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In Brazil, for the first time in many years, was a heavy snowfall

July 25, 2013. The coldest in decades cyclone came from the Antarctic, has caused heavy snowfalls in more than 100 cities in the south of Brazil. In the state of Santa Catarina broken a temperature record — there thermometers showed minus eight degrees Celsius. For many people in the country that have only seen snow on TV, it is a real event.

— It's amazing — the snow in our city!

— It's like we're in another country, on another planet!

Meanwhile, the authorities of the country, which covered the abnormally cold front, a blizzard was a real challenge.

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Goodbye, Japanese pacifism!

Japanese defense budget gradually reduced. Together with those residents of the rising sun very well suited to economical embezzlement defense, purchasing only the most modern and the most necessary — in the criteria of increasing tensions with China. In the context of island disputes with Beijing for the rising sun as ever important issue of modernizing weapons. Meanwhile this puzzle no government able to solve for a year or two. Japanese analysts (publication «Yomiuri») write that in the budget for 2013 for the purposes of defense laid 4.5851 trillion yen (1.3% less in relation to 2012). 2013 — this

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U.S. surpassed Hitlers Germany

The world situation is worse now than it was in 1938-39. Stop the war can only Russia

June 22, we remember the tragedy. We mourn for the dead. We are proud of those who took a swipe at him and answered, — as well as the fact that, after receiving this terrible blow, the people rallied and crushed him who struck. But all of this is drawn in the past. And the society has long been mindful of the thesis, which is 50 years of keeping the world from war — "Forty-first year must not be repeated", and

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Poland is at war with Russia and Belarus

13 years have passed since the time when Polish flag was raised in front of the headquarters of NATO. This meant that Poland joined the most powerful military organization of the world. The Polish government was confident that now the country's security is assured. Warsaw defined its strategic task — to enter into the structure of the Western world.

Implementation of plans of integration of Poland into the world of Europe contributed to the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the country in September 1993. From now, all the statements of the Polish administration to cooperate with

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On the outcome of the International Air Show in Le Bourget, and what specifically and with whom negotiations on the strip «Rosoboronexport», told the deputy general director of the company Alexander Mikheyev Ended last weekend naikrupneyshim world Airshow in Le Bourget (Paris, France) has become in recent decades naikrupneyshim demonstration area of ​​combat and civilian aviation Russia. In the sky over Le Bourget and static sites appeared Fighter 4 + + generation Su-35s, combat trainer Yak-130, a civilian «Sukhoi Superjet 100» helicopters impact Ka-52 «Alligator» civilian Ka-62. In this performance of the Su-35, Yak-130, Ka-52 were zabugornom premieres. Any large


Happy Air Force! 100 years of Russian aviation

The history of aviation in Russia — it is a continuous feat, it continued for a hundred years, the heroic work of designers, engineers, and technicians. This summer work hard everyday drivers — both military and civilian, millions of passengers and millions of tons of cargo delivered around the world, is the protection and safety of our skies, our pride and endless respect for those who prepare and lifts into the sky hundreds of different types of aircraft ranging from single-engine the training and ending with the powerful wide-bodied airliners

It all began with a trip to the

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With the blame on others

UN condemns Damascus

General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution to place the blame for the development of the conflict in the country on the Syrian authorities


The document prepared by Qatar and Saudi Arabia supported the 107 UN member states. Representatives of the 59 delegations abstained. Twelve countries — notably Russia, Belarus, China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Syria itself — voted against the document. A similar resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly in August of last year — when

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Europe on the verge of repeating the disaster thirties

At last count, in the Member States of the European Union, almost 25 million unemployed, two million more than a year ago. We are talking about more than 10 percent of the labor force, and in some countries the situation is much worse. Topping the list is Spain, where 25 percent of the unemployed, followed by Greece (almost 23 percent). Particularly affecting the young. In Greece and Spain, more than half of working-age citizens under 25 are unemployed. Across the EU youth unemployment rate is 22 percent. And there is no indication that this trend will slow down to

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Information war against Putin — the war against the great Russia

Information and intellectual attack on Putin both domestically and abroad continues after his taking office. 29 May in the pages of Financial Times published on its monstrous bias, rudeness and falsehood article two fairly well-known figures in the West: Ian Bremmer, president of the group "Eurasia", and Nouriel Roubini, chairman of Roubini Global Economics Monitor. The essence of the article the newspaper "Vedomosti" sums up as follows: "Neither the political nor an economic point of view, Russia can not be considered as one of the leading countries, and its participation in the G8 and BRIC does not make sense.

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Echo Musqueam — Reserve not frightened liberoidov.

Today, dear lovers of wildlife, we'll visit a nature reserve protected by the state liberoidov and observe their behavior in their natural habitat. Careful not to scare liberoidov, do not talk, and light lanterns. The animals can not tolerate human speech and of God's light. Be patient, soon your eyes adjust to the darkness …

Minute, and you can already see these extraordinary creatures. Here they are, pressed their backs against the cold damp caves, arches homes. Whistling, which you hear — it's not the sound of wind, it is never — so talk to each other very clever individual

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