A new conflict over the Falklands

Minister foreign affairs of England, William Haig found it necessary to warn the Latin American countries of their intervention in the so-called Falkland conflict, which takes place between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Buenos Aires in recent years seriously increased efforts in establishing 100% strength influence over Falklands. It is worth remembering that London believes the islands located east of the Argentine coast, his own.

The situation around Falklands difficult in the past month. Then, many American countries forbid ships flying the flag of Falklands enter their ports. Haig believes that these acts are illegal Latinos. In addition, English

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Severe drought threatens Portugal



6.06.12.Kontinentalnoy in Portugal this summer facing a severe drought.

As reported last week at the Institute of Meteorology of the country, at this time the drought has already covered 28% of the national territory, including the southern regions (Algarve, Alentejo) and some eastern regions.

Precipitation is expected in February, but the dry weather lasted until April.

May also brought relief, so a quarter of the country is in a difficult position.

Author: Nikolai Tkachenko

Source: Matrioshka.biz

South Korea poured rain. Video


11.07.11.Yuzhnaya Korea in July, was under the influence of extra-tropical monsoon zone. Since the first of the month, and so far in the country do not stop heavy showers.

Each day has up to 150-240 mm of rain. That's the day before in a piggy bank added more rainfall of 170 mm. Brunt of the disaster was in the southern and central regions of the country. In some areas, the amount of precipitation has exceeded 500 millimeters.

Heavy rains have led to flooding and landslides in the mountains. Under the water were most agricultural land and dozens

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Thailand's Interior Ministry announced a drought zone 32 of 77 provinces

Thirty-two provinces of Thailand of seventy seven declared a drought, it said Warning Center Disaster Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand, which are published in state media Monday, all of the country.

Some areas of these provinces declared disaster areas, there to take urgent measures to save the harvest of crops, including rice and vegetables, the document says.

In the area of drought hit the province Kamphengphet, Lampang, Lamphun, Sukhothai, Nan, Phayao, Phitsanulok, Uttharadit, Phre, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Phetchabun in the north. In the north-east of Thailand drought gripped the province Lei, Nong Khai, Nong Bualamphu, Sisaket, Khonken,

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Invasive species have caused enormous damage to U.S. agriculture


-Mediterranean fruit fly (photo jeans_Photos).

11.10.11.Vlasti U.S. engaged reflection of the terrorist threat, missed pests, which caused somewhat more serious damage to the country than Bin Laden and his gang.

After the tragedy of September 11, 2001 established the Ministry of Homeland Security, and hundreds of agricultural scientists have new challenges. According to experts, it cost U.S. billions of dollars: hit vineyards in California and Florida citrus orchards, prices for fresh herbs, increased use of pesticides.

"… As a result of losing everyone in the country", — stressed entomologist Mark Hoddle from University of California at Riverside. Officials

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UK: heat and fires

Holidaymakers on the beach, drank about. Man, UK. 26/03/2012.

Britain continues to break temperature records. For a week the temperature even in London showed +20 ° C, which is 10 degrees above normal. In Five Castle, County of Aberdeen, Scotland, recorded a temperature record in 22,8 °.

Something similar happened in the country during the second half of March 2005, when the Botanical Garden Kew Gardens in London was 21.8. As then, now reigns over the islands area of high atmospheric pressure, backed by warm air currents from more southern regions.

Almost cloudless sky over the UK. 26/03/2012.

However, such

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Water stop economic growth in China

Water problem has become one of the main barriers to the sustainable development of China. Deputy Minister of Water Resources Hu Syi believes that the water issue, despite the country's achievements in the development, utilization, protection and management of water resources in recent years, has become one of the main barriers to the sustainable development of China.

Speaking in Beijing on the eve of the premiere of the animated film on the theme of water conservation, the deputy minister said that the country is extremely acute shortage of water resources, water pollution and degradation of aquatic ecosystems, which have become

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Weather and climate are forcing residents in full force to leave the country

Hardly notice the increase in sea level in millimeters when you live on the mainland. Another thing — the smallest state, located on the tiny island in the middle of shallow ocean.

The leader of the island nation of Kiribati, located in the south-east of the Pacific Ocean, has expressed extreme concern about water levels. According to the President Anote Tong, global warming makes the island of Kiribati uninhabitable. Knowing disappointing forecasts of climate scientists, people do not associate their future with a country that is gradually disappearing from the map. In addition, advancing, the salt water makes

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Disturbing new bells for the U.S.

Apparently, the realization that the U.S. come hard times, covers more people, including a number of political elites, who shortly before had been staunch allies of the United States or, at least, tried to not "rude" to them. In addition, there is a perception that Washington is easily "substitutes" allied regimes, when he needed to.


Islamabad because of the crisis in relations with the United States to "freeze" the interaction between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. and the main private intelligence agency — the Joint Intelligence Agency, also known as the Interdepartmental intelligence.

The main causes of

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To Belarus and Lukashenko


So, I myself am from St. Petersburg, but the protein was only in '11 dozen times and clearly understand what is going on:

Agriculture — fully preserved. None of abandoned fields NO. Processing fields its own technique. That is, in addition to working in the field, and have a job at the plant, which produces this technique. Plant owned by state-wa, the money in the country, and not in a foreign bank. As well as jobs for their people, not for others'. I will say more — as long as manufactures of Belarus in a / c, she can

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