CIS summit: not Georgia

The summit did not take the role of Georgia, which comes from the CIS. Alexander Lukashenko arrived at the summit with a younger illegitimate offspring Nicholas.For the first time in the yearly summit of the CIS did not take the role of Georgia, which declared its own exit from the Commonwealth in August this year, immediately after the military anger Russia. Yesterday, ministers of foreign affairs of the CIS states have adopted technical solution on Georgia’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth, which formally ends in about a year. With all this, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev expressed regret and said that

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The territory of dopamine addicts

Original taken from da-dzi

Dopamine? N (dopamine? n, DA) — neurotransmitter, produced in the brain of humans and animals. Also hormone, produced by the medulla Adrenal and other tissues (e.g., Kidney), But in the subcortical brain from the blood of this hormone is almost through. According to the chemical structure of dopamine referred to catecholamines. Dopamine is a biochemical precursor noradrenaline (U adrenaline).

Interesting article respected gutta_honey has prompted a number of thoughts that sin not to sound. Especially with regard to the active politicization of the Internet in recent times.

Look in the popular liberal opposition blogs —

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Editor fired after an interview with Parfyanovich

As said on the criteria of anonymity agency "Minsk-news", 12 December, it came into the office manager ideological control Mingorispolkom Gennady Kurbeka who read the decree signed by the chairman of the executive committee of Misha Pavlov. Kurbeka said Grigory Novikov and Acting Head Editor "Minsk Courier "Natalia Byazvershanka must leave office. Both decreased with the phrase" with the consent of the parties. " For those who "cleared" "Minsk-news"?In discussing the future agencies participated intensively Lena Light — spouse control the press service of the President Paul Light, Minsk City Executive Committee which oversees the media. The agency did not

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A.Dynko: Agreement with Russia — a threat to independence

On these questions responsible editor in chief "Nasha Niva"Andrei Dynko

Failure always comes suddenly. Predict dangerous state in the country where there is no projected municipal institutions, it is very difficult

Tsigankov: "Recently the current visit of Vladimir Putin to Minsk politicians and experts were divided into two groups. Some worry that the arrival of Russian President carries some risk of Belarusian statehood, may mean coming to the Belarusian political and energy independence. Others they say that nothing wrong can not happen because it had no reason to. What is your position? " Dynko: "Bad luck always comes suddenly.

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Energy: Efficiency ways out of crisis

Can it be considered a panacea for switching to other fuels, as the decision to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus? Does fruit presidential directive "On saving and berazhlivastsi"? How many get into Belarus ‘other’ (in other words non-Russian) oil from Venezuela and Iran?In the final "examination of Freedom", dedicated to the issues of energy security, to these and other questions are answered by a scientist, Ph.D., Senior Researcher at the Institute of Applied Physics problems Ales Storozheva and economist, one of the creators of the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoir Stanislav Husak, who 30 years worked

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Read in Belarusian have 3 and a half a day or a week

Election of a new President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has become — one of the themes that continue to comment on the students ‘Freedom’. Valery Kurnevich, town Furnaces, Borisov: "On elections in the United States. Once Marx, who made the" Capital ", a pit dug States, marveled at their dynamism and patriotism. And the system was able to overcome obstacles, ranging from Abraham Lincoln. A November 4, 2008, it is necessary to clarify the date this, the U.S. gave the standard of hope and democracy. "In subsequent discussions are called listeners initiative officials Brest Regional Executive

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Tambov is recognized as the cleanest industrial city in Russia

Norilsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg were in the top three of the most polluted cities in Russia. It is the emission of air pollutants. Moreover Moscow air cleaner twice than Norilsk. Throughout the country, the situation with the emission of harmful gases into the air is improving, according to experts. The most Russia was the cleanest city in Tambov, it is located on a 100-m site.


"Norilsk retains its status as the largest in Russia emissionera pollutants into the atmosphere. Moreover, the emissions of the city with 200 thousand population

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NATO is preparing to repel Russian cyberattacks

Due to the rapid development of IT-technologies, has become an urgent problem of information security. The essence of which is to protect the information environment and disk imaging arrays, also preventing the diversion info and preventing tampering information environment. World leaders in the implementation of techniques and methods of information security and to detect vulnerabilities in the «foreign» computer networks are Our homeland, China and Iran. NATO has made the greatest efforts to prevent cyber attacks on information resources of the North Atlantic Alliance. As part of this programs with a 13 to 16 November NATO plans to conduct

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Is it all right there, where we do not?

Recently, scientists have made a discovery that is associated with the psychology of immigrants. It turns out that if the representative of a country with a steadily growing economy goes into exile, his life consists not as good as the life of the native of a small and poor country. Journalists portal PITER-PITER.RU decided to look into this in more detail.

He begins to suffer from an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with life and other serious psychological problems. At the moment, research is ongoing: Now scientists hope to prove that the level

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Which criteria Belarusians work abroad?

By solving all throw at home and to go to work in abroad pushes usually poor financial situation in the country. Live on $ 300 average wage at the rapid growth of prices is difficult.Youth chooses "Pepsi." Senior — Russian varietiesStatistics show that young people want to Western countries, and older people, and the inhabitants of rural areas are oriented to Russia This says Director of the Research Institute of Labour Svetlana Shevchenko:"The young people to a greater extent in the U.S. and England. From other states — this, of course, Russian Federation. Originality labor movement in Western countries that

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