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Drought in Korea completely devastated 285 reservoirs


23.06.12.Zasuha that came down to the Republic of Korea, has led to the fact that across the country almost completely dried up 285 reservoirs. Hardest-hit province of Gyeonggi, Chungcheong-do and Jeollanam-do, according to Korean media.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Food Industry of Kazakhstan, in these provinces, the drought has spread to the area of 3600 hectares.

As a result of the prolonged drought in the south of the Korean Peninsula, the water level in the reservoirs dropped to 46 percent of normal, while the normal rate at around 55 percent. In 1621 the country's

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In southern Kyrgyzstan rural flooded 45 homes


7.06.11.V Osh region of Kyrgyzstan mudslides inundated 45 houses. On REGNUM correspondent reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the country today, June 7. According to the Kyrgyz rescuers due to heavy rains in the village Yntymak mudslides inundated 35 houses in the village agricultural Kulmatov podtopil 15 residential buildings, but did not destroy them. In addition, there is evidence that the debris flow damaged part of farm canal, causing several villages were left without water for irrigation.

Currently, Emergency Situations Ministry eliminate consequences landslide, also determined by the amount of damage.

According to

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18,000 lightning recorded in Denmark. Video


Scientists project that humans are hell awaits

7.06.11.Dannye scientists at Stanford University are frightening: in 60 years, yields of soybean, corn, and other useful plants will fall by at least a third. Blame the notorious global warming. Deterioration in the so-called "greenhouse gases" have led to the fact that last year was voted the hottest in the history of weather observations. But the real hell ahead.

By 2070 Europe, China and North America will cover the extreme heat. In tropical countries, the thermometer will go off-scale in 20 years. The exact figures are not known, but scientists

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Flooding in Thailand

March 2, 2013. In Thailand — a relatively small area of the country — the climatic conditions very different. In the north and center of the dry season usually lasts from December to February, with average monthly rainfall does not exceed 40-50 mm. In the south season rainy season begins in March and lasts until January. Precipitation, as a rule, are of a local nature of the storm and are distributed throughout the country very uneven. For example, the past day in heavy rains were observed only at stations KO LANTA, which dropped to 40 mm of rainfall, and TAKUA

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The floods and landslides in Colombia killed 49 people


16.04.11.V floods and landslides in Colombia, caused by heavy rains killed 49 people. Reported by the Colombian Department of Disaster Prevention. Most of all because of the heavy rains caused by the climatic phenomenon of "La Niña", suffered capital of Bogota. "La Niña" is an abnormal lowering of the temperature of water in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The city, located at the foot of the Andes due to landslides destroyed hundreds of apartment buildings. Due to flooding of low-lying sections of roads in the country disrupted road links. Last Wednesday, killing 17 people: as a result of the landslide

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The devastating floods in Namibia


The flooding could become the largest natural disaster in the history of Namibia — say city officials.

30.03.11.V flood in the African country of Namibia, killing 62 people and 10 thousand forced to flee their homes. President Hifikepunye Pohamba declared a state of emergency. Now sunk about 300 schools and hospitals. "62 people have drowned in Oshakati in the north, many transport arteries are blocked," — he said in an interview to the local media.

According to him, this flood could be the largest natural disaster in the history of Namibia.

The president was concerned that the

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Stop the reckless war machine!

In the last days of terrorists in Damascus as a chain broke. Already it is day or goes by without a terrorist attack. Law enforcement agencies increase security, many of the streets in the town are covered, but not easy to resist the highly trained and prepared bandits. Some of the attacks lead to the real harm — as, for example, the explosion on October 22 in the metropolitan area of Tijara, where a car bomb exploded. On the same day, a suicide bomber tried to undermine the army checkpoint on arrival at the village Zheramana, but, fortunately, he just

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Does the U.S. military world leader?

At the beginning of this year, U.S. President Barack Obama, according to the views of his followers, made unpopular move, supporting the latest military doctrine of the country. Brand new policy provides for a significant reduction in defense spending, which, in the views of the President, does not affect the country's military an advantage.

Forming factors latest strategy was the end of the military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, defense cuts because of the financial crisis, increasing military the potential of China and Iran.

In his own speech, Obama said the future value of the U.S. military

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In Latvia, a hard frost


17.02.11.V this Baltic country still holds zero temperatures. Meteorologists say: these frosts was more than a decade. The day temperature reaches minus 20. And at night drops to 30 degrees below zero.

People hospitalized with frostbite. With the onset of winter hit Bole 500. Cold caused a number of fires in the country. Residents are trying to warm themselves at home. The authorities have urged people to be careful in dealing with electric heaters.

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Storm in strength typhoon repairs turmoil in Japan

Storm in strength typhoon repairs turmoil in Japan Natural Disasters

The storm, which is comparable in strength to the typhoon, walked around in Japan April 3, 2012, resulting in the widespread unrest. As a result of heavy rains, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, one person was killed and more than 10,000 injured.

According to the Japanese Meteorological Service in the western part of the country recorded wind speed of 150 kilometers per hour, while coastal areas have more powerful winds. Because of the danger of possible tornado was canceled more than 550 flights, resulting in about 70,000 passengers were

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