company will continue until such time as the administration of these institutions are not reinstated on school dropouts students who have successfully trained.Youth activists from various unregistered organizations appealed to their international partners in Western Europe and in Ukraine to help suspend international contacts with the Belarusian municipal institution.Such measures pushed young people drop out of school Frank Vyachorka.Chairman of the youth wing of the Belarusian Popular Front Ales Kalita said "Freedom":"We will direct their efforts to ensure that foreign partners BSU temporarily stopped business with this institution. This we will do through our contacts, through negotiations with the

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Bundestag for preferential visas for Belarusians part

But proposes reduced and generally free of visas that can be issued to certain decision consul. Increased attention is suggested for youth, those who went to Germany in the framework of cultural exchanges.The text of the document, which laid the base project of the ruling coalition of Christian and Social Democrats, is focused on the consideration in the German government.As stated in yesterday’s debate, the chairman of the parliamentary group on Belarus politician Uta Zapf, creators of the project are willing to "give possible more Belarusians to get acquainted with Europe. ""We wish the young people, students, artists, scientists, journalists,

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Day communication. Valentine celebrate youth on the street

Malady call all day in love to join the solemn action. The procession will start at the 5th pm from Freedom Square. Young people visit the embassies of the European Union and the United States. Once a year event in Valentine’s day is not complete without detention. Despite this, every year number of participants increases.Several members of the 10-s of an unregistered organization "Young Front" plan to gather and 5 pm at Liberty Square — the classic collection site in the Valentine’s day. February 11 the Young received a response from the Minsk city executive committee, where they applied for

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Yushchenko and Putin to discuss gas debt

Representatives of the Russian company "Gazprom" and Ukrainian state energy office "Naftogaz" try to solve the problem of Ukrainian debt as well as a matter of technical criterion of gas supply. "Gazprom" estimates Ukrainian debt and a half billion dollars and promises to finish the fuel supply if the debt situation is resolved. Ultimatum "Gazprom" sounded from the lips of the official dealer Sergei Kupriyanov last Thursday:"If in the next few days, until Mon inclusive, the situation is resolved," Gazprom "to continue this assistance will not, and supply Russian gas for Ukraine will be terminated."Yesterday in Munich during the Conference

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Belarus — Following growth in access to the web

Both these countries also have the highest rate of penetration into the network in the midst of transition. This is stated in the last report of professionals in international organizations UNCTAD. The report was made public in Vienna at a UN conference on information and communication technologies.How should the report of the professionals in the period of 2002-2006. the number of users of the web in Belarus increased by 6.9 times and amounted to about 57%. In Croatia, the figure is 35%. In the overall ranking UNCTAD Belarus occupies at the moment 22 place and ahead of countries such as

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We have a lot of stereotypes of their need to go

Spades: "Very, very negatively. Our country is, I think, not benefit from it at all, so to say, the world. We have a lot of stereotypes, because of their need to leave."Youth: "This does not indicate that we are from behind. You can not just take something and ready to move. We — original people, and it is also necessary to consider in addressing this issue. Necessary to treat people humanely. And consider this issue more deeply, as did the Western European countries. I believe that we need to abandon it. "Old lady: "The fact that we are united in

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Brute force of political correctness

Rowan Williams, spiritual favorite 77 million Anglicans on Worldwide said in an interview on the BBC "inevitability" (unavoidable) introducing some of Sharia law in English law. By him, inclusion of certain rules of Sharia, namely relating to marriage, divorce and inheritance, in the practice of law would promote social cohesion, as Muslims would not have to choose between loyalty to the state and the culture of loyalty to the country of residence. However, the Archbishop said that he did not approve of some form of punishment according to Sharia, as a public hanging or beheading.Not the law, but a set

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Council of Europe condemns Belarus for the death penalty

"I am disappointed stubborn intention to isolate the Belarusian authorities their country from Europe — said Terry Davis. — These

I am disappointed the intention of the Belarusian authorities to isolate the country from Europe.

the death penalty, they are proud of their Tipo disregard of human values, for everyday other states Europe. "Sovereign Davis writes, Belarus is not a member of the Council of Europe, in countries which the death penalty is banned, but Belarus — a member of the UN, and the execution of the death sentence given to three Belarusian citizens shaped as letters and contrary

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JAPAN warned China that would shoot down drones

September 17 Japanese broadcaster NHK said, citing the Ministry of Defense that the Defense Ministry Land of the Rising Sun for the first time confirmed that the Chinese would shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which «will appear in the country’s airspace or near it.» It is reported that on September 9, «an unidentified drone» appeared near the Diaoyu Islands (Japanese archipelago title — Senkaku) in the East China Sea to intercept fighters were raised. Then it was found that a Chinese drone. The station also said that the Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun understands the differences

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