Tremors in the Astrakhan region continues


3.05.12.Razlichnye natural disasters on our planet every year take away hundreds of thousands of lives, but is it a natural disaster, but not by human carelessness and mistakes.

Most recently, I touched on the subject of that in Astrakhan frequent tremors. And where in our Caspian lowlands such displays of seismic activity? Yesterday, the repeated shocks. In all, I counted seven of their pieces at intervals less than a minute and the duration of 0.5-1 sec. Earthquake? No, that interval and the number of them simply can not be in nature. Especially in our area. Echoes of the earthquake

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Flooding in Thailand. Video. Photo


Pattaya, September 11 (New Region, Vasilisa Egorova, Michael Dezhnev) — Unusually heavy tropical downpour began in Thailand on September 11 and runs for more than 15 hours. Heavy rain triggered flooding in four provinces of the east coast of Thailand: Trat, Chanthaburi, Rayong and Chonburi.

As the correspondent of "New Region", the popular resort of Pattaya street completely flooded . Many streets of the city the water rose two feet higher. Bloggers have dubbed this phenomenon '9/11 in Pattaya ".

According to community members ru_thailand, locals claim that this was not about 30 years. Residents and guests of

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06.08.12.Gibel 300 thousand birds in South Korea


08.08.12.Iz-last heat, established in South Korea in the poultry farms in the country killed more than 341,000 chickens and ducks, according to the official report of the Ministry of Agriculture on August 6.

Air temperature from 20 July steady at above 33 degrees Celsius in most parts of the country, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the news agency Yohap, which caused mass deaths of birds, which is very sensitive to temperature variations.

Source: Meatinfo

On the Eurasian plan Putin

Timeout event, which was dictated by the whole logic of the historical development of the Russian Federation and the process of globalization. Vladimir Putin said "a new integration project for Eurasia."

Especially for the "News" Russian head of government wrote an article — "New Integration project for Eurasia — a future that is born today. " The article tells of the Common Economic Space (CES), Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which will start January 1, 2012, its advantages and prospects. In addition, it speaks of the creation of the term — on the basis of the Customs Union and

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Todays bureaucrats are building a paradise itself and its own Clan

Creator of "emergency regional scale", "Gypsum trumpeter" and other "anti-bureaucratic" novels diagnoses.

"LAW Russian nepotism," fool, but Net! "

— Yuri, but let's first try to compare the Soviet bureaucracy and the newest, Russia. Which of them worse?

— The fact that after 1991, which was between overseas with 2 eras — the socialist and novoburzhuaznoy — the bureaucracy is very much changed — a fact.I was a man quite well received in the corridors of power, it does not on its own initiative. For example, in some — and in the military, and in the corridors of the Komsomol

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Do we need guest workers Russian army?

At the moment, it is no secret that our homeland is in the so-called demographic pit. Because vernal call, passing in the current time, on the brink of failure. July 15, planned to put "under the gun" to more than 155 thousand young people in the country. According to the available disk imaging, more than 30% of the possible recruits recognized commissions worthless for military service, and 57% of recruits have already sent in troops, have restrictions on the service in connection with health.

Defense looks for a way out to fill the shortage of military enlisted personnel,

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Do the RF national idea? (Poll)

National idea. What is it all the same for the concept, which is so adored operate modern municipal leaders of our country, putting it into a base of prosperity of the population?

Make a reservation at once, I believe the need for such ideas.

Surprisingly, the concept of the term is given to very few.

Namely, the philosopher Vladimir Solovyov determines its subsequent way: "Thought Civilization there is not what she thinks about themselves in time, but what God thinks about it in eternity. " Perhaps better not say.

It is impossible not to agree with Solzhenitsyn that this

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Do I need a science of the Russian Federation?

One can not build the tremendous contrast between the political declaration that innovative development have a strategic course of, and how to actually diminish the role of science in the confusion which reigns designed to ensure that the development process — from legislation to organizational and vkladyvatelnyh. Director of the Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Ioffe (PTI), corresponding member of the A.G.Zabrodsky sees the beginning of a solution of the complex problems of accumulated scientific and technological development of the country with the reform of municipal administration in the field of research and development (R & D)

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Do advertising military service?

Is there an advertisement in a modern army and what its objectives? This problem lies in the fact that the call can popularization Military Service in our country.

Unfortunately, for all the time that has passed since the collapse of the Union of Russian, had been taken harsh and constructive steps to promote the military service. Only in recent years in this direction was made quite a solid step that can somehow solve a complicated puzzle associated with the active involvement and Prof. personnel in the Armed Forces.

The fact that for many years advertising troops looked except

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Right to a homeland

Who fell in the Great Patriotic dedicated.

I know that the Russian government offered a program to take them home plucked from their homeland of compatriots. Press alerted that the Kaliningrad region is in need of working hands and waiting for them to return to Germany, because that is where there was a meeting of senior officials from the Russian hostage-mi adjustment (zarabitchanami in foreign countries). The meeting took place a few years ago. What and pro-HLA, typing his latest article with the same title as this one, in one of the magazines in Italy. Since the

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