Russia — one of the most innovative countries in the world

According to recent studies, the U.S. was considered the most innovative country in the world in the appropriate rating. For the countries in which companies such as Apple and Microsoft, it's okay. But Russia was higher than the other neighbors in the BRICS, finishing in 14th place, ahead of countries such as Britain, Canada, Italy.

Rating agency made up of innovativeBloomberg. Experts have studied more than 200 countries and autonomous regions. Their number was reduced to 96, was eventually made the top 50.

The criteria have been allocated seven

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Prospects for Turkish economic miracle

Understanding people say that coffee shops in Istanbul, where the recent announcements made open a discussion reigns completely optimistic mood. "Turkey does not need Europe," — that's the main theme of tea and coffee conversations.

In the global media are increasingly appears the term "Turkish economic miracle." These are not empty words: history of success in Turkey — one of the more noticeable of success stories of the last decade. Economic configuration in Turkey is very significant. In 2001, the economy of this country was on the verge of collapse: inflation have gained 80 percent a year, while the Turkish

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Prospects of Russian-Turkish relations

2010 and 2011 have been completed year marked a real splash of geopolitical activity Ankara. Virtually every major fronts that are associated with the Middle East, Turkey played perceptible, and in some kinds of cases, and leadership. It was noticeable presence in other strategic areas — the Caucasus, Europe, the Mediterranean region.

Ankara has made quite a resounding request of Turkey as a real contender for the position of 1st of the poles in the future multipolar world. And judging by the statements and actions of the Turkish political control in their plans to form a world society in the

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Prospects for the division of Ukraine

At times I hear, especially from those who claim the title of Ukrainian intellectuals that "East is hopelessly stuck in the scoop," and because Western Ukraine needs to "civilized divorce" with him.

Personally, I have always, on the contrary, I try to bring people to the largest, as it brings the advent of the Planetary Population land without borders and wars. But let us leave aside these principles and my personal troubles, but will turn to an obvious logic (which is so good that its hard to dispute.)At first, make out the formal prerequisites that are at the basis

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Flooding in central Nigeria

Flooding in central Nigeria Natural Disasters

In Nigeria, the beginning of the next rainy season, which brought the first flood, leading out of the country's infrastructure operating and bringing down buildings. After the first wave of showers reported 35 dead in the central city of Jos, and in the economic capital Lagos.

Flooding occurred in Jos after dam Lamingo. Washed away or damaged about 200 houses. The victims were so many people because the levees break occurred in the evening after a three-hour rain when most residents returned from work and was at home, getting ready for bed.

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Important water discovery in Nomibii

Important water discovery in Nomibii Facts

In northern Namibia discovered a new underground reservoir of fresh water. Discovery is extremely important for this arid African country because the situation with the supply and quality of water in her perhaps the most lamentable throughout the continent south of the Sahara.

The experts recognized the area borders of Angola and Namibia the safest tank for local residents from all available nearby, despite the fact that he turned out to be 10,000 years old. Namibia by the aquifer is about 70 km long and 40 km wide. It has been estimated

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Countries with the temperature record is becoming more

Countries with the temperature record is becoming more Weather and Climate

For European countries, where every day you install new temperature records, now joined by Bulgaria. Unbearable heat generated 20 record high temperatures for the day. The last time this happened in the country in July 2007.

All was hotter in Vratsa in the north-west of the country, where the thermometer climbed to +40,2 ° C. In the center of Bulgaria's temperature was at 39.9 degrees. Next in the settlements on the north-east, west and north-west of the thermometer can also be seen more value +39 ° C.

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Russian agricultural producers exempted from taxes for an indefinite time

20 September 2012 10:32 The right to non-payment of Russian agricultural producers exempted from taxes for an indefinite time. Text: Roman Lialin State Duma adopted in the third reading of a law introducing a zero tax rate on income of agricultural producers. Preferential conditions acted before, but they are provided only to 31 December 2012. The approved document implies the extension of the initiative for an unlimited time. The authors of the amendments are convinced that this idea is designed to support the agricultural industry against the background of the country's accession to the WTO. As explained by the authors

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The prospect of a hard-Russian confrontation in Armenia (Zhamanak, Armenia)

Candidate for the new U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, in fact, approved, and we can say that John Heffern replaces Marie Jovanovich. The candidacy of Ambassador Commission unanimously approved the external relations of the United States Senate. So Makar, United States swiftly resolved the issue of its own ambassador in Armenia, thus, decided at a sufficiently curious approach.

The fact that John Heffern will arrive in Armenia, so to speak, straight from Brussels. Of course, not literally. Just John Heffern to Yerevan transferred from the post of manager of the American mission of NATO. This event provides that the

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During the NEP and our days are

Looking through the pages of history of the Russian Federation from 1991 to modern times and our Russian of in the 1920s, namely the so-called period The latest Economic Policy (NEP), we can note a lot of similarities. NEP period preceded the First World War, which was attended by the major powers of the world, after the Revolution, the destruction of the Russian Empire and civilians war. Period in the history of modern Russian Federation, preceded by a period of "cold war", some authors refer to it as the Third World War, and this is acceptable, the effects of "cool

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