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Pakistans missile threat

First month of June and Pakistan held a regular teaching and test-fired a guided missile Hatf VII Babur. In this case the launch was far not the first this year. Pakistan in the last 10-15 years has become its own missile systems to attach special significance. Go with this Pakistani engineers have gained some success in the field of rocketry and their creations can deliver fully problems of any country in the region.

The above-mentioned missile "Hatf-7" or "Babur" was traditionally named after a famous historical figure. Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur remained in history as the conqueror of India and founder

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Italian beaches are covered with snow

In the south Italy fell snow. © AP

February 8, 2013. In the power of the cold and rainy cyclone was again the peninsula. Brunt of the disaster at that time was in the southern region of the country, according to ITAR-TASS.

Snow covered, in particular, on the beaches Lipaskih Islands, off the south-east of Sicily, as well as the top of the volcano Mount Vesuvius near Naples. Soon snow will hit central areas of the country.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, adverse weather conditions — rain, wind and cold — will be observed throughout the Italy

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Smoking and statistics: a beginner needs to know that a smoker

Smoking and statistics: What should a newcomer know smoker

Most people know that smoking — A bad habit that can cause a lot of health problems. It is important that Cubs-smokers knew what they would face.

Statistics — a thing quite hard to understand, but it was on the statistical data collected and analyzed by the World Health Organization, you can see what harm does smoking both to the smoker and the people around them.

Usually abuse of various psychoactive substances, including alcohol, drugs and tobacco, is credited with wealthy people. But at present, is bucking the

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Britain is no longer full-fledged military partner of the U.S. — Robert Gates

Reduction of the military budget and armed forces of England mean that the country will not be a full partner of the U.S. military, said the former Pentagon chief Robert Gates (Robert Gates), reports January 16. Prime Minister David Cameron (David Cameron) said that Gates is «wrong» and that Britain remains «a first-class player on the world stage.» Gates said that the absence in the royal Navy aircraft carriers sharply downgraded their military value. «We always hoped that on the other side of the Atlantic, British troops there, which could make combat operations in full scale. But with

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Pakistan has become the fifth largest nuclear power

Pakistan is one of the most unstable countries on the planet, the most real "powder keg."

He just filled neuvvyazkami, any of which may lead to a terrible explosion — overcrowding, lack of agricultural land, unsullied aqua sources, unemployment, border conflict with India, the movement "Taliban" is in control of the country, adjacent to Afghanistan, the war rages, grow and extremist anti-Western sentiments (though Washington ally of the government of Islamabad).

And this country is rapidly increasing nuclear capability, becoming the fifth nuclear power, the number of nuclear warheads.

The nuclear arms race

Pakistan fast, almost a couple of years

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There were the first victims of Russian frosts

There were the first victims of Russian cold weather and climate

Due to the severe frosts and snow storms forecasters say that Russia is experiencing the most severe winter in 70 years. Despite the fact that until the middle of winter is still far, the temperature in Siberia sometimes shows -50 ° C, which is too much even for this part of the country. Of such an anomalous cold in the country already killed 21 people, another 147 were hospitalized with a diagnosis of frostbite.

Last winter temperatures to 10-15 ° C below normal were observed in Russia

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Nigeria begins to combat desertification

Nigeria begins desertification Facts

The Nigerian government has decided to formally participate in the environmental program "The Great Green Wall» (GGW), to combat the expansion of deserts and droughts in the northern part of the West African country. Number of measures to strengthen the ecological balance in the most populous country in Africa will be implemented in 11 states of Nigeria, with the advancing sands bordering the Sahara.

In general, the Nigerian land opustynivayutsya and erode due mindless cutting and without the small forest and the absence of any measures to restore the balance of ecosystems. To prevent

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In September, Afghans will begin issuing e-passports


6.08.12.Kak Spokesman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan, in September 2012 it is planned to start issuing electronic passports to Afghans.

At the press conference, he assured reporters that the issue of passports will be engaged in more than 400 special teams across the country, reports news agency "Bakhtar."

Recall that the Afghan government plans to give the Afghans elektronyne passports in the past two years. At this point in the IRA are paper passport.

Source: Afganistan.Ru


An interesting trend emerges, in whatever ways were not the country together, as it were, not conflict or limit

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Locusts are starved Madagascar

March 29, 2013. On Madagascar Locust swarms hit, hitting nearly half of the territory of the island nation. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the future landing major forage crops, which could lead to mass starvation in the country.

Under the threat of hunger is up to 60% of the population. For locust urgent need for $ 22 million, according to FAO experts. According to them, this large-scale invasion of locusts Madagascar not seen since the 50s of the last century. The last locust plague occurred in the 50th and lasted 17 years. If nothing is done, the

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Landslide in Ireland


Photo from:

23.10.11. The road between Killarney and Dingle in Kerry was blocked by a landslide. Workers continue to clear away dirt and rocks road, which was blocked by a landslide.

Heavy rain hit the south-west and west of the country. More heavy rain is expected across the country over the weekend and most of next week. The result could be flooding.

Source: Yet something is happening!

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