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The situation in Syria continues to be challenging

The United States closed its diplomatic mission in Damascus. State Department explained to the move concerns for the health and the lives of their employees. The country last mess. Only in the last day there killed about 50 people. Own diplomats from the country also withdrew Germany and England.

In Nekhel and Homs last shooting. The last days of constantly having reports of new victims. Opposition forces claim that as a result of the last shelling killed 50 man, and the victims of Friday's speeches were about 200 man .In this regard, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, said the regime

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700 tremors in Azerbaijan for three months


7.06.11.Za five months of this year in Azerbaijan took place around 1000 zemletryaseniy.Ob told APA director of the National Seismological Service Center Gurban Yetirmishli.

Director of the center said that in the last three months in the country more than 700 aftershocks. 6 of them were felt.

G.Etirmishli said that at present the country is in the position of the seismic background level. Committing a large number of earthquakes as a result of a larger improvement of seismic monitoring system.

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The appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation DA Medvedev

Following the rules of etiquette, I will turn to you for "you", but do not let it bother you. Being a citizen of the once majestic country, transformed and your close to flock to you through the efforts of a large concentration camp, I do not think you are the president, and happen to come across you, I would not serve to your hands and under what criteria are not allowed to cross the threshold of my home .

Looking ahead, I want to explain why I'm writing to you for this appeal, and why have this right.

In-1's, I'm

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Blackout paralyzed Venezuela


10.05.11. In 11 of the 23 states of Venezuela on May 9 lost electricity. As a result, the road was a large cork. The Ministry of Energy was assured that 90% of the affected areas have returned to the light, and engineers are working to restore power to the rest of the country. Large-scale power outages remain a serious problem in Venezuela, 70% of the electricity which produces one HPP. Last year, President Hugo Chavez canceled the rationing of electricity in the country but there is still a shortage of it. The Venezuelan government plans to count on Russia,

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Defense recession

Russian defense industry is losing ground, despite the increasing demand

Russian weapons and military equipment are perhaps the only Russian sverhtehnologichnym product fit abroad. Recent trends are such that, despite the increasing demand for this type of product, its proposal slowly, but properly falls.

The fact that the power companies of the defense-industrial complex is not enough to please the needs of all potential buyers, said the other day, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. According to the government, in great demand abroad enjoy a Russian military aircraft, air defense systems and the production of military shipbuilding. The ability to create

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Desertification in China. Video


Land desertification in China. Drought in Yunnan Province. 2010. Photo: AFP

6.01.11.Po latest results of the monitoring of soil in China, found that almost half of the land in the country was subjected to desertification and opeschanivaniyu, in some areas, the situation in recent years has deteriorated.

Deputy Head of the State Forestry Administration Zhu Leke January 4 reported that they spent a quarter-scale research and obtained data on the extent of desertification and land opeschanivaniya between early 2005 and late 2009.

According to the results of monitoring, desertification underwent 2,623,700 square meters. miles of land, and opeschanivaniyu

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The defense of a neighborly

In the near future cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan is gaining momentum. Only military agreements were signed more than eight 10-s. Among them plan and the March of strategic partnership between the countries. As for cooperation and joint exercises: in 2010 there were 10, and this year — already held 12. Not forgotten and the supply of arms: they are made immediately and the "Rosoboronexport", and the Ministry of Defense.Now added to the old and the new agreements. The two countries will establish a joint air defense system similar to those already made between Russia and Belarus, and Russia and

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Refreshed Pechora for Venezuela

It would seem that he could count on military equipment, whose age is not so long passed for fifty years? Certainly, nothing in principle. But from time to time, the designers of recent years could do such a technique that passing regular upgrades can significantly exceed the initially estimated useful life. One of these types of weapons is the anti-aircraft missile system S-125 "Neva". In the Russian Union it was adopted in 1961, and in a number of its export version with the title "Pechora" is used to this day. For the most part it is the developing countries and

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Obama accused Pakistan of having links with extremists

President Barack Obama, Speaking at a press conference on October 6, accused Pakistan of maintaining ties with the Afghan extremist groups. It is reported by Agence France-Presse.Obama said the Pakistani authorities allow the return to power in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of constructive motions of the country's international contingent, scheduled for 2014, and based on that forge links with extremist groups. Obama noted that if a similar position of Islamabad, runs counter to the interests of the United States, is not revised, it could affect the strategic partnership 2-states. With all this Obama expressed confidence that the existence of

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In Moldova, the de-energized due to strong winds of more than 300 settlements


13.02.11.Iz-zasilnogo wind in Moldova in the night between Saturday and Sunday were severed power lines, normally more than 300 settlements. As reported on Sunday, the press center of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the Republic, local emergency crews are already working.

Suffered the most central areas of the country, including the capital, where many trees felled. According to the weather service, the wind speed in some areas of the country is about 20-25 meters per second. This weather is forecast to last another few days. ITAR-TASS

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