Skiing and biathlon complex in Sochi for the first time the competition takes (photos)

In Krasnaya Polyana on the ridge Psekhako was the official start of the first competition in the ski and biathlon complex of OAO "Gazprom" ("Laura") — the Cup of Russia 2012 Biathlon. The new Olympic facility is located at elevation 1450-1600 meters and is designed for 9,600 spectators. The complex is one of the largest in the world and meets the highest international standards

The right to test the Olympic facility received 120 Russian athletes.

The track in Sochi — a complex, it is noted by all the experts: lots of slopes, turns, elevation changes of up to

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Marsh success

Marsh success February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012 public organization Russian Citizens Union held the third picketing within the "March of the success." We once again took to the streets to tell the citizens of Russia about the achievements of our country, who are silenced by domestic media.

Russia — the country, not only the potential but also the very real achievements — this is the main message of our campaign.


"We need to recognize that, from the point of view of the weather, to defend the claimed time was not easy. But the proposal to end

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New channel on New Rocsii

It is often said that Russia is losing the information war. And this is indeed the place to be. But only if your country of must participate in these battles? And we? After all, Russia is first of all the people, and only then state structures. Each of the citizen, every business and enterprise, even criticizing, can and should support Russia, creating more newsworthy proud of it.

Russian Travel Guide TV — the international thematic channel dedicated to travel across Russia, its cultural and geographical diversity.

TV channel consists of exclusive self-produced films about the

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The bridge over the abyss.

A reflection film on the key stages of the recent history of Russia. Helmsmen, who led the country in the days of destiny.

After 1917, at the helm of power in Russia stood at a different time, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev. Together they ruled the country less than one hundred years. Historically, the term miserable, but hardly any other country in the world during that period has survived so many internal and external wars, reform turns in the development and setbacks of the past. Russia — a country

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Gorky Automobile Plant was 80 years old

In January 2012, the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Gorky Automobile Plant — the largest enterprises of the Russian automotive industry occupying a leading position in the domestic market of commercial vehicles. The car factory was built in 18 months, came into operation January 1, 1932, and on January 29 with the first truck rolled off the line — "lorry" GAZ-AA. Gorky Automobile — a traditional supplier of best-in-class light commercial vehicles and medium trucks for the various sectors of the economy, components for automotive.

In 2012, the Gorky Automobile said the 80-year anniversary: January

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How to create a Russian liberals Russophobe myths

Do you remember the growing chorus of voices in the Western media, the singing of the "rising tide" of emigration from Putin’s Russia? About 1.25 million of those liberal professionals who over the past few years, fled the neo-Soviet underworld? It turns out that all these stories are not only a complete fabrication (in my previous article, I showed that the real statistics, in contrast to the rumors and speculation, indicating a decline in immigration to the lowest level) — this is fiction, originating in the Russian liberal media . Words government official whose department has nothing to emigrate, were

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Russia: Answers to questions information war

The country spends 10 years of oil profits is not known at that! To Delhi people’s money from oil?

— There are no excess profits. We do not Qatar and Saudi sheiks. The average selling price of our oil abroad for two thousandth year is about $ 45 per barrel. It’s just normal, and not wild price. During 2008y year (most profitable), the country sold the oil abroad at $ 160 billion. Source:…t.asp?file=crude_oil.htm.

We are the most obese in the year of oil sold for about $ 1,150 for every citizen of Russia. FOR THE YEAR!

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The Russian army will not stand idly by attack on Iran

Exercises "Caucasus-2012" will take place in view of the aggravated situation in the Persian Gulf

What will Russia do if the U.S. and Israel attack Iran? Stand aside? Apparently not. At least try to defend its frontiers and boundaries of the neighboring post-Soviet countries. As the "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the General Staff is developing a plan large-scale exercises based on the likelihood of such an attack. Maneuvers under the name "Caucasus" will this time not of tactical and strategic. The teachings will be the main event in the Armed Forces this year.

Teachings look quite timely background

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In Vladikavkaz, Russia opened its first bioethanol plant

Vladikavkaz has opened the country‘s only bioethanol plant, where a day will produce 200 tons of clean fuel produced from natural raw materials. As the project has already invested nearly one billion rubles, while the number of jobs created exceeded 300.

In December last year, production was completely without waste. Corn is grown in North Ossetia in large quantities and serving raw material for bioethanol, is now undergoing intensive processing, resulting in the company began to receive glucose, gluten and other factions demanded the "queen of the fields."

— Those products that were adverse to

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Most Russians do not give or take bribes

Russianswhole (82%) have never given bribes, although one in five (18%) faced with a request for an informal payment for services by state officials. These are the results of the April survey of the Fund "Public opinion".

According to the study, conducted in 43 regions of Russia, in the last three years increased the proportion of those who do not face bribery — 79% vs. 60% in 2008. Also the number of those who gave a bribe — from 29% to 15%.

Thus 84% of respondents complain about the high level of corruption in the country and, from

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