In China, the raging rainstorms, tropical storm in the Philippines. Video


25.06.11.Silnye rainfall in south-western China, have become victims of the elements 26. From the flooded areas were evacuated 250,000 people. To the rescue operation have already connected the military. Floods and landslides hit 90 cities in different provinces of the country with a population of 4 million people. According to preliminary calculations, the economic damage from the raging elements was already a quarter billion dollars.

A tropical storm covered the Philippines' Meara. " The speed of wind gusts reached 90 miles per hour. Were missing for more than ten people. Nearly 100,000 people in the country homeless. Due

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In Saudi Arabia, it snowed


19.01.11.Snizhenie temperature in Saudi Arabia led to the loss of snow in parts of the country. So, snow covered roads and mountainous valleys and Alluza Tafha in Tabuk in the north, the first time in decades, the snow had covered mountain Al Lauz. In the newspapers there were photos inhabitants of the kingdom, to entertain playing snowballs.

According to UKRINFORM, Civil Defense in Tabuk translated into high alert and ready for action in case of emergencies. In mountainous areas and Alluz Alkan are three groups of employees of Saudi Red Crescent. Experts measure the density and height

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Why spies like scientists

Stumbled on one interview, I wanted to share with you. In a sense, it is also suited to the site — these people have made.

Why spies like scientists

Scout-illegal Andrey Bezrukov, "If you behave like James Bond, you have enough for half a day."

Donald Heathfield owned a consulting company in the United States, was educated at Harvard and raised two children with his wife. He was quite successful American citizen. Hardly anyone of his friends and colleagues could have imagined that Donald Heathfield real name is Andrey Bezrukov and he is the

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Why Russia is not Russian?

All who are able to think clearly, notice that the Russian people are in a semiconscious state, languishing on the sidelines, went into a coma as a bud someone bewitched or put into a deep state of hypnosis. Even if someone wakes up, trying to shake off the daze of glamor — it immediately knit hands and feet, once again assuring us Russian, in a total hopelessness of the situation in which we are trapped, mired.

How did we get to this? What is that prichnam? These questions publicist Igor Peshnin gives the following answer:

"Russia, possessing the most

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Why Russia does not need to take an example from the West

Konstantin Melnik-Botkin, 84-year-old legend of the international intelligence coordinator of the intelligence services of France at the time of de Gaulle, in an interview "Voice of Russia, "said that in his career he was very disturbed Russian mentality, and that is why Russia should not follow the example of the West

32 years old, during the reign of Charles de Golyaya, Miller led the structure in charge of all intelligence agencies of France, including exploration. Miller also has a key role in ending the Algerian War and the beginning of the

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Why Putin is possible, and Ponomariov — you can not

Talking about Lev Ponomarev, a leading "Echo of Moscow"said"As for the islands, Shikotan and Habomai, which was made in 2011, as my God, what a sacrilege, we give up our land. Now political scientists, it is close to the government, discuss carefully, it is one of the solutions. " We are talking about well-known human rights activist video talks with the Japanese diplomat, who clearly took our intelligence agencies and posted on YouTube.

This clumsy way to equate the rights of the cardinal and haberdasher is not new. Belolentochnaya Guard and then remembers Putin concession to China Amur

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Irans new ally to help him keep control of the Strait of Hormuz

Navy Iran and Oman have agreed on cooperation, according to which the region should be preserved "peace and stability". On such an agreement commanders said the Navy 2-countries.

The agreement, first, involves the establishment of control over the Strait of Hormuz, which is a corridor through which the shipment is more than 85% of the oil that is produced in the Persian Gulf.

According to Iranian scholar, Dr. Institute of Oriental Studies Vladimir Sazhin, control of the northern part of the Strait of Hormuz, Iran produces, and control of the southern — Oman. Specifically with Oman Tehran have very

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Drought in Somalia


NAIROBI, 18 February. / Itar-TASS Chugin /. Drought threatens the life of 2.4 million people in Somalia. This was announced today, the head of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the UN Deputy Secretary General Valerie Amos, summing up his visit to Somalia and Kenya.

"With the spread of the drought situation in the state in the Horn of Africa is approaching a critical — she said. — In southern Somalia, the level of malnutrition in the population has increased significantly in the past six months, and a total of 2.4 million people in the country in

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Israel faces a shortage of cheese


12.01.11.Prodolzhitelnye drought and hot autumn led to a significant shortage of milk in Israel. For about one and a half months in the country there is a shortage of butter, which could be overcome only at the beginning of last week. Now the country faces a deficit next — hard cheeses.

A virtual monopoly of the market is the company Tnuva, which accounts for 95% of the market. Consumers complain that in recent days in supermarkets fell sharply Tnuva range of cheeses, and some they disappeared altogether.

Difficulties with the supply of cheese due appreciation of products from which

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North Koreas new favorite to share power with generals

Kim Jong Ynu — a brand new favorite of North Korea — will have to give some of the power the military, including his own uncle Jang Song Taku. As they say acquainted sources, this condition was put forward by the generals' Lofty successor "Kim Jong Irina.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, military control of the Korean People's Democratic Republic, led by 65-year-old Jang Song Tuck, Kim Jong-law Irina already Kim Jong Ynu swore allegiance. With all of this source exclude the possibility of a military coup.

But since Kim Jong-un heir of his father was announced only in

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