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Summer has not come to Stockholm

Summer has not come to Stockholm Weather and Climate

This year, in the capital of Sweden has the lowest rate in the last '84 temperatures in the early summer. Maximum values thermometer around Stockholm in the first weekend of June were not above six degrees. In addition, cold weather brought squally wind and rain, which is anything but friendly summer forecast. The last time this summer to visit Sweden in 1928.

In Stockholm the fountain. Meteorologists compare the current weather, the weather for Christmas, and they say that at the end of December 2011 in Stockholm was in

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The top ten countries with the largest carbon footprint

The top ten countries with the highest carbon footprint Facts

1. Qatar

Qatar leads in the number of carbon emissions in the world and three times more than the U.S.. If all the people on Earth lived like the average katarets, the world took up to five times more resources than are available now (even if you do not take into account the consumption of oil.) In general, each year, the consumption of natural resources by mankind than their ability to resume at 50%. The main part of the carbon footprint of Qatar is using energy, which, like

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In Indonesian on. Java landslide

March 26, 2013. List of Indonesian landslide season in 2013 added a new episode. At this time the rains triggered a collapse and slide into the reservoir of soil in the village Chililin, located near the town of West Bandung in Indonesia's West Java province.

Landslide caused the death of eight man, Five of the dead were children. In the disaster area were organized rescue and search activities as well as the location of 11 man not yet known. Rescuers do not exclude that lost a lot more man. In their search for the help of approximately 100 volunteers.

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Flooding in Nicaragua

Flooding in Nicaragua Natural Disasters

Because of the heavy rains that came from the North Pacific Ocean, in the Central American country of Nicaragua flooding occurred. In nine of the 153 municipalities in the country, including two autonomous regions in the Caribbean, damaged 800 houses, the total number of victims exceeds 4400 people. All at risk, consisting of 1,475 potential hot-spots are at least 709,000 residents. Evacuated to 12 shelters prepared exposed 1,400 people. Reported flooding of local roads.

According to some data, from the weather killed eight people. Six casualties of the northern province of Matagalpa were

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Russian Internet companies opposed to foreign Internet giants

Russia remains one of the few European online market, which does not fall before the onset of the global U.S. technology giants. Local heroes, such as Russia's largest web portal and Yandex country's leading search engine, launched its shares on the market to free trade, and in the last 12 months they went breathtaking prices, keeping lines of defense against Google, Yahoo and Facebook. And now, from behind them rushing to the aid of reserves in the form of a new wave of Russian e-commerce companies, which are developing rapidly.

Last week, Russia's answer to Amazon online

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Paradoxes of Georgia or reddish card Misha Saakashvili, the Georgian people

Like it or not, Georgia — this is an unusual post-Soviet government from the standpoint of the mandatory perturbations. Not a single Georgian president in the history of independent Georgia to retire after the expiration of options.

If you take the first Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia, his official imperative features ended in January 1992 after the country against him was raised a rebellion, headed by Tengiz Kitovani. Gamsakhurdia after overthrow was obliged to flee the country and in the process of its own zabugornogo "tour" is the chapter in Georgia so the government called the other (first on the

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In Georgia, the frozen river Kura. Video


6.02.12.Svidetelyami rare natural phenomenon are today residents of the Georgian town of Mtskheta. First time in 30 years, the longest river froze country Cura. Ice thickness in some places up to five centimeters.

Contributed to severe frosts, which have been established throughout Georgia. Bad weather in the country is held in late January. Warming, while residents of the country should not wait. Low temperatures and snowfall will continue until the end of the week.

Source: Channel PIC

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The consequences of prolonged rainfall in Serbia

The consequences of prolonged rains in Serbia Natural Disasters

The flood in western Serbia, about 200 residents of Osechina were forced to leave their homes. Emergency evacuation undergone elderly citizen. The water comes from and subsequent landslides completely paralyzed road traffic in the region of Valjevo. Raised the water of the river Yadar also become an obstacle in the road. 1500-2000 hectares of farmland flooded in after the flood Kotselevo Tamnava. Prior to residential areas water is not reached.

Livni, lasting for several days across the country, can trigger several river overflows and floods in the east of

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In China, the emphasis will be placed on an artificial rainmaking

In China, the emphasis will be placed on an artificial rainmaking Facts

According to a famous Chinese meteorologist Guoguanga Zhen, head of the Chinese Meteorological Service in the coming years the country will vigorously develop and use the technology of artificial rainmaking to obtain the maximum possible amount of precipitation.

At this stage in the application of the technology of artificial rainfall China lags by 15-45% of the leading countries. "Most of the country's natural and agricultural disasters due to the drought, which is especially reflected in the cultivation of tobacco and cereals. At a

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Spain snowed

March 1, 2013. The weather in Spain recalled on Thursday with a summary of the battlefields. Within 10 minutes of the first Spanish television channel showed the snow piled city streets flooded by water flows, bending under the blows of wind gusts and trees shivering passers-by.

The three-day storm caused traffic congestion, resulting in numerous accidents. In schools canceled classes. Rural areas because of interruptions in the supply of lack of essential goods. In some regions in the central part of the country snow depth reached 50 inches, which happens in Spain extremely rare.

Particularly unexpected were heavy

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