Putin’s comments are very important

Putin‘s comments are very important

The first quote is taken from the words spoken when visiting the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center:

"Rabbi just mentioned about the difficult fate of the cleric, who was arrested in 1927. Said that today’s event — it is really a momentous event in the life of the Jewish people. You know what I’m thinking. After all, the decision to nationalize the library was taken first by the Soviet government, and members of its approximately 80-85 percent were Jews. But they are guided by the false ideology and then walked to

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Multifunctional business center opened in Magas

In the capital of Ingushetia Magas opened multifunctional business center. According to Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, the opening of this facility was a great gift for all the inhabitants of the republic, celebrated the 21 th anniversary.

"There was a period when the process is inhibited, there was the belief that you can safely operate in the country. Joint efforts managed to stabilize the situation, and then to think about creating an environment for entrepreneurs. We have created an attractive legal framework, one of the first in the country, we have introduced the post of Ombudsman for business ",

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Second industrialization of Russia

Second industrialization of Russia.


In the Soviet Union in 1930 has been carried out at the best time in the world program of industrialization.

Guided by this program, the company made a huge leap in the scale of the country picked up from his knees to his feet.

In pre-revolutionary Russia the best minds of science have developed a framework for industrialization. During the collapse of the 1920s, the Soviet leadership sought the best tools for the country from the global crisis.

State leaders have decided to adopt

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In Dagestan, launched digital broadcasting

In Dagestan, the official start of digital terrestrial TV broadcasts

In total, the country program will run 176 digital television facilities, most of which are the objects of the new construction.

The test digital broadcasting standard DVB-T2 10 nationwide mandatory public TV channels included in the package RTRS-1, launched in 46 towns across the country (Makhachkala, Derbent, g.Buynaksk, Kizlyar, g.Hasavyurt, paragraph Kotchoubey, p.Dubki, p. Levashi, s.N.Kazanische, s.Kabir, s.Akusha, s.Gubden, s.Kumuh, s.Karabudahkent, Ch.Buruny, etc.). Total coverage of the population in the area of digital broadcasting transmitters from working is about 80%.

For 2013-2014, it

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In Russia registered a record decline in maternal mortality

At the last May 27 press conference, Minister of Health spoke about the successes of domestic medicine. In particular, on reducing maternal smertnosti.Po to the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova, for 2012 this statistic as maternal mortality rate in Russia has dropped significantly — by 18.5%. Maternal mortality is included in the eight Millennium Development Goals set themselves humanity. But that’s not the point. Until now, the world’s maternal mortality is still high, despite all the advances in medicine. For example, according to statistics from complications of pregnancy or childbirth every day 800 women

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Best Plowman Russian lives in the Kaliningrad region

Don finished second at the Russian Open championship on the skill of the mechanics of tillage. Participants in the competition of 18 agricultural regions of the country. 

"I’m happy that I won. But any victory requires work better and improve their skills. Plowman I work with children, the age of 10. My father was a Hero of Socialist Labor and twice champion of the Soviet Union for plowing and I am pleased that I did not just keep the dynasty, but just as he wins. I am proud and pleased that such championships

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Myths about Russia. The book, written by a Frenchman about us.

Stumbled on the Internet. Sorry, lots of letters, but very cool.

The full article is not climbed — look for the link en regret.

Who will not master — at the bottom of the points briefly painted.


Alexander Lutz Myths about Russia from Ivan the Terrible to Putin. We are the eyes of foreigners 

Russia through the eyes of a Frenchman

"Too often the truth about Russia said with hatred and lies — with love."

Andre Gide


26 myths

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With the blame on others

UN condemns Damascus

General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution to place the blame for the development of the conflict in the country on the Syrian authorities


The document prepared by Qatar and Saudi Arabia supported the 107 UN member states. Representatives of the 59 delegations abstained. Twelve countries — notably Russia, Belarus, China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Syria itself — voted against the document. A similar resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly in August of last year — when

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Dry to Laos

Introduction | Superjet.Wikidot

In March 2013 the Russian "Superjet" began working life in airlines outside the CIS. Naturally, this has caused great interest of the international aviation industry and the media, especially since the "Superjet" is the brainchild of the world-famous company "Sukhoi", which develops and makes unrivaled military aircraft, but in the civil aircraft industry is still a rookie. Member, however, was very diligent and persistent in achieving their goals, and the result was not long in coming — created by world-class aircraft, which begins to slowly but surely take its place in the global aviation

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