On the liberation of Libya

Libya became a "free" from Muammar Gaddafi, and that it is waiting for? Apparently, the order of the day or the Islamization of the country's war and civilians.

October 23 in the country, the new Libyan authorities officially announced the "liberation" of the country from the regime of Colonel Gaddafi. The country was declared a holiday and put new Municipal prazdnichek — a day of victory and liberation. All this reminds actions collapse of the USSR, while also reigned a solemn mood, especially in the capital. In the end, after most of the population spared the death of

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UAE make punitive battalion

Abu Dhabi makes punitive battalion of mercenaries, the government of the United Arab Emirates signed with private military company Xe Services (formerly sad popular Blackwater) contract price of more than 0.5 billion dollars.

"Black Water" is to cook subdivision to suppress unrest in the country. The contract was signed in late 2010 and the head of the company's founder Erik Prince and the hereditary prince Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. About this announcement told The New York Times, citing the company's employees, its documents and the representatives of the American authorities.

FAQ: "Blackwater" ("Black Water"), after the February

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For half a century, China has destroyed more than 200 lakes


In China, disappearing lake. Photo from epochtimes.com

12.12.11.Ekosistema lakes in China is on the brink of destruction. For the past 50 years due to human activities in China have disappeared 243 lakes.

These data are reported Iyuy Chen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the State Committee for the Management of Natural Sciences Foundation.

According to the academician, in the whole country for the past 50 years has dried up 4326 square meters. kilometers of lakes, 9,570 square meters were fading. kilometers, the total volume of water in lakes decreased by 51.6 billion cubic

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Winter in South America. Video


* 8/12/11. * In South America continues zima.Poholodalo and Chile — the northern regions of the country freeze. Snow also fell on Brazil, Peru and Paraguay.

Locals like it pomnyat.Zdes frosts, but do not last more than one, two dney.No this time severe winter lasts more than a week in the region.

The provinces and Kopayo Cornfield completely destroyed the harvest of early varieties vinograda.Nepogoda found locals vrasploh.U population sunny country simply did not have warm clothes.

Source: Channel PIC

About the danger of wars over water and food. Main conditions and objectives

Drought in East Africa proves disappointing forecasts of U.S. climate scientists that the devastating drought in the region will be repeated even more often. Taking into account the higher population, the problem of water and food in the Horn of Africa, it could cause additional merciless slaughter and mass population movements.

The data about the beginning of the drought, which have been established on the basis of many years of monitoring were placed in March 2010 in the journal Climate Dynamics. May 13, 2011 Organization United Nations published data that about 9 million people in East Africa due to

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The influx of foreign tourists in Russia was a record in the XXI century

The flow of tourists to Russia from abroad in 2011 rose by 9.5 percent, which was the best performance since 1999. On it informs "Interfax" referring to the data of the Russian Union of Travel Industry. Total foreign tourists have made in Russia 2 million 336,000 trips.

Rosstat data support the thesis that the entry flow into our country is increasing, mainly due to Asia. More specifically, China, revealed last year, the biggest increase — 48%. In the top ten entering this country reached the second position, relegating the U.S. to third. Overall, the top ten remained

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Bananas and cassava can take the place of wheat and rice

October 31, 2012. Global warming could lead to a radical change to the usual food of millions of people, according to the expert report, commissioned by the United Nations.

Experts from the company CGIAR believe that a number of developing countries to replace the potatoes can come from fruit of the banana family.

As temperatures rise, cassava, and little-known legume culture cowpeas can be much more important food, researchers believe. According to their forecasts, after growing potatoes and cereals will be impossible, people will have to get used to new and varied products.

Responding to the request of the UN

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In Iceland wakes another vulkan.Video


9.02.11.Gruppa Icelandic geologists said that the country is at risk of a new eruption, reported. Members of the group studied earthquakes around Bardarbunga (Bardarbunga), the second largest volcano in Iceland. Now Pall Einarsson (Pall Einarsson), a professor of geophysics at the University of Iceland (University of Iceland), believes that the volcano shows signs of activity, which may constitute sufficient cause for worry.

He said that the lack of seismographic measurements means that scientists can not accurately determine the depth and exact location of frequent ground movements. "This is the most seismically active area of the country. There

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About the beginning of the cool war

Conflicts between the Allies were even before the official victory over Germanium, This is understandable, Anlo-Saxons and the Soviet Union were rivals in the struggle for world domination, but during the war it was not until a serious quarrel, they settled fairly quickly. Although at the end of the war the West have allowed themselves to a rather serious thing — tried to "privatize" the Soviet victory. May 7 in Reims surrender was accepted by the German armed forces. Under pressure from Moscow announced its preparation and repeated in the suburbs of Berlin — Karlhorst. There was an agreement on

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Japan recorded a few new tremors


15.03.11.Dve fairly strong series took a few minutes ago in the central part of the country. It is reported by "RIA Novosti". Fluctuations in the Earth's crust were felt in the prefectures of Miyagi, Fukushima, Chiba, Kanagawa, Nagano, Shizuoka.

The magnitude of the first earthquake — 6.0 points, as reported mmo country. The second was also a magnitude of 6.0 points. There is no danger of a tsunami. Recall the first strong earthquake occurred in Japan on March 11. The epicenter was located to the east of the island of Honshu. Aftershocks triggered tsunami more than 10

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