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Mali: West will never win?

  Chatter on the Web about the situation in Mali, articles to various analysts, professionals hypothesis, various records and reports, announcements, which are innumerable, mostly boil down to one: several French legions African troops and a bit of air strikes expel Islamist fanatics world map. Do not count on it, says journalist Mort Rosenblum, more than once in Mali. In his latest blog post «Rendezvous» («New York Times») is given a sharp enough score following Western «blitzkrieg» against Islamists. No, he is not against the military operation, but apparently believes that the West is their strength and ability to overestimates.

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In the north of Chile, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8

January 31, 2013. Earthquake magnitude 68 occurred in northern Chile on Wednesday, January 30, reports the Associated Press.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of the quake, recorded at 16:15 local time, was located at 44 kilometers north of the city of Vallenar (Vallenar).

Chilean authorities reported damage to buildings in Vallenar, with a population of about 44 million people, as well as in neighboring localities, stressing that it was, according to preliminary data, is only the cracks and broken windows. It also reported individual cases of power failure or malfunction in the telephone with settlements in northern

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The detainees winter was a disaster for the birds flew

April 8, 2013. Birds returning from wintering in warmer climates back to Belarus, faced with an insurmountable obstacle for them — abnormally cold weather. Each species of migratory birds have their usual calendar back, adjustable length of daylight hours. For obvious reasons, the animals can not know what kind of weather awaits them at home. And for many, hastened to his native land, the prolonged winter means an uphill battle for survival or death by starvation before warming.

Belarusian ornithologists already being ready to sound the alarm, as in all areas of the country a massive return of storks, swallows,

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Flooding in Honduras


Managua, Jan. 19 / Xinhua / — According to a report from Tegucigalpa, to date, floods have occurred in the north of Honduras, led to the deaths of at least 4 people, 2 more missing, confirmed on Tuesday to monitor the management of the Honduran emergency.

The representative of the management told the media in the northern part of the country on the Caribbean coast for several days followed by heavy rains that led to a rapid flood of several local rivers and floods. Were flooded houses, farmland and roads. As a result of the disaster killed at least

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The real U.S. national debt is 5 times more than the official — 70000000000000. U.S.

The actual amount of the public debt of the United States exceeds 70 trillion dollars — almost five times more than that operate on the White House and Congress, said Professor James Hamilton of Economics University of California at San Diego, television channel RT.

American officials, speaking about the state debt of the state, operate the figure a little less than $ 17 trillion. U.S.. However, it is the duty of the federal government in America, but why in this figure does not include the debts of states, corporations, and citizens of the

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Does Don bee threatens marine


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15.07.11.Po bee plague sweeping the planet. It all started in the U.S., and now spread to the Europeans — Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Great Britain.

Beekeepers Russia in recent years, too, there was massive mortality of bees.

— This spring, so gorgeous blooming acacia, hoping for good results, and the bees behaved strangely after sitting a bit, then, for no apparent reason flipped on his back and died, is divided sore familiar beekeeper.

The regional management of public employment services have concluded that among the ten start-ups that have received subsidies for their own businesses

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In France, the drought — in Israel rains


28.05.11.Silnoy drought covered 54 Department of France — a large part of its territory. In these regions for almost two months, there was no rain, according to Radio "Mayak".

Much higher than normal spring temperatures and lack of moisture causing major damage French farmers. Livestock farms have to conduct mass culling of cattle, leading to overstocking of the market and may lead to lower purchasing tsen.Vlasti imposed restrictions on the use of water for irrigation, it is forbidden to fill private pools, transmits radio "Vesti FM".

Meanwhile, in Israel, is still considered a country with an arid climate, the

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Why Cambodian border guards my fingerprints?


28.10.12.Nikak can not recover from the heat. As left with Pye, so from a mountain chill immediately in hot summer. Somewhat surprisingly 🙂 We got to Cambodia today. On the border of innovation. Taking fingerprints from foreigners. Why?

I understand when it is done in Malaysia. There's harsh laws and are often performed. But Cambodia — a country of total corruption. As we stood in the queue, the local border guards from anyone quite openly for the money spent on the "fast track" of the Chinese, Indians and Europeans of old. They put the same dies as us, but

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The U.S. and Japan: the war against China in 2013

  More and more of the world they say about the war. The War the U.S. and China. War is not the usual — nuclear war. The trigger for the start of a brutal genie Pentagon may serve island conflict between China and Japan. Due to the late Tokyo, Washington ally, wants to increase the presence of the Air Force near the Senkaku Islands. Columnist Robert Johnson «Business Insider» believes that China and Japan are one step closer to war began. In response to the deployment of the Chinese fighter Japan is considering the possibility of resolving its own pilots

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In Kazakhstan, established tropical heat

April 13, 2013. All week, Kazakhstan live in full summer heat. Every day is updated more than a dozen temperature records. In Astana and Karaganda temperature reaches 27 in Almaty? 30, in Kyzyl-Orda — 36 degrees.

The cause of the unseasonably hot weather was a powerful wave of heat from the Central Asian deserts. The southwestern portion flows are well warmed air, which continue to further warming in a clear, cloudless weather.

It is remarkable how closely the Kazakh meteorologists described the current anomaly in its monthly forecast. The information published on the website Kazgidromettsentra April 1, says, "starts month

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