Letter to the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Anatolyevich!

I do not blame me, I can not force yourself to anticipate your first name and patronymic laid "pochetaemy" — well, does not leave. There is a country — Libya. At one time you had even met with her manager — Muammar Gaddafi. He — the left in the photo. Then it was pochetaemy you people, in fact, what he always deserved. If only because in his country even though it was not all right — but the grandmother did not die of shame in hypermarkets, fects due to the zealous protection of stealing five-ruble cheese.

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Russia plays vdolguyu

Read vZhZh fritzmorgen:

The best way to slow down the development of the country — to organize a classic, full-fledged democracy. That power is not controlled by one indisputable leader of the nation, and two or more nearly equal in strength of the enemy. That there was a real, democratic bickering.

Then the country will have virtually no long-running, decadal projects every once populist will only think about how to stay longer at the top. And without the long-running projects in the world today is nothing to catch. Our planet belongs prudent and patient.

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The consequences of the heat in South Korea

The consequences of the heat in South Korea Weather and Climate

The prolonged heat wave in South Korea reflected both humans and animals. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, from the end of July 2012 on the farms of the country from abnormally high temperatures in some places exceeding +33 ° C, killed 786,512 chickens, 40,780 ducks and 3,000 quails and 336 pigs.

Heat proved fatal for the seven people in the country, mostly elderly Koreans who worked in the fields or in greenhouses in the July heat. The Ministry of Health reports that dozens of people feel

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Russia and the EU’s backyard unlucky: Myths fans evroshlyaha

"We may be the poorest country in the European Union, the years of Soviet occupation, let know, but Bulgaria Aziopy richer countries, which include Russia."

"In Ukraine, the higher the standard of living, and the average life expectancy for men 62 years old, in contrast to Russia — 59 years."

"Most of Russia (except for Moscow and St. Petersburg) does not live better than Ukraine."

"As for the standard of living: he's a generally higher than in Russia, do not just compare with Moscow."  

Their name is legion. 'll

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We fly on a broomstick




In the years of the liberal skepticism belief in evil spirits, we have kept a few. Today noticeable improvements

Another fifteen or twenty years ago the inhabitants of the infernal worlds were officially outlawed by hiding underground corners of the collective unconscious. Even the professionals had to

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Russia and Venezuela, from gold and oil to tanks and orchids

In what areas of cooperation with Venezuela, Russia, and what are the results to date and the prospects of this cooperation?

Skyscrapers in Caracas



Weapons on credit

The active development of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Venezuela began in 2005 with the purchase of 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles. In 2006, the U.S. imposed an embargo on arms sales to Venezuela, and Russian weapons acquired for this Latin American country is even more important. C since the scope of purchases all increased, and today, according to the

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Europe — a day without temperature record

Europe — a day without temperature records Weather and Climate

Even the most northern European mills this summer ready boasting the real temperature record and surprisingly long absence of serious precipitation. Thus, in eastern Finland the thermometer rose to an incredible +30 ° C and above. The country is constantly raging summer thunderstorms with wind speeds of 15-25 m / s in some places have left villages without electricity. In North Karelia, a few days as there were about 30 degrees. In the coming days, however, this wave of hot weather in the region will stop, as the western part

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A strong storm hit Scotland

A strong storm hit Scotland Natural Disasters

The storm that hit Scotland December 8, 2011, is considered the worst in 15 years. Wind gusts reached 265 kilometers per hour. Across the country were reported shortages of electricity, and in some parts of the house were badly damaged. On the same day, the authorities warned that some of the country's population remains without power until the weekend, as engineers need to connect more than 70 million homes. Schools and businesses were temporarily closed.

December 9, almost all electrical problems have been solved. Although the majority of schools, businesses, and service offices

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Terrible floods in North Korea

Terrible floods in North Korea, Natural Disasters

As the central news agency of North Korea, after more than a week in the country were heavy rains and thunderstorms, almost the entire territory of the state in varying degrees, was flooded. Particularly difficult conditions created storm in the western province of South Pengan.

Water flows destroyed more than 5,000 homes and podtopili about 12,000 dwellings. Almost 62,000 people in one week homeless. More than 25,000 hectares of crops were under an impressive layer of rainwater, 4800 hectares completely destroyed, which means a further deterioration of the food situation in

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The sad results of 20 years of independence

If the power of the "orange" lasted until August 24, 2011, it is clear that this day would be celebrated in Ukraine on a grand scale at the highest level. After all — 20 years of "independence." The official part of prazdnichka not without everyday greetings on behalf of the favorites of other countries, the main of which, of course was from the president of the United States. Barack Obama said the subsequent: "Twenty years ago people of Ukraine gained back the lost independence and freedom that they so long aspired. All Americans, namely, those who came to this

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