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Why spies like scientists

Stumbled on one interview, I wanted to share with you. In a sense, it is also suited to the site — these people have made.

Why spies like scientists


Scout-illegal Andrey Bezrukov, "If you behave like James Bond, you have enough for half a day."

Donald Heathfield owned a consulting company in the United States, was educated at Harvard and raised two children with his wife. He was quite successful American citizen. Hardly anyone of his friends and colleagues could have imagined that Donald Heathfield real name is Andrey Bezrukov and

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In Russia won misery!


The second year in a row there is no beggars, say experts from the Center for Strategic Research

"In Russia defeated poverty!" — Proclaimed experts of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR). This was accomplished by filling with oil money social budget items parry interviewed "KP" experts. Poverty as a result can not, and poverty remains, and to overcome it will be much more difficult.


Analysts CSR famous for their alarmist statements — that the

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Became rich — share with a beggar


In the sidelines of his visit to Cuba PremerMinstra of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev Cuba’s debt to Russia, exceeding $ 30 billion, will be partly written and partly — rescheduled for ten years. This was stated by Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Denis MANTUROV.

Russia, having one of the strongest economies in the world, can afford to spend write-off of previously accumulated debt of countries that are of interest to Russia’s economic and political aspects.

Over the past few years, Russia has already forgiven number of multi-billion dollar

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Russian language — as the air

Prepare the new history textbooks without double interpretations, written by a good Russian language, called the president at a meeting of the Council for Inter-Ethnic Relations.

A key theme of the meeting was the strengthening of the Russian language and history lessons in schools. "Our basic goal — to strengthen the harmony and concord in the multinational Russian society that people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, saw themselves as citizens of a single country," — said Vladimir Putin. In this — the key to successful development of the state, he said.

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Why Russia does not need to take an example from the West

Konstantin Melnik-Botkin, 84-year-old legend of the international intelligence coordinator of the intelligence services of France at the time of de Gaulle, in an interview "Voice of Russia, "said that in his career he was very disturbed Russian mentality, and that is why Russia should not follow the example of the West

32 years old, during the reign of Charles de Golyaya, Miller led the structure in charge of all intelligence agencies of France, including exploration. Miller also has a key role in ending the Algerian War and the beginning of the

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Is it all right there, where we do not?

Recently, scientists have made a discovery that is associated with the psychology of immigrants. It turns out that if the representative of a country with a steadily growing economy goes into exile, his life consists not as good as the life of the native of a small and poor country. Journalists portal PITER-PITER.RU decided to look into this in more detail.

He begins to suffer from an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with life and other serious psychological problems. At the moment, research is ongoing: Now scientists hope to prove that the level

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Five myths about Russia

It seems to have been published on sdelanounas. It will be interesting.

Author — Oleg Makarenko (Fritz Moiseevich Morgen). February 5, 2013.


5 myths about Russia.


The myth of Russia as the unhappy underdeveloped country — a product for import into Russia itself and in the CIS countries. As for myself, especially Americans prefer not lie: so observers of the same Forbes provide readers even condescending, naive, but very close to the real facts reviews of our country.

Here, for example, my translation of articles

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How to kill the presidential candidates

CIA jackals do not change the style of the "business", even after the exposure of their practices. You know that I had a lot to write about Paraguay, due to the fact that my great-great-grandfather was a national hero in this country. So, of course, with close attention I watch the news from the heart of Latin America.

How to kill the presidential candidates

Remembering Travel to Paraguay, I can not forget the difference between Russian and American embassies. They say that they display the influence of the sending state.


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In the team sprint, the Russian ski team won the gold and silver

February 3 Complex for competition in cross country skiing and biathlon "Laura" in Sochi concluded World Cup ski races.

"Pre-Olympic" Week in ski racing was the first international competition of a similar rank at the facility, which will host the 2014 Olympic tournaments in cross country skiing and biathlon. On the last day of the competition, there were two team sprint classic style for women and men. In the women’s team sprint the top step of the podium took the Mona Lisa and Anna Malvalehto Kyllonen of Finland. Russian woman Yulia Ivanova and Natalia Matveeva got "silver",

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Commander Sweden suspected of disclosing state secrets

Sweden scandal erupted because of the statement of Supreme Commander Sverker Yoransona country that in the event of a Russian attack on this country and Sweden did not hold out a week. The prosecutor’s office decided to punish the commander for the disclosure of information of national importance. This writes Postimees.

"We have never been armed so hard to resist the Soviet Union itself, or Russia. We are in any case going to need help from the outside — NATO or the United States. But our politicians do not allow the militarization of society, so that we

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