Drought in Mexico

Mexican media complete weekly publications on the major issues facing the country in focus: primary candidates for president on 1 July this year, a severe drought in the country, the spread of influenza and the ongoing violence.


News … the drought has become a pressing issue in the country where the northern states are still under the influence of adverse weather conditions.

To solve the problem centers have been raising funds and renewed efforts to send humanitarian aid to the Sierra Tarahumara in the State of Chihuahua, where the indigenous people almost dying of hunger, because the most severe

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Intensified the highest volcano on Java island

Semeru volcano. Photo: elite-home.narod.ru

Alarm category of "Ready" (just above her category of "Look out!") Announced the Center aftermath of volcanic and geological disasters (PVMBG) Indonesia on the slopes of the highest on the main island of the country — Java — Semeru volcano, said on Saturday newspaper Jakarta Post.

Fire Mountain height 3.676 thousand meters above sea level began to throw a cloud of hot ash to a height of 600 meters, the head of service monitoring volcanoes PVMBG Muhamad Hendrasto (Muhamad Hendrasto)

Seven — one of the eight most active volcanoes in Indonesia, and in

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Heavy snowfall in Rome

On Friday in Rome a heavy snowfall, which is rare even for that part of the country, which is located in a temperate climate. Italy also feels cold, unseen for many years. Snowfall prompted the authorities to stop the tourists visiting the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill. Last significant snowfall was in Rome in 1985 and 1986. North of the country is also covered with snow and ice, disrupting train travel.

Heavy snowfall and prolonged frosts cut off from the outside world Balkans

© RIA Novosti. Yulia Petrovskaya

Thousands of people in the Balkan countries were cut off from the outside world due to snow drifts, disturbances and transport disruptions to energy supply, the number of casualties is growing, according to regional media.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to doctors, at least six people died Friday in the former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (five — in the capital of Sarajevo and one in Mostar) for reasons related to the bad weather conditions. In one case was not timely provided medical care because of snow drifts on the roads,

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Britain becomes a tropical resort

Report of the Government of the United Kingdom says that after 40 years of climate change will UK hot resort. This is evidenced by a steady increase in average temperatures.

Scientists believe that in 2050 and the winter and summer of Britons will have to wait much higher temperatures. According to experts, the summer temperatures will be just unbearable. Some areas of the country, "warm up" so that they can compete not only with the hottest resorts in France, Spain and Italy, but with some African.

The report also said the high risk of flooding, which

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Victims of cold weather in Europe were more than 160 people

© AFP / Dimitar Dilkoff

Victims of severe frosts in Europe from Ukraine to Italy have been at least 163 people in some areas of snow lead to the termination of traffic, passes on Friday night at the Agence France-Presse.

Representatives of the international humanitarian organization, the Red Cross warned that thousands of mostly homeless people are at risk due to the strong over the past few years by frost.

Last day in Poland, in the southwest where the thermometer stood at minus 32 degrees Celsius, nine people died. According to police, just a week in the

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Creeping Pereyaslavskaya happy

Creeping Pereyaslavskaya happy: fusion of the country as an administrative fact. 21 November 2011 Andrey Sorokin

Something tells me that's the way — casually, on the sly, without slogans, demonstrations, accompanied by officious boring words — all will eventually happen.

On Friday, nothing special really happened. Just presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed another set of conventions and declarations have launched another tedious process of harmonization of standards, indicators, tariffs and any other nepafosnoy nonsense, once established a supranational body of the Union, passing it the next sovereign power to you … No plot, no you

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The flood washed away homes in Peru and Bolivia. Video


24.02.11.Bolee 10 cities in the country are literally under water. Washed away bridges, flooded homes and roads. There are already a few weeks heavy rains. From the shores of the river came Beni in the eastern part of the country and flooded the tourist city. The flooding is already recognized as the most powerful in the country for 20 years. Rains cause landslides debris. In Bolivia, a state of emergency. Meteorologists explain bad weather natural phenomenon "La Niña." According to preliminary data disaster victims were 45 people. Affected about 7,000 families.

Peak hour

24.02.11.Vlasti Peru and Bolivia

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An outbreak of cholera in the Dominican Republic took the lives of 23 people


HAVANA, May 27. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Valyuk /. At least 23 people were killed in an outbreak of cholera in the Dominican Republic / DR / s November 2010 Total number of infected during this time nearer to 1.3 thousand people. This was said Thursday Dominican newspaper "Listin Diario", citing the Ministry of Health Caribbean country.

The most complex epidemiological situation is being observed in the provinces of Elias Piña, Santiago, Santo Domingo and the National District, mostly in poor areas. According to Health Minister Bautista Rojas Gomez DR, in the fight with the disease in the country in

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Drought in Uruguay


07.01.11. — The drought that has plagued northern Uruguay in December is getting worse and spreading to other regions of the country.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Tabaré Aguerre said the situation day by day more and if by January 15, there is no rain, the government will have to announce a state of emergency due to drought, similar to 2008-2009, which caused a loss for the country billions of dollars.

Last month, the amount of precipitation is 60 percent less than the average for the month of December.

Economic losses from the effects of the last drought are

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