Flooding claimed 10 lives in Brazil. Photo. Video


Flooding in Brazil, July 2011

21.07.11.V Brazil raging water element. Because of the floods, inundating the country, has already killed ten people, more than thirteen thousand Brazilians were left homeless.

Cause of the disaster — seasonal rains that hit almost always arid areas of north-eastern Brazil. Worst of all had to the state of Pernambuco and Paraíba — came here from the coast most of the rivers in the mountainous parts of these areas — many landslides and avalanches.

The flood in 26 cities across the country entered a state of emergency. Badly damaged city of Recife a

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Internet control. Video


Bloggers teach politeness — Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, the country made a loud statement on the need to introduce strict control over all users of the Russian Internet.

In particular Seagull worried excess liberties in social networks — and the argument is the most direct — over the Internet should look to avoid riots. In the virtual space of the Russian Prosecutor General blogs country, by itself, has become persona non grata. Polar views on Internet censorship listened to our correspondent Alexander tough.

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Flooding in Pakistan


NEW DELHI, Aug. 25 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. Strong monsoon rains that struck Pakistan, have killed in the past day more than 20 people in the north-west of the country, said on Thursday channel "DoonNyuz" referring to the local authorities.

As the channel, rains caused mudslides in the mountainous region of Kohistan, resulting in destroyed dozens of homes. Rescue operation hampered by the ongoing rains.

Incessant rains, reaching in some regions of Pakistan, have already led to a sharp rise of water in the Indus River and its tributaries. Earlier, authorities in the southern province of Sindh informed

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In Indonesia volcano Lokon. Video


15.07.11.V Thursday, July 14, in Indonesia Lokon volcano erupted in the north of the island of Sulawesi.

According to the officers of the impacts of natural disasters, for the first time at 19:30 Moscow, the volcano threw the ashes into the air and smoke to a height of one and a half kilometers. They note that after this happened two more output. On the slopes of the volcano lava flow.

In connection with the incident, a mass evacuation of residents in the 3.5 kilometers from the fiery mountain. According to local authorities in the area are about 30 thousand

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In the south and east of Poland declared flood threat


27.07.11.V Poland as a result of intense rainfall threatened flood were the southern and eastern province of the country. Prevent a sharp rise in water levels in local rivers published Wednesday Institute of Meteorology and Water Management of the country.

After a powerful storm with winds and heavy rains severely damaged city Sandomierz. According to local rescuers, on the right bank of the Vistula flooded yards and basements. Firefighters are trying to pump out the water, but the reclamation ditches overflowing.

"We received over a hundred calls from residents. Water threatens industrial facilities, in particular, in a glass factory

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Spanish intelligence operations in Venezuela under the control of the CIA and the Pentagon

Arriving in Venezuela Tipo retired Spanish general Vicente Diaz de Villegas as an ordinary tourist from the outset caused suspicion among officials of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service of State (Cebin). In the entry questionnaire guest pointed out that the purpose of his stay in the country is "tourism", in the "profession" noted — "journalist". General settled at «Alba», which once was called "Hilton", but after the nationalization began to be used by the government to receive foreign delegations and friendship of the left-patriotic events.

The General, which ever since Generalissimo Franco could not stand all that is related to

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Poultry LLC MZ Tonar for Azerbaijan

In early June, the Ministry of Health "Tonar" shipped three specialized trailers for one of the leading poultry enterprises of Azerbaijan for the production of poultry meat.

This event — significant, since the production of agricultural machinery MZ "Tonar" opened up a new market abroad of our vast country. Azerbaijan became the third country of the CIS (former Ukraine and Belarus), which was directed to transport poultry equipment of LLC MZ "Tonar".

Hes our banner color one …

According to the results not so long ago of the elections in Slovakia, the country once again headed by Robert Fico. This politician established himself as a supporter of closer relations with Russia. Fico has been in the role of prime minister. The first of his rise to power in the summer of 2006 was marked by the immediate withdrawal of Slovak troops from Iraq. In addition, Fico was marked by harsh criticism of the former Prime Minister Dzurinda for his undeniable orientation towards the West and ignoring the eastern direction of foreign policy. Then he said about the subsequent:

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Flood destroyed 150,000 head of cattle in Pakistan


4.10.11.V the recent floods in Pakistan, killing an estimated 150,000 head of cattle.

The flood that hit the country a year later, after not less devastating flood destroyed not only cattle, but also stocks of forage, and also led to the spread of many infectious diseases in animals and humans.

According to the newspaper «The News», under threat of the huge number of poultry and livestock in the flooded areas of the country because of the spread of infectious diseases and acute shortage of feed.

The damage to the element of livestock and poultry industry in the country, estimated

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In South-East Asia — a catastrophic flood. Video


9.10.11.Katastroficheskoe flood that lasts a second month in South-East Asia, has acquired the character of a regional disaster. This is stated in the report of the Asia-Pacific Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian issues at the UN.

The massive flooding of settlements, agricultural land and infrastructure as a result of abnormal seasonal rains occurred almost simultaneously in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the document says.

Floods in Thailand have suffered more than 2 million people.

At the time of the report in Thailand, where the early and heavy seasonal rains triggered floods that started on July 25, the

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