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Flood risk for England to quadruple

Flood risk for England to quadruple Facts

By 2035, the risk of flooding in England will be meeting throughout the country, will increase four-fold. This is the conclusion a special state commission to analyze the data on the amount of precipitation, especially in view of the situation in June 2012.

Preventive measures to strengthen buildings, better planning of new housing and training of the population should be conducted immediately, according to representatives of the authorities and meteospetsialisty. Provision is also special subsidies from the state budget for the costs associated with the planned protective measures, so you do

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The Su-35 was a mystery for many years, under this index published photos of various modifications of the Su-27, writes March 27.   Now this aircraft ordered the Russian Air Force Su-35 is also positioned as a fighter that will change in the near decade most of the Su-30MK export market. Will he have success?   In 2005-2007, this fighter was presented as two different versions of the Su-27. First is the modified version of the midst of the current cycle drill Su-35, the second — even more advanced version with front canards (used as an index of

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Macedonia has covered a heat wave

Macedonia has covered a heat wave weather and climate

Officials from Macedonia were forced to raise the risk of code to "yellow" in connection with established abnormally hot weather. Temperature throughout the Balkan country exceed +40 ° C. Decision to increase the risk of the code was supported by numerous complaints of people to ill health.

In the center of Skopje +43,5 ° C.

Attempts to escape the heat in the river near the village of cod to the west of the capital of Macedonia.

Macedonian Ministry of Health has warned people in the

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The turning point for Syria

Syria — country, conflict in what will soon become a prerequisite for large-scale information war and constant discussions. Not surprisingly, that the condition of the continuing flow of heresy against the Syrian government by the Western media is very hard to realize that in fact still going on in the old country, which has recently time has become one of the most prosperous states Near East. But, despite all the efforts to conceal a turning point in the Syrian conflict failed.

It's no secret that everything that happens in Syria more resembles a protracted counter-terrorist operation on a national

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Summer in Britain canceled

Summer in Britain canceled Weather and Climate

Such a rainy summer almost no memory of who is resident in the UK. June is already recognized as the wettest in the history of the country. Many weekends and holidays was "stained" or even abolished the protracted rains. Serious threat hung over by the Olympic Games, because the rains could last until September. So the British spring in 2012 will flow smoothly in the fall.

Over the weekend in the country was recorded 51 flood warnings and 155 zones of increased anxiety. Danger code remains the highest in Wales, Yorkshire

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The redistribution of the global arms market and large contracts

It's no secret that the volume of international arms market and military technology grows every year. By Remark employees of the Stockholm Institute study problems of the world (SIPRI), part of this growth is due to the fall of dollar — currency unit in which all assessments are carried out. Yet, the economic situation allows, and military and political actions in the world are forced some countries to pay more attention to the dilemmas of defense. In the light of the recent municipal upheaval in the Middle East market guns may slightly change.

First, it is necessary to note

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Joint Chiefs of Staff Self-Defense Force F-CALLED JAPAN 35 «best fighters»

Fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 is the best choice for future operational needs of the country of the rising sun, said Chief of Joint Staff of Self-Defense Forces Land of the Rising Sun Shigeru Iwasaki (Shigeru Iwasaki). This expression is made against the background of a possible revision by some countries, plans to purchase the F-35.   He also said that the nuclear and missile tests North Korea pose severe danger to the land of the rising sun and the country’s missile defense system should provide the necessary protection.   «When I was commander of the Air Force, I was

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Fire and heat invasion in Bulgaria

Fire and heat invasion in Bulgaria Natural Disasters

Is almost a week fighting the fire brigade of Bulgaria's largest forest fire in the country's history that erupted near the city of Sofia. The fire covered 25 hectares in a remote part of the biosphere reserve Bistrishko-Branishte on the slope of Mount Vitosha, and continues to move in the direction of the capital.

Fire on the slopes of the Vitosha mountain near the capital's suburbs Bystrica. Height at 2000 meters above sea level, where the burning of the forest, only complicates the process of extinction. This is why involved

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The Russian car market took seventh place in the world

According to the results of last year the Russian car came in seventh place in the world. In our country, sold 3.6% of the total number of new cars sold worldwide.

According to the analytical agency "Autostat", sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the country in the amount of 2.81 million copies last year. This has provided Russian seventh place in the global rankings. Recall that in the world last year were sold 78 million vehicles.

Global automotive industry leader in the number of cars sold is China. Last year in this

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First photo VT-1A aircraft Bangladesh

The forum Bangladesh Armed Forces appeared the first photos of Chinese tanks VT-1A, acquired this state.

China is gaining momentum in the export tanks over the limit, often forcing harsh suppliers such as our homeland (VT-1A rival in Morocco were tanks T-90S). Tank VT-1A a number of characteristics is not inferior to the best zabugornom tanks and many exceed the T-90S (the presence of the commander panoramic sight, modern logistics with the engine 6TD-2, a modular scheme of booking).

The first time the tanks with such engines (6TD-1I, a designation received slider for Pakistan) were delivered to Pakistan as part

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