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Main battle tank T-84-120 «Yatagan» («IS 478N») (UKRAINE)

Tank T-84 «Hold» intensely moved by zabugornye markets, particularly because the armored theme led Ukraine in ten largest global manufacturers of military equipment and weapons. But parallel past tenders for the supply of tanks to Turkey, Greece and Malaysia, in what was T-84, not of success brought. Back in 1997 one of the most experienced T-84 was tested in Turkey, which studied the ability to update their tank fleet, consisting in the main of obsolete American M60. In February 2000, the government of this country was officially declared one of the largest tenders in the field of armaments to

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Cannon century. Best helicopters

Rating from the magazine "The popular mechanics"

The most high-spirited: Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne

Country: United StatesFirst flight: 1967Length: 16.66 mMain rotor diameter: 15.62 mHeight: 4.18 mThe engine: turboshaft GET64, 3925 hpMost speed: 393 km / hCeiling: 6100 mWeapons: Bow turret with 40 mm M129 grenade launcher or 7.62-mm machine gun XM196, the main turret with 30 mm gun XM140, rocket Mk4 (70 mm), homing missiles BGM-71

The helicopter can operate at low speeds and altitudes, to provide reliable support infantry and transport aircraft.

With the emergence of freighter Boeing-Vertol CH-47 "Iroquois" was powerless as unaccompanied: the mighty "Chinook" was much

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Sergei Kapitza: Russia is becoming a country of fools


21.08.12.Dannye polls say that we finally have come to aspire to all these 15 years — brought the country of idiots. If Russia will continue to move this same course, then another ten years there will be those who are now at least occasionally picks up a book. And we will get the country which will be easier to edit, which will be easier to drain natural resources. But the future of this country is not! Those were the words I uttered five years ago at a meeting of the government. Time passes, and the processes that lead

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India and Japan against China be friends

To deepen military ties between India and Japan over the entire range of issues Army Chief of Staff General Bikram Singh of India (Bikram Singh, pictured) in February, will make four-day visit to Japan, reports The Times of India on February 1.   «Military and strategic partnership with Japan to a new level. February 11, General Singh met with the defense ministers of Japan and senior military officials to discuss ways the forthcoming development of bilateral ties. He will also visit some Japanese defense sites, «said a spokesman for the Indian government.   The visit will take place against

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Again revolution. Once the country began plainclothes Near East war

Under threat southern underbelly of Saudi Arabia

In those days, while the world watched the situation in Libya and the start of the bombing of the country, the Arab "spring of nations" continued. Mass riots have taken place in Yemen — the state, located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula at the entrance to the Gulf of Aden.

Local residents since the end of January to seek the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which manages the state since 1978. Initially, the actions in this economically depressed state developed by the Egyptian scenario. First president did not direct any

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In Kazakhstan, a record cold. Video


20.12.11.V Kazakhstan came abnormal cold. Across the country, there is an unprecedented drop in temperature. Forecasters only manages to capture a record of thermometers, and rescue services transferred to medium security.

Unprecedented rain swept across Kazakhstan like a snowball. Temperature plummeted almost throughout the country. In the East Kazahstanskoyi Kyzylorda oblastyahiz-kickoff setback canceled classes in schools. On the track "Astana-Almaty" limited traffic. Traffic police do not allow cars to diesel. On the eve of Karaganda thermometer fell to a record low. Forecasters warn, this temperature was not more than thirty years.

Janat Satybaldiyeva, ENGINEER Forecasters "Kazhydromet": "On December

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Poll: Where are most of the manifestations of russophobia

At different steps of the development of inter-ethnic, inter-governmental and personal relationships has always been a struggle for the soul and the brain between the patriots of their own country and russophobes who hate Russia. In this confrontation significant, often wrong, the role played by the media, the political and financial elite.

Intolerance to Russia and its people began to form in some system when trying to enter the Russian Federation in terms of European states in the 16th century.

According to the views of researchers, the reasons may be russophobia and a statement that the actions of

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Work in Russia (Agora Vox, France)

Eurostat report back on the growth of unemployment in Europe — it has exceeded 10%, while the number of unemployed in Russia has returned to the index of just over 5%, this is the pre-crisis level. The number of Europeans summary sent to the Russian recruitment portals is growing.

The number of immigrants from Europe seeking work in Russia is growing. Fellow Russian site headhunter recently told a reporter edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", that "the number of foreign candidates CV increased in 2011 compared to 2010 by 10%."

The online recruitment network The Network has published statistics on

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Five myths about Russia

It seems to have been published on sdelanounas. It will be interesting.

Author — Oleg Makarenko (Fritz Moiseevich Morgen). February 5, 2013.

5 myths about Russia.

The myth of Russia as the unhappy underdeveloped country — a product for import into Russia itself and in the CIS countries. As for myself, especially Americans prefer not lie: so observers of the same Forbes provide readers even condescending, naive, but very close to the real facts reviews of our country.

Here, for example, my translation of articles published yesterday by naming Mark Adomanisa

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World Arms Market: View from Washington

Congressional Research Service report on the supply of U.S. weapons to developing countries in 2004-2011 August 24, 2011 U.S. Congressional Research Service released its own yearly report «Supplies ordinary weapons to developing countries» (Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations). Report usually covers a period of eight years (in this time period 2004-2011) and is practically the only official public document, reflecting eyes U.S. state and dynamics of the global arms market. Features report 1. Emphasis in the report is made on the analysis of arms markets in developing countries (first region Near East). This is justified by the fact

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