The isolation of the Russian education needs of the country

Vkladyvatelny climate of the Russian Federation in the near future improved slightly. Unfortunately, we can not talk about the harsh shifting of which would have led to the implementation of a real breakthrough projects, but, nevertheless, the WHO moved forward. If even 12-15 years ago vkladyvatelny background in Russian Federation was represented very bad, but now there are positive developments. But for the development of vkladyvatelnoy attractiveness of our country there are significant obstacles to overcome.

One of these problems: the gap in education. Now in Russia the majority of students who have received secondary (full) general education are

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The birth rate in Russia has grown by almost 30%

25 years, the country experienced severe demographic pressures. Last baby-boom, there was in the Soviet times as much in the late 80s. Quarter of a century has passed, and the birth rate began to increase just now, and, with a rate that nobody had expected. 

"Since the introduction of the" maternity capital "birth rate in Russia has grown by almost 30%. Such data on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" has led the Minister of Labour and Social Development Maxim Topilin. According to him, experts still argue, is directly linked to the two events. But all

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MLRS RM-70 demonstrated «100% accuracy»

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Rogozin struck PNTZ plant

During a two-day visit to the Sverdlovsk region Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, including visits PNTZ plant.

— Here in Pervouralsk, — said Dmitry Rogozin, — I was pleasantly surprised highest production standards, reverent attitude to the working man and the education of these professionals. Without a doubt, your experience should be replicated across the country. And we will do it.

Pride of the enterprise — -mill "Iron Ozone 32". All over the world there are only about two dozen of these complexes. Its production capacity — about 900,000 tons of continuously cast round billets, which are available on

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Weather is crazy


4.08.11.V last weeks weather in Lithuania to mind frightening predictions of scientists on global warming and the horrors that followed him.

Worldwide weather forecasters fix anomalies. On the Canadian border in an American town temperatures broke all records by jumping under 50 degrees.

In Russia, which has never happened before tornado, a hurricane blew Blagoveshchensk, still raging forest fires. In Lithuania, the tornado brought down trees and power lines, and sometimes hail the size of a quail's egg.

Storm force spared

Last week, many Lithuanians were frozen in a daze and found the strength, only to turn on

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Open letter to citizens of their own country of the future president of the Russian Federation!

Good morning! I do not know who you are.

But I hope and believe that you, like me, a citizen of Russia, who loves her sincerely and devotedly. I hope and believe that our homeland will not empty words. I hope and believe that you, like me, are investing in their own child (own children) love for their own country, their own land, to own municipal Russian language and the history of their own country. I hope and believe that you, like me, want to prosperity their countries — the Russian Federation; want our kids live a long and happy

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RIA Novosti image-page launched on Facebook in Russia

RIA Novosti media holding launches on October 11 Russian and English image-page devoted to Russia, in the social network Facebook.

"On a country that is proud of, and the need to tell a lot by all possible means," — said the chief editor of RIA Novosti Svetlana Myronyuk. In her opinion, "the branding page on Facebook in Russia will be in demand, as there will be collected the most significant events in our country, or relating it directly."

The project aims to create a favorable image of Russia through operational information messages about important events in the country

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The drought has destroyed crops in Romania


23.08.12.Anomalnaya heat, come to Romania, was the cause of the worst drought in a country that has destroyed about 40% of the crop, according to the Ministry of Rural Development.

The greatest damage was caused by grain, one-third of the fall planted wheat in 2011 suffered from a lack of water, as well as the spring crop. A total of 81% of the country destroyed crops, while the sunflower crop was reduced by 45%.

Most eradication is managed private farms and used for private use. A total of 1.2 hectares have been destroyed, which belong to 500 thousand inhabitants

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Unusual weather in the world. Video


21.07.12.Anomalnaya weather seen around the world. Peru at the same time attacking the frost and drought. Due to the unusual cold weather government declared a state of emergency in most parts of the country.

Elsewhere in Peru, the temperature remains below freezing. In some regions it reached minus 20 degrees. The whole country is covered with ice and snow. Particularly hard frost in the largest mountain lake Titicaca.

The villages do not have enough food and money for heating. Authorities handed out blankets to the population so that people could somehow warm. Since many Peruvians cooling was

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Does Don bee threatens marine


Photo from:

15.07.11.Po bee plague sweeping the planet. It all started in the U.S., and now spread to the Europeans — Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Great Britain.

Beekeepers Russia in recent years, too, there was massive mortality of bees.

— This spring, so gorgeous blooming acacia, hoping for good results, and the bees behaved strangely after sitting a bit, then, for no apparent reason flipped on his back and died, is divided sore familiar beekeeper.

The regional management of public employment services have concluded that among the ten start-ups that have received subsidies for their own businesses

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